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Quantum Hypnosis: The Underlying Principles
By J. Ben Fisher CI, CMH

The practice of quantum hypnosis uses many of the same techniques as are now
generally being employed by most modern hypnotherapists. It does so however
with a greater understanding of the quantum nature of reality and a unified theory of
human consciousness called "Spherical Reality".

Quantum mechanics have replaced classical physics as the view science and
mathematics holds of what the universe is made of and how it works. It suggests
that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of being. This changing paradigm
allows us a new scientific venue to explain what consciousness is and the
relevancy of hypnosis.

Spherical Reality is a set of equations and mechanics of consciousness that allows
the felt experience of our quantum nature and gives us the means to consciously
create the world we desire.
The basic formula is I + Fa + A = M(D) that is: intent plus focused attention plus
action equals manifestation, which has to be digested to be fully experienced and
materialized. The mechanics of consciousness are a set of principles that help
further define the elements in the formula so we can more consciously create the
desired results.

The principles of Spherical Reality are congruence, right action, and integrity.
Congruence: being aware in the moment, unfettered by conditioning, what is
appropriate. We know in each of us that what is appropriate is being loved and
witnessed and giving love and witness. Remember, witness and observation create
the world. Right Action: the steps taken to fully manifest the moment to
abundance. As you move forward in congruence and trust, the steps become
apparent, and as you
practice they become more refined and easeful. Integrity: when you see what fits
and know the steps necessary, you always take them. There are many subtleties
within these principles that are learned as you practice this science of mind.
The act of practicing the mechanics of consciousness also allows the felt
experience of our quantum nature as vibratory beings of light and source.

In the past, as the budding endeavors of scholars to understand the human mind
blossomed, hypnosis was pushed aside because it did not seem to fit with the
scientific theories of the day.
Psychologists seeking legitimacy for their field of study could not through the rigors
of scientific experiment explain or understand hypnosis and relegated it to the
backwater along with the study of consciousness.

Information gathered about hypnosis as well as consciousness was by self-report
and considered anecdotal evidence, not up to the material realist's standards of
scientific investigation. Any spiritual experience was also considered taboo, in the
realm of religion, not worthy of serious scientific consideration.

Enter the quantum physicists, and what they have discovered is the material
universe does not exist without a conscious observer. The basic building blocks of
all things we hold as "real" are sub-atomic particles called quarks and leptons.
These particles exhibit such amazing properties that heretofore scientists could not
admit to what they had discovered. These quantum objects change in nature when
observed, appear from a quantum soup of potentiality outside time and space, can
be in two places at once, and in observing them it can be shown that future events
affect present events (by extrapolation, present events affect the past). These
particles, at great distance, communicate with and affect each other
instantaneously, which is much faster than the speed of light, the upper limit of
travel set by the classical physicists. Consciously and unconsciously we create our
world by our observation of it!

It is not within the scope and focus of this article to give the entire findings and
particulars of quantum mechanics and particle physics, there are many good and
detailed books on this subject, however it is important to mention one other
ramification. Gross (large or massive) objects seem to
exist because of memory and conditioning, and only appear not to exhibit their
quantum natures due to the strength of memory and conditioning.

The underlying principle of quantum hypnosis is this: allow the individual to
experience their true quantum nature in a milieu outside of their conditioned realm
of experience then help them to understand that this is in fact how the universe
works. They can change the past, present, and future by ridding themselves of past
conditioning and creating new memory. Reality is a simple formula, where you
place attention, intent, and action is what manifests the world that meets you.

We all know this truth at the heart of our beings, yet conditioning causes us to
forget who and what we really are. At a very core level of experience quantum
hypnosis allows the participant to remember they are the creators of their worlds,
and must consciously take responsibility for doing so, in love and care for
themselves and all beings everywhere in all time.

Quantum travel in hypnosis gives a direct felt experience of our true nature as
timeless entities, endlessly resourceful, extending in all directions.

Quantum hypnosis lets the participant experience themselves as quantum material,
in the present and in the past or future at the same time, traveling to a place
instantaneously, feeling their being as pure energy, seeing the world differently than
gross form and conditioning, then celebrating in ecstasy and joy the remembrance
of who and what they are. The participant is forever changed by this journey and
the tide formed sweeps them toward whatever destiny they are seeking to fulfill.

It becomes unnecessary to delve into intricate psychological and social issues, as
these become irrelevant. The focus is now on creating new memories from this
internally referred source.

You ask, "how does this differ from what we are already doing in hypnosis"? It is
different because you as the guide come from a place of spiritual and scientific
certainty that this is how the universe works. You have come to know yourself, that
consciousness; not matter, is the ground of being.
You meet all of your initiatory gates from this place of knowledge, consciously
without ego, seeking to understand in the metaphorical reflections of your world and
what is there for you to digest. You have changed yourself, and are in right
relationship with all beings and with source, this is what changes the world.

As you become this quantum being, all the mirrors in your universe reflect
relevantly and you manifest the healing you so graciously seek to give, as well as
your own infinitely abundant self. The greatest teacher is the example of integrity
and source lived fully through our true quantum nature.

Since we create the world by our conscious and unconscious observation, let us
consciously choosewhat we wish to observe. Let the healing begin!

For more information on the mechanics of consciousness and the new model of
consciousness, Spherical Reality™, contact Art of Life Coaching, Inc.
    360-709-9088, 700 Sleater Kinney Rd SE, #218 Suite B, Lacey, WA 98503