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									                                    C H A M B E R                                       E X P R E S S
                                    Volume 13 Issue 8                     88 Years of Progress                       August 2009
                                   Clarksville-Johnson                      County         Chamber           of   Commerce

                            What is Leadership Johnson County?
LEADERSHIP JOHNSON COUNTY is an issues oriented leadership development program that has been designed to inform, moti-
vate, and challenge selected participants through education and interaction with community, county, state leaders and decision makers.
LEADERSHIP JOHNSON COUNTY is a program of the Clarksville-Johnson County Chamber of Commerce.

HOW WILL LEADERSHIP JOHNSON COUNTY HELP OUR COMMUNITY? The programs brings together potential com-
munity leaders to learn more about Johnson County, share learning experiences, exchange ideas and thus become eager to volunteer
their time and talents in the spirit of community service. The programs also encourages the building and maintaining of networks of
community leaders who know and trust each other and will offer participants from diverse backgrounds expanded knowledge and
awareness of the issues facing Johnson County.

HOW WILL LEADERSHIP JOHNSON COUNTY HELP ME? The program provides opportunities for participants to meet peers
from diverse fields and form friendships that benefit the community as well as their own professional and civic careers. LEADER-
SHIP JOHNSON COUNTY provides a forum for its participants to continue community education and networking.

meet one full day per month for 10 months. Included will be a two-day governmental study session in Little Rock. Other days will
focus on health care, community services, education, local government, community development and industry tours. In addition to the
monthly meetings, graduation requirements include attendance at each of the following meetings: city council, quorum court, and
school board. The class will also be assigned to work on special projects with the Chamber throughout the year and complete a class

Write, call, fax, or email the Clarksville-Johnson County Chamber of Commerce. (www.clarksvillearchamber.com)

                         1ST CLASS IS SCHEDULED TO BEGIN AUGUST 14, 2009
                               GET YOUR APPLICATIONS IN TODAY!!!
                                     (WE NEED A MINIMUM OF 15 PARTICIPANTS)

                             2010 Chamber Directory
  The time has come to prepare for the upcoming 2010 Clarksville-Johnson County Chamber of Commerce Di-
 rectory. We want to thank those of you who invested in a spot for the 2008 Directory. The Directory has continued its
informational success. If you would like to renew your previous advertisement, please call the Chamber and let us know to
 reserve your spot. If you did not purchase an ad previously and are interested in placing one in the 2010 Directory, please
call the Chamber at 754-2340 to reserve your space before they are all gone. In order for us to get these printed by January
                                     1, 2010, we will need all ads by October 1, 2008.

 In this issue:       Labor Force       Clarksville        Chamber         Member       M2M                       Community
                                        Police Dept.       Calendar        of the Month Program                   News
                                    2                  3                 4            5                       6                  7

                                                                                              County Sales & Use Tax
                                                                                       June             2009          2008
                      May 2008 compared to May 2009                                    Johnson        102,909.44   112,866.11
                CLF             Emp            Unemp                     Rate          Clarksville    68,841.14    75,501.65
                                                                                       Coal Hill       8,927.32     9,791.05
            2009    2008    2009     2008    2009    2008         2009      2008
                                                                                       Hartman         5,315.37     5,829.64
Franklin 8,550      8,800   8,000    8,425   550        375       6.3           4.2
                                                                                       Knoxville       4,557.30     4,998.23
Johnson 11,875 11,775 11,125 11,275          750        500       6.3           4.3
                                                                                       Lamar          12,619.54    13,840.51
Logan      10,325 10,275 9,475       9,525   850        750       8.3           7.4
                                                                                       TOTALS         203,170.11   222,827.19
Newton     3,525    3,600   3,300    3,425   225        175       6.1           4.6
                                                                                        City Municipal Levy Receipts
Pope       29,550 31,175 27,600 29,775 1,950        1,400         6.6           4.5
Yell       10,600 11,250 9,750 10,775        850        475       8.1           4.3   June             2009          2008
                                                                                      Clarksville    159,822.56    167,614.89
                                                                                      Lamar           8,797.81      6,769.43

                                    CodeRED Weather Warning
                                       Notice from Josh Johnston, CFM, AMCEM
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know about our new website and invite all of you who live in Johnson County to
sign up your cell phones and verify your address information for Code Red emergency notification system.

Code Red is an emergency notification system that has many uses including mass notification in the event of a natural or
manmade disaster, missing person, or evacuation. You are already enrolled in this service. There is another exciting
aspect to Code Red and that is the Weather Alert. You must sign up for this service at no cost to you the people of
Johnson County. This service will automatically activate for the covered area only. If there is a warning for northeast
Johnson County and you live in the southwest you will not be bothered. However if you are in the area it will contact you
automatically without delays by us locally to have to activate they system. This system is activated by the National
Weather Service automatically!!! Many of you may now know the weather service issues box warnings now and do not
issue warnings by County. This is key to only notifying people in the affected area leading to less loss of work and less
worry about systems that are not expected to affect you. We are pleased that this system follows this box warning sys-
tem. The warnings that are issued are:

Flash Flood, the number 1 killer in the United States
Severe Thunderstorm

We are excited about both the website, www.jcdem.org, and Code Red and hope you all will take time to check them
both out. If you have any questions or comments please call our office, 754-6383. We continue to be a Storm Ready
Community and do our best to make Johnson County a Safer Place to Live and Work!


