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Polar operations succeeds through the right combination of people and
equipment brought together with appropriate logistics to meet the project’s
goals and environmental challenges. Frequently, the largest challenge and
greatest costs are in the coordination to move people together with all of the
equipment and supplies that they require to live and work.

The Polar Logistics Network specializes in moving people, gear, and              planning work flows and the ability to request quotations to obtain
supplies throughout and between the world’s polar regions. It offers             especially competitive freight rates and optimized aircraft charters
unique, new capabilities for companies and institutions to optimize              through aggregating institutional and commercial requirements.
and combine their needs together to provide greater capacity and                 The network’s volume and systems provide members with cost
have access to superior resources on a more cost effective basis                 savings, access to greater resources, and improved efficiency.
than otherwise possible individually.
                                                                                 To learn more about and join the Polar Logistics Network please
The Polar Logistics Network provides polar organizers from                       visit: PolarLogistics.net
institutions and companies access to on-line tools, project

 & FORWARDING                                          CHARTER CONTRACTS                                   [ Permitting & licensing
 [ Freight rates on carriers discounted based on       [ Private charters                                  [ Equipment advisory & planning
   aggregate volumes of Polar Logistics Network        [ Sharing planes amongst projects                   [ Location advisory & planning
 [ Aggregate freight for larger, more efficient        [ Utilize empty flight legs and back hauls to       [ Flight scheduling & accommodation
   planes                                                reduce or eliminate mobilization & ferry costs      reservations & management
 [ Possibility to deliver straight to field location   [ Optimize aircraft efficiency – use the most       [ Training: Ice Rescue, Arctic Survival, Rescue
 [ Reduced freight rates through charters when           economical aircraft for the job                     Craft, Wilderness First Aid, Bear Safety,
   back hauls or empty legs match needs                [ Extend availability for aircraft on charter         Firearms, Avalanche Safety, High Angle Rescue
 [ Seamless hand-offs between carriers from              contracts through cost sharing                      & Dive Safety.
   International pick up through final delivery to     [ Service uses all available carriers and charter
   polar location                                        companies around all polar regions
                                                                                                           Request a Project Proposal
 [ Coordinated polar logistics from bush planes        [ Hub and spoke aircraft support for personnel
                                                                                                           [ http://PolarLogistics.net/projectproposal
   and helicopters to tracked vehicles and barges        and re-supplies in each polar region
 [ Warehousing and consolidation
 [ Air, sea and land freight world wide                                                                    Download Equipment Catalogues
 [ Brokerage, bonding & customs carnets                                                                    [ http://arctickingdom.com/catalogues
 [ Dangerous goods preparation and shipping

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 CHARTER                                                     projects to optimize flight plans for shared savings.
 Every type of aircraft has both advantages and              Whether combining loads from unrelated projects to
 disadvantages when compared against other aircraft.         justify a larger, more efficient, cargo plane, shipping
 Factors like range, available load, and landing strip/      freight on ferry flights, sharing passenger and/or
 fuel requirements to the aircraft’s home base and           freight charters, or splitting aircraft time in a region
 craft availability over the length the entire project       between multiple unrelated projects, the role is one
 must be balanced to find the optimal solution               of coordinating as many project requirements as
 based on the weight and dimensions of load(s) and           possible for the greatest efficiency. Sharing aircraft,
 frequency of movement. Selecting the right type of          filling empty legs, selecting the best plane for the
 aircraft – be it a Long Ranger, A Star, Maule, Cesna,       job, reducing mobilization and ferry costs, and
 Pilatus Porter, Twin Otter, Dornier, King Air, Skyvan,      keeping an aircraft available longer than otherwise
 Basler DC-3, Buffalo, Hercules or Antanov airplane          possible are just a few of the services Polar Logistics
 can be a major determining factor in making sure a          is uniquely focused on delivering.
 project is logistically feasible and that a reasonable
 budget is maintained. Whether confirming fuel               Polar Logistics will also schedule advance or post
 availability and quotas, establishing remote fuel           logistics whenever possible to optimize costs. Flying
 caches, calculating number of loads for any given           in advance supplies may be done at the time of an
 aircraft, doing advance reconnaissance, confirming          unrelated project much earlier (if feasible) to reduce
 potential runways, assessing the condition of landing       costs or freight may be hauled by tracked vehicle
 strips, or constructing ice runways, Polar Logistics        in winter over land or by a barge in open water if
 can help determine the best solutions and manage the        such distances are feasible and costs are less than
 necessary details to ensure each plan remains viable.       the equivalent flying costs. Polar Logistics works
                                                             closely with multiple aircraft charter companies
 The largest cost savings in aircraft utilization            and typically identifies various solutions to react
 will always come from minimizing empty or                   swiftly should a charter company be unable for any
 underutilized legs. Polar Logistics is focused,             mechanical or logistical reason to complete the
 whenever possible, on coordinating unrelated                scheduled flying.

