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Brochure - Clinical Hypnotherapy by klutzfu58


									Take A Holistic Approach To Your Health                          WHAT CAN HYPNOTHERAPY TREAT?                    WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE UNDER HYPNOSIS?
EnergeticFx offers you a natural and proven
                                                         Treatment can be divided into four categories:          In the subconscious or hypnotic state, there is
alternative to achieving your optimal level of health
                                                                                                                 virtually no change in mental awareness but nearly
while obtaining a unique insight into your life. Ask
us how we can assist you with your healing                       Compulsive behaviour and habits.                always physical changes (due to relaxation of the
journey.                                                         Under this general heading are such prob-       parasympathetic system) so that you may feel
                                                                 lems as nail-biting, stuttering, smoking,       relaxed, warm, heavy, cool, sinking, floating, or even
           WHAT IS HYPNOTHERAPY?                                 over-eating, gambling and many more.            simply secure. So you may hear what the hypno-
                                                                                                                 therapist is saying, and you can think of other things
Hypnotherapy is a deep state of relaxation where                 Nervous and neurosis problems.                  whilst in a hypnotic state of mind. In fact, you are
the patient feels comfortable and secure, and can                These include anxiety, nervous tension,         suspended between wakefulness and sleep.
accept information that is being fed into the subcon-            insomnia, nervous asthma, shyness, all
scious mind directly.                                            sorts of phobias and most neurotic
                                                                 behavior.                                         HOW MUCH DOES HYPNOTHERAPY COST?
It is a state between waking and sleeping where the
patient can feel physical sensations and still be                Confidence boost.                               Most therapists belonging to the Australian Society
aware of external impressions. You can see as well               Included in this group are self-confidence,     of Clinical Hypnotherapists charge between $60 to
as hear and still be in a state of hypnosis. Therapy             memory retention and concentration              $120. Each session can last up to an hour (and oc-
success depends upon the teamwork between the                    exercises, self-hypnosis, deep sleep;           casionally longer), the fee is not subject to time
patient and the therapist.                                       relaxation   techniques, and all training       taken. Many private health funds pay some refund
                                                                 methods for self-improvement.                   for hypnotherapy when performed by an approved
                                                                                                                 hypnotherapist. The number of visits required to
                                                                 Physical.                                       solve a problem can vary from one or ten or more.
                                                                 Painless childbirth, general and local pain     Most problems however, are well catered for in 3 to
                                                                 control. Mental attitudes to illness may be     5 sessions.
                                                                 modified to promote healing and allow the
                                                                 mind to be actively involved in promoting       Both Alandra and Gerard of EnergeticFx offer you
                                                                 well-being of the body. The big advantage       a natural and effective way to gain insight to your
                                                                 being is that healing is promoted rapidly and   life.
             HYPNOTHERAPY?                                       is unhampered by drugs
                                                                                                                  Use the power of your mind to heal and balance
Yes. Hypnosis is an entirely natural state of mind
                                                                 HOW SAFE IS HYPNOTHERAPY?                        areas where dis-ease and illness may be present
which everyone goes through on the way from wak-
                                                                                                                             Learn how to relax deeply.
ing to sleeping.                                                                                                                 Learn how to heal.
                                                         A qualified Hypnotherapist has the professional
                                                         training to know how hypnosis should be employed               Find balance and energy to live a full
As you relax down into sleep, the thinking part of the                                                                        and rewarding existence.
                                                         as well as when it should, (or should not) be used.
mind becomes unconscious first, then, after a short
                                                         Your hypnotherapist's qualifications are your
period of time, the instinctive part of the mind also                                                               Who Can Benefit From Our Services?
                                                         assurance of safety.
become unconscious. For that short period of time
you are in a hypnotic state of mind.                                                                             Anyone living in the 21st Century and who wants to
                                                         You will never say or do anything under hypnosis        experience optimal health and wellbeing.
                                                         that you would not say or do when fully awake.
The therapist can help you to attain this state, and
                                                                                                                               To make a booking call:
can control the depth of relaxation within that state.
