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GoldMineо Business Contact Manager by sparkunder23


									                            GoldMine® Business Contact Manager
                                                                                    SWOT Analysis

Following is a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis between GoldMine
Business Contact Manager (version 5.7) and Microsoft CRM (MS CRM). This document is designed to
assist marketing and sales staff when determining the suitability of GoldMine in contrast to Microsoft CRM
for prospects, as well as when positioning against this competitor in general.

NOTE: GoldMine Business Contact Manager and MS CRM are not direct competitors, but rather,
"overlapping" competitors. The target market for GoldMine is small business, firms with 99 and fewer
employees--with emphasis on firms with 25 employees or fewer; MS CRM's target market is firms with 50
to 250 employees. In addition, as the SWOT details, the pricing, implementation, functionality, and go-to-
market strategies for these two products does not overlap, even if some of the buyers may.

Brand Recognition
• "GoldMine" Product has strong brand recognition in the small business (sub 99 employee) market.
• Designed for teams/workgroup environment from inception with emphasis on collaborative contact
   management and selling.
• Winner of numerous, prestigious industry awards, including five consecutive PC Magazine Editor’s
   Choice awards.
• Large, established customer base. Product has a long history of 10+ years.
• Commonly recognized as being very rich in contact management and business process automation

• Availability of QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2002 and Sage Line 50 integration for front/back office

• Integration with popular business applications such as Microsoft Word, WinFAXPro , and Adobe
                                                                  ®               ®            ®
   Acrobat .

Product Implementation
• Easy to use, Wizard-based, friendly installer.
• Installation and initial implementation can be completed within minutes, even in workgroup
• Centralized installation reduces administrative work, expedites rollout process, and simplifies
   upgrades in workgroup environments.
• Model Office document templates provide users a number of ready to use letters and


Internet Compatibility
• Robust e-mail client functionality. Built-in support for POP3/SMTP standard. Automatically links e-
    mail messages to the corresponding contacts.
• iCAL support for meeting requests. Allows users to schedule meetings via Internet e-mail messages
    and interact with users of other applications that support the iCAL standard. Though Outlook
    supports iCAL, when Outlook is used with an Exchange Server, it does not recognize externally
    generated iCAL messages.
• Internet querying capabilities to easily and quickly research a contact or company on the Internet
• Web-lead import system for integrated Web site and database marketing automation

Automation and Analysis
• Automated Processes™, Server Agents and Literature Fulfillment Center provide a variety of tools to
   “touch” customers throughout the entire sales cycle using different channels.
                                                                SWOT Analysis for MS CRM

•   Built-in analysis tools such as Leads, Sales, Forecast, Statistical and Graphical options, allow
    managers to quickly see real time statistics on sales, marketing and overall activity.

User Interface
• UI requires update to come in line with look and feel of current business applications, e.g. Quicken,
• Learning curve considered too steep by typical users.
• A number of users consider GoldMine as not in line with Microsoft's “look and feel”, to which they are
   accustomed and consider as the standard, e.g. Office suite or Windows.

Customer Support
• Support Services: Support service options are fewer than those offered by Microsoft.
   !"Free phone support options are not available.
   !"Annual Service Contracts are not available

Market Share
• GoldMine runs on a minute number of desktops/laptops in comparison to Microsoft solutions. The
   number of Outlook users is believed to be around 100 million.
• Limited company resources have reduced marketing budget for GoldMine and decreased its
   exposure at a time when Microsoft is expending tremendous resources in support of .Net and MS

• Users wanting to use GoldMine’s API are required to posses a level of knowledge on programming
    ranging from intermediate to advanced.
• Integrating GoldMine with other applications requires detailed knowledge of the GoldMine database

• Emphasize GoldMine’s rich automation and analysis tools. GoldMine provides a number of tools such
   as Automated Processes, Server Agents, Literature Fulfillment Center, Telemarketing Scripts, and
   Lead Analysis.
• Point out the workgroup philosophy. GoldMine has been built with workgroup functionality in mind
   from Day 1. GoldMine allows one to delegate tasks, view the calendar of other users, and quickly
   see who completed what.
• GoldMine’s contact-centric approach makes it an ideal solution for Business to Consumer (B2C)
• Focus on GoldMine’s ability to start at single user and grow with an organization. GoldMine can
   support record counts in the low millions and peak at approximately 100 concurrent users. Easy
   migration path to GoldMine Sales & Marketing is available for greater data and concurrent user
• Highlight Sales functionality. GoldMine provides a rich Opportunity/Project Manager, Sales Analysis
   Tools, Quota Analysis and Forecast Analysis.
• Highlight reporting capabilities. Built-in report writer and numerous pre-defined report templates
   provide rich reporting functionality without the cost of external solutions.
• Detail GoldMine’s robust e-mail client and functionality. GoldMine automatically links
   incoming/outgoing e-mails to the Contact Record. Allows users to use advanced HTML e-mail
   messages for marketing campaigns and other electronic messaging needs.
• Promote the flexible synchronization capabilities. GoldMine provides very granular control over what
   data is synchronized and simplifies data exchange with mobile systems (laptops) for offline access.