 FREIGHT                                                     combined volumes we handle for more competitive
 Many polar projects have significant freight                rates than most companies or institutions could
 requirements. Whether camping gear, scientific              access independently. Polar Logistics also specializes
 instruments, specialized vehicles, film equipment,          in coordinating private charters and will seek to use
 sporting equipment, food supplies, fuel drums, heavy        charter aircraft for either inbound or outbound freight
 machinery or field samples to return for analysis,          whenever there is extra capacity in order to provide
 there is no end to the amount of gear that large or         an overall cost savings. For large volumes of freight,
 even “small” projects may require. Polar Logistics          we may use multiple airlines, depending upon each
 specializes in getting freight into and eventually out      airline’s available capacity to absorb part of the entire
 of the most remote polar regions of the world. Our          shipment. Polar Logistics will handle the receiving of
 logistics network starts almost anywhere around the         multiple shipments at the polar gateway community,
 world, wherever gear may originate, whether directly        and when applicable, will organize for subsequent
 from diverse suppliers or from an institution’s or          transport by ground convoy, barge, or bush plane to
 company’s warehouse. Consolidating warehouses are           the final camp location.
 available at virtually every polar gateway city, where
 departures by air or sea will take the equipment on         At the end of the season or project, we can
 to the closest polar community. We can consolidate          arrange for storage in anticipation of the following
 shipments into crates customized to the dimensions          season or can look after the logistics of bringing
 of each airline and/or can pack containers for travel by    equipment back by sea or land from alternative
 sea. For arctic shipments, when possible, we can truck      polar locations, providing a cheaper alternative to
 freight further north, to the most northerly airport        direct return airfreight. When return equipment
 accessible by road should this reduce the air freight       is not time sensitive, we have access to a system of
 charges. We are able to handle customs and brokerage        reduced-fare backhaul flights that can be used to
 on international shipments as well as bonding and           keep expenditure at a minimum. Polar Logistics
 customs carnets for equipment moving temporarily            can also organize for onwards shipments to other
 into or through one or more international countries.        polar destinations for subsequent projects. Whether
 We have shipped frozen goods, dangerous goods and           providing our own hub and spoke distribution from
 hazardous materials and can look after procuring and        a central polar location or taking advantage of all
 properly packaging these supplies for shipping.             freight on every available scheduled flight, Polar          Request a Project Proposal
                                                             Logistics will look after freight shipments at every
 Polar Logistics works with virtually all of the world’s     step of the way from point of origin to destination         [ http://PolarLogistics.net/projectproposal
 polar transportation companies in addition to one of        and back again. We will reduce freight costs and            __________________________________________________________________________

 the world’s largest logistics providers for international   find solutions to otherwise limited capacity through
 shipments and freight between most urban centres.           the combined volumes and economies of scale of              Download Equipment Catalogues
 Polar Logistics can leverage these relationships and the    the Polar Logistics Network.                                [ http://arctickingdom.com/catalogues

ARCTIC KINGDOM                       3335 Yonge St. #402               +1 (416) 322-7066 tel          (888) 737-6818 toll free
POLAR LOGISTICS                      Toronto ON M4N 2M1 CA             +1 (416) 887-0529 fax          logistics@arctickingdom.com
 CAMPS & GEAR                                            POLAR OPERATIONS
 Polar Logistics is a world leader in the testing,
 deployment, and use of cutting edge equipment.          Personnel:                                             Project Leader                                  Operations Manager
 We rigorously test all of our products in the field                                                            Camp Manager                                    Camp Assistants
 in a variety of environments, and have assembled                                                               Camp Chefs and Cooks                            Mechanics
 a collection that we believe is second to none.                                                                Polar Bear Sentries                             Medical Staff
 All of our gear has been used and proven by
                                                                                                                Videographers                                   Photographers
 our staff and customers and has been chosen
 for its high quality performance in extreme                                                                    Community Liaison                               Local Guides
 situations and its durability and strength in remote                                                           Divers and Supervision
 environments. We have assembled catalogues that
 outline our recommendations for tents, clothing,        Camp Outfitting:                                       Mobile camps                                    Science Camps
 vehicles, technology, personal dive gear and dive                                                              Industrial camps                                Seasonal Camps
 infrastructure.                                                                                                Permanent Camps