                                                         You can wake yourself up at any time you wish - the
If you wish to be hypnotised you can be. However,
                                                         hypnotic state is maintained by mutual co-operation                   Alandra - 0408 005 408
nobody can ever be hypnotised against their will.
                                                         between you and your hypnotherapist.                                            or
                                                                                                                               Gerard - 0415 221 185.
                 CONSULTANTS                                    GOOD REASONS TO CHOOSE US
                         Alandra K Rayner DEH, DCH,         Fully Qualified Practitioners
                         MAHS,     MATMS,      MASCH,       You are assured a treatment of the highest
                         Dip. Health (Clinical Hypno-       quality as you will consult with practitioners who
                         therapy); Dip. Psychotherapy;
                         Dip. Crystal Therapy; PG Dip.
                                                            have a Diploma of Health (Clinical Hypno-
                                                            therapy); Diploma of Psychotherapy; Post-
                         Clinical Hypnotherapy &
                         Counselling: Dip. Esoteric
                         Hypnotherapy: Cert. IV Work-
                                                            Graduate Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy &
                                                            Counselling; Diploma of Crystal Therapy;
                                                            Bowen Therapy as well as being qualified Reiki
                         place Training & Assessment;
                         Reconnective Healing I, II, III;   Masters, Liquid Crystals Mineral Therapists and             &
                         The Reconnection™; Liquid          Reconnective Healing Practitioners™.
                         Crystals Mineral Therapy I, II.
                          Alandra is a sensitive and
                                                            Individual Attention
                                                            As everyone is different, we tailor each session
intuitive therapist who gently guides her clients through   to suit your individual health requirements and
their healing journey. She is a graduate of The Crystal
Academy of Advanced           Healing Arts, Hawaii; The
Academy of         Humanistic     Sciences, NSW; The        The Right Combination of Therapy For You
Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science, Vic.; as well       We draw upon our knowledge in psychotherapy,
as being a Reiki Master; Adv. Liquid Crystals Therapist     counselling, hypnotherapy, crystal healing and
and Reconnective Healing Practitioner™.                     energy healing to provide you with the most
Alandra is available for Hypnotherapy; Psychotherapy;       effective combination of treatments to help you
Counselling; Crystal Healing; Bio-energy Therapy;           overcome your specific concerns. It is this
Reconnective Healing™ and The Reconnection™, She            flexible approach and extensive knowledge-
facilitates workshops and seminars on Bio-energy            base that makes EnergeticFx so effective in
Resonance and Analysis; The Aura & Subtle Bodies;           addressing your needs.
Bio-energy Therapy; Crystal Healing; Sacred Geometry
and Astrology.                                              A Holistic Approach To Your Health
                         Gerard J Rayner DCH, Dip.          We provide a complete and holistic approach to
                         Health (Clinical Hypno-            your health and wellbeing for you to achieve
                         therapy); Dip. Psychotherapy;      balance to your body, mind and spirit.
                         PGDip. Clinical Hypnotherapy
                         & Counselling; Bowen Therapy       We understand that everyone is different and as
                         Adv. Liquid Crystals Mineral       such, we draw on our vast experience in a
                         Therapy and Reconnective           variety of modalities to tailor a session to suit
                         Healing Practitioner TM.           your particular conditions, issues or goals.
                       An Esoteric and Clinical
                       Hypnotherapist; Metaphysical                        EnergeticFx
                       practitioner; Reiki Master;                            consulting at
                       P s yc hot he ra pis t; Bo we n
                                                                            North Melbourne.
                       Therapist and Reconnective
                                                                   For appointments: +61 39326 8131
                       Healing PractitionerTM.
                                                                        For more information call
Gerard is a visionary who is experienced, caring and
knowledgeable and offers Hypnotherapy; Psycho-              Alandra: 0408 005 408 Gerard: 0415 221 185
therapy; Bowen Therapy; Bio-energy Therapy;                 
Reconnective Healing TM and The Reconnection TM.             
Gerard facilitates the Bio-energy Therapy, Aura and         Lic. Dist. of the RFITM Aura & Brain Imaging System
Bio-energy Resonance and Shamanic Healing work-                               WE WELCOME                   
shops and seminars.

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