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                                                                                    SWOT Analysis for MS CRM

•      Explain how GoldMine’s taskbar increases productivity by allowing users to define rapidly accessible
       shortcuts to their most commonly used GoldMine menu options, macros, frequently used files, URLs,
       or external applications.

Product Implementation
• Undocked installer feature reduces time needed to install and deploy remote systems. Provides
   multiple avenues for distribution.
• Migration tools to help users get started in GoldMine quickly using their data from other applications,
   including ACT!, Maximizer, TeleMagic and Ecco.
• MS CRM requires MS-SQL , requiring user to posses a broader IT skill set to implement and maintain

   the product. GoldMine does not require prior database experience to maintain or install; minimal IT
   skills are required to install and maintain product.
• MS CRM requires additional IT infrastructure to support MS-SQL and back office integration.
   GoldMine does not require dedicated servers or additional IT infrastructure for single user or
   workgroup environments.
• MS CRM requires integration with Microsoft Outlook in order to access data offline and is limited in
   functionality when not connected. GoldMine requires minimal configuration on mobile systems
   (laptops) to access data when not connected and does not experience a loss in functionality when
   working offline.
• MS CRM requires a more costly Professional edition for back office integration. Integration with back
   office systems can be performed even with single user copies of GoldMine.

Market Education
• Provide documentation and success stories to Sales & Partners to use in pre-sales opportunities.
• Provide Competitive Matrices for GoldMine versus MS CRM.
• Educate customers about industry templates, designed to speed up the setup process. They also
   reduce administrative work and are available for a number of industries, including Real Estate, Life
   Insurance, Financial Services and Mortgage Lending.
• Promote GoldMine Plus vertical integration tools for Calyx Point, dbCAMS+, and Genesis2000. No
   information available on MS CRM vertical integration tools at time of this publication.
• Educate customers on 10+ year life-span of GoldMine product and FrontRange’s roots and
   experience in CRM market. MS CRM is a new application for a market segment that is relatively new
   to Microsoft and is being developed by the Great Plains acquisition group, driving a customer-facing
   application from an ERP or back-office perspective. To date, a number of CRM offerings by ERP
   providers such Peoplesoft, SAP, etc. have not made significant inroads into a market dominated by
   applications/vendors that originated as sales force automation systems.
• .NET Web services strategy is highly dependent on a reliable security model. Microsoft products
   have suffered from a long history of security breaches and customers are generally wary about letting
   any one company house all of their personal information.

• MS CRM is priced considerably higher than GoldMine. There are no server fees required for
• Trade-up Rebate Program for new purchases and users switching from competing products. Rebate
    program offers considerable savings off retail price, especially when used in combination.
• Upgrade Protection Program (UPP) offers considerable savings on upgrade costs over life of
    ownership. UPP includes upgrade to GoldMine Business Contact Manager and any subsequent
    releases thereafter for a period of one year. No information available on MS CRM software
    subscriptions at time of this publication.
• Purchases of MS CRM restricted to Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions resellers. GoldMine is
    available through a variety of channels, including Solutions Partners, online and traditional retailers.

    May also support MSDE. No information confirming this topic available at time of this publication.

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                                                                                  SWOT Analysis for MS CRM

• Very tight integration with Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office suite components.
• Tight integration with Great Plains accounting offerings for back office integration.
• Interface is similar to that of other Microsoft products, making the product easier to learn.
• Interface leverages products already familiar to customers, primarily, using Outlook as a client and
   zero-footprint web client.
• “Out-of-the-box” web access capabilities to Sales module and built-in Customer Portal for web
   enabled customer service.
• Workstation client (Internet Explorer) is already installed on all systems running Windows98 or higher.
• Other client option (Outlook) is included with Microsoft Office suite, often times pre-packaged with
• .NET technology utilizes existing XML standards for integration. XML is widely recognized as a great
   facilitator for integrating applications and systems.
• Sales and Customer Service modules have been built from the ground up to use an integrated
   contact database.

• Upgrade Protection Program (UPP) not well received by a number of customers and FrontRange
    Partners. Has become a source of conflict with some.
• UPP program announced very close to release date of GoldMine Business Contact Manager. Many
    customers had not planned for a paid upgrade and had not included this expenditure in their budgets.
    Were/are unable to upgrade as a result.

• A number of GoldMine Solutions Partners are preparing themselves to sell MS CRM, possibly
    abandoning GoldMine from their product offerings.

Customer Support
• Abrupt discontinuation of GoldMine telephone support has angered a large number of users and
   caused abandonment of the product.

Market Positioning
• Microsoft commonly perceived as the industry leader and standard. Customers will adopt product
   regardless of feature set.
• MS CRM is only one of many products offered by Microsoft. Limited success of initial release unlikely
   to jeopardize its future.
• Marketing funds are many times greater.
• Common perception from public is that Microsoft will come to dominate market, perhaps as early as
   within the second or third release of MS CRM.

• Microsoft organization is highly influential with other technology organizations and has long
     established OEM relationships with manufacturers to help distribute their software.
• Microsoft is able to provide a broad range of solutions through its own interests, including Great
     Plains (accounting) and Navision (ERP).

  GoldMine 6.0 will introduce XML support within the application. This functionality will facilitate data exchange processes between
GoldMine and other applications and systems.

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