 Polar Logistics can not only outfit a single project,   Camp provisioning:                                     Hub and spoke re-supply & personnel rotation
 whether it be an expedition to the pole or a            ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 scientific or industrial work camp, but will also       Shared & sequential camps                              Combined groups and/or camp scheduling for back to
 attempt to optimize camp plans and budgets
                                                                                                                back use
 through coordinated logistical plans across a           ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 company or institute and between the Polar
 Logistics Network of companies. Whenever                Equipment Catalogues:                                  Tents, Clothing, Technology, Vehicles, Diving
 possible, Polar Logistics will attempt to see if
 activities from different groups may be performed       Remote airstrip:                                       Selection & preparation
 without compromise from a camp shared with
 one or more projects for better economies of scale.     Fuel caching                                           Land convoys, fuel berms, advance sea freight, sealed
 Beyond the savings from sharing a larger camp,                                                                 drums, fuel bladders
 which may not always be feasible or desired, there
 may also be savings for camps from different            Ground logistics:                                      Tracked vehicles over snow or land (Winter/Summer)
 projects sequentially operated in the same area. This                                                          Air boats over thin & pack ice (Spring)
 reduces and shares the freight, mobilization, and                                                              Barges and landing craft over water (Summer)
 demobilization costs for each camp. With greater
 volumes of camp usage, we may also keep camp
 supplies permanently based in particular regions        PERSONNEL
 so that ongoing annual costs are reduced. Even          The success of any project is usually tied to the
 when camps are not co-domiciled or sequential,          quality and experience of the team. Complicated
 we will also attempt to coordinate re-supply            logistics and time-consuming tasks appear easy
 logistics between diverse camps for more regular        when performed by people who are familiar with
 deliveries and cost savings based on shared aircraft    the equipment, experienced in the challenges of the
 utilization when a flight plan can service multiple     environment, and comfortable working at a rapid
 camps. Polar Logistics is also uniquely positioned      pace to keep up with the demands of the project.
 to occasionally provide access to multiple camps
 in a region. Should a scientist or geologist, as an     Beyond the smooth running of the camp itself can
 example, wish to visit multiple locations, they may     come the significant responsibilities of navigating
 be able to travel from camp to camp for the easiest     the land or water. Polar Logistics works with
 possible access to a wide selection of otherwise        senior guides in arctic communities around the
 logistically inaccessible locations. Such access will   world to ensure the greatest degree of safety.
 depend upon each camp’s project(s), population
 and understandings/agreements with those who are        We can provide a full team to cover all support and
 primarily based in each location.                       leadership roles or can fill any missing positions.

                                                                                                                                          Request a Project Proposal
                                                                                                                                          [ http://PolarLogistics.net/projectproposal

                                                                                                                                          Download Equipment Catalogues
                                                                                                                                          [ http://arctickingdom.com/catalogues

ARCTIC KINGDOM                      3335 Yonge St. #402              +1 (416) 322-7066 tel                  (888) 737-6818 toll free
POLAR LOGISTICS                     Toronto ON M4N 2M1 CA            +1 (416) 887-0529 fax                  logistics@arctickingdom.com
 SERVICES                                                     Transportation delays – Equipment or project members may be delayed.    entry. With sufficient advanced clearance from
 Before a polar project can be planned, the focus,            Weather – May prevent movement or delay the project goals.              border security and immigration, landing in these
 duration, equipment requirements, team size,                 Reliability – Suppliers or equipment may not operate to the degree of   places may be possible and Polar Logistics can
 experience, budget, and goals must be understood.            reliability we expect.                                                  make it happen.
 Next, an array of possible locations may be considered       Safety – All scenarios must be understood and have well rehearsed
 in order to select a single location or evaluate how         responses.                                                              Emergency Coordination
 multiple areas could be coordinated as required.                                                                                     When serious problems arise, actions must
 In depth research confirmed through multiple                 Menu Planning                                                           be taken swiftly. The initial actions may be
 independent corroboration with Polar Logistics’              The process to plan a menu for a group over an                          predetermined in the field but subsequent
 international network of accomplished professionals          extended period in a remote area is a large task. Our                   details such as medical evacuation flights and
 will refine and validate all information and assumptions.    Camp Chef will spearhead the planning and seek                          hospital availability for specialized procedures
                                                              feedback to ensure that the cuisine is customized to                    must all be confirmed. Interfacing with insurance
 One or more scouting expeditions may be done                 the groups’ palette and to accommodate both the                         providers, police and/or search and rescue may
 depending upon project size to provide a first-hand          itinerary and contingencies.                                            all require around the clock availability to ensure
 confirmation prior to developing a full expedition                                                                                   communication flows smoothly for the most efficient
 plan. For smaller projects, we can provide advice on         Procurement                                                             resolution of the emergency.
 dozens of locations based on our experience operating        Supplies for the expedition must be ordered and
 in each area to save the significant cost of scouting        purchased in advance. This purchasing phase may                         Tax Credits & Labour Rebates
 trips. The expedition advisory phase ends with the           start many months in advance of the expedition. To                      Depending upon the type of work, nationality of the
 selection of a specific location or sequence of locations.   minimize airfreight, sea freight may be used in some                    employer, and country where work is performed,
                                                              cases, which could necessitate packing being finalized                  there may be opportunities to claim back various
 Project Planning                                             an entire year in advance! Ordering additional                          government taxes on purchases or services. For
 Operating a polar project can be the easy part if the        equipment and supplies, tracking packages, dealing                      film work, there may be an opportunity, depending
 planning has been done properly. Although flexibility        with customs and brokerage, receiving packages and,                     upon the territory, to claim rebates on labour. Polar
 is an essential ingredient in all polar work, it does not    repacking equipment into our shipping containers                        Logistics can help prepare and submit documentation
 negate the importance of planning all aspects of the         can be an enormous job in itself.                                       to recuperate such costs and take advantage of any
 expedition. Polar Logistics has a very thorough and                                                                                  incentive programs whenever possible.
 deliberate planning process.                                 Training
                                                              Depending upon the location and project goals, all                      Community Liaison
 Polar Logistics can assist or take sole responsibility       participants may require various training programs                      When working closely or through an arctic community,
 for all flight planning, accommodations &                    or licenses. Whether it is a firearms license, survival                 community members and organizations both
 transfers, ground transportation, equipment                  training, radio operator license, ice rescue training,                  appreciate and may require consultation as part of
 selection, camp management, fuel management,                 boat operators credentials, first aid certification,                    various permitting processes. The closest community
 staff selection, menus & food preparation, waste             or other specialized training, such as bear safety,                     may also be an important logistical link for airplanes
 management, specialized clothing, and thorough               hyperbaric medicine, food safety, or vehicle operation,                 or personnel en route to the final camp location. When
 participant briefings.                                       we can organize and frequently teach all courses                        possible, Polar Logistics, will try to hire support staff for
                                                              either before departure or, occasionally, in the field.                 camps from the closest communities as a way to reduce
 In short, we ensure that every polar project has                                                                                     costs and create local employment. Polar Logistics
 been well thought-out so nothing is overlooked.              Travel Coordination - Itinerary Planning                                prides ourselves on our close relationships and ability to
 Smooth operations are influenced almost entirely by          As flights to certain polar locations may be                            work with all community members and organizations
 the quality and thoroughness of the planning, and            infrequent, connections can be challenging to plan in                   and is pleased to communicate with the town citizens
 we pride ourselves on having such planning down              order to minimize the time in transit. Every time that                  and councils about plans and ways that the community
 to a science.                                                project dates are moved even a little, there may be a                   can assist with and benefit from the projects.
                                                              whole chain of other dates that need to change and as
 Permitting                                                   all are set to work with infrequent schedules, the task                 Food Services
 Depending upon the project, permitting                       of re-scheduling can be a significant one.                              Meals are a critical aspect to the running of large
 requirements may be extensive. Import and export                                                                                     camps and the success of any ambitious project.
 permits, licences to transport firearms across               Inbound/Outbound Flight & Hotel                                         Polar Logistics’ culinary team can prepare anything
 international borders, and archeological permits are         Coordination                                                            from advanced freeze-dried menus for emergency
 just a few of the documents you may need to conduct          The company or institution may opt to look after                        rations or travel in extremely cold conditions to
 your polar project. From research licences, land             most of the arrival and departure information into                      pre-prepared comfort food and fresh gourmet meals
 use authorizations, and national parks permissions           and out of the polar gateway city or Polar Logistics                    prepared by chefs of the highest distinctions. With
 to permits for water usage, explosives, and specific         can make such arrangements such as international                        advance planning that starts as soon as a project is
 radio frequencies, Polar Logistics can assist to ensure      flights, airport transfers, and hotel reservations.                     confirmed, our chef will prepare a menu specific to
 you polar project is properly permitted, saving you                                                                                  the group’s culinary tastes and logistical constraints.
 expensive delays or possible cancellation.                   Immigration & Visas
                                                              International travelers may require work visas
 Contingency Planning                                         depending upon the country of citizenship,
                                                                                                                                      Request a Project Proposal
 The best laid plans almost invariably require                employer, length of time in a foreign country and job                   [ http://PolarLogistics.net/projectproposal
 flexibility if some aspect goes awry. We expect              responsibilities. Polar Logistics can provide assistance                _______________________________________________________________________
 this and we try to plan for such scenarios, so               to both review potential requirements and facilitate
 we can respond rapidly with the back up plans.               obtaining appropriate visas as necessary. Occasionally,                 Download Equipment Catalogues
 Contingencies generally fall into a number of                logistical plans may make clearance desirable at                        [ http://arctickingdom.com/catalogues
 recurring categories including:                              locations which are not designated or staffed points of

ARCTIC KINGDOM                       3335 Yonge St. #402                   +1 (416) 322-7066 tel                 (888) 737-6818 toll free
POLAR LOGISTICS                      Toronto ON M4N 2M1 CA                 +1 (416) 887-0529 fax                 logistics@arctickingdom.com