Josh A. Johnston, CFM, AMCEM
Coordinator, Johnson County
Department of Emergency Management


                          Rick Martin joined the CPD in the
                          fall of 2003. Rick came from the
                          Lamar PD. Prior to has work in the
                          area, he served as the Newton
                          County Sheriff, Newton County                       Clarksville Police received the
Lt. Paul Harmon was       Chief Deputy, and Deputy Sheriff.                   2009 Morgan’s Choice Award.
recognized for his 25     He also serves as a Special Agent                   Colleen Nick, Morgan Nick
                          with the US Border Patrol with as-                  Foundation, presented Chief
years of dedicated                                                            Donaldson with the award at the
                          signments in Arizona. Rick has over
service to the City of    1200 hours of police training and                   State’s Event for Missing Chil-
Clarksville.              holds a senior law enforcement cer-                 dren’s Day. The award was in
                          tification.                                         recognition of CPD’s “dedication
                                                                              to the protection of children and
                          “I enjoy helping people and crime                   the exemplary performance of
                          victims, I have enjoyed and appreci-                duty in the safe recovery of Dixie
                          ated the opportunity to work in                     Rogers.”

                                   ~ Rick Martin

                                                            Johnson County Leadership Class of 08-09

                                                        At the end of the Leadership Class each year, the
                                                        class plans a fun day. This year the 2008-2009 class
                                                        decided to use the funds allocated for the fun day to
                                                        assist two Johnson County citizens.

                                                        The Leadership class spent their fun day mowing,
                                                        painting, cleaning and trimming trees at Ruby Rudd’s
                                                        home in Clarksville. Lois Yates home in Ozone re-
                                                        ceived similar revitalizations.

                                       !!               Arkansas Valley Electric and Clarksville Light & Wa-

                              nk   You                  ter also donated energy improvement items (i.e. –
                         Tha                            CFL light bulbs, caulk, weather stripping, etc.) which
                                                        will help improve future utility bills for both residents.

                 August 2009
                Chamber Events
  4       NATIONAL NIGHT          6:30 pm -     Marvin
               OUT                 8:30 pm      Vinson
 10           City Council         6:00 pm     City Hall

 11          Tri-Peaks Board      10:00 am       Lake
                                               Dardanelle               Air Evac Lifeteam
 12           Ambassadors         11:00 am     Pasta Grill                       Beverly Bauer
                                                                                  PO Box 948
                                                                             West Plains, MO 65775
 13      Johnson County Quorum     6:00 pm    Court House                        479-438-4771
                  Court                        Basement                       www.lifeteam.net
 14       Leadership Johnson      8:00 am      CL&W
               County                           Board        Air Evac Ambulance Service could be the “Best part of
                                                Room         the worst day of your life”. When faced with a medical
                                                             emergency your best hope for a good outcome rests in
 19       CHAMBER BOARD           11:00 AM      U OF O       the ability to act quickly. Keep your helicopter in your
                                                             area for these life or limb threatening situations. By
 19           CHAMBER             12:00 PM      U OF O       becoming a member you are supporting your helicop-
             MEMBERSHIP                                      ter, keeping it in your area and saving yourself thou-
              LUNCHEON                                       sands of dollars.

Speaker: Denise Hanna, Market & Research Manager w/AEDC          Arkansas Tech University
 19         JC Area Workforce      2:00 pm    The Chamber
               Consortium                                                        Susie Nicholson
                                                                             1509 N. Boulder Avenue
 19      Development Foundation    3:30 pm    The Chamber                     Russellville, AR 72801
 20        Tourism Committee       3:00 pm    The Chamber                         www.atu.edu

 20           School Board         6:00 pm    CHS Media      To discover your future, you first have to meet it. At
                                                Room         Arkansas Tech University, we pride ourselves in offer-
                                                             ing a first-class education with more than 100 programs
 25          Executive Board       4:00 pm    The Chamber    of study. So, whether you know what your goals are or
                                                             still aren't sure, Tech can help put you on a path to suc-

                                                             Our commitment to your success is personified by our
                                                             accomplished and diverse faculty, ready to provide you
          Did you know that as a Chamber                     with an academic environment that is both dynamic and
            Member, we can place your                        personal. The door to your future is just waiting to be
          employment ad on the Chamber                       unlocked at one of the most modern, student-focused
                  Website for free.                          campuses in the South.

                       Valley Estates of Clarksville
                                                     The Valley Estates of Clarksville
                                                       is Rich Smith Management’s
                                                     newest Multi-family apartments
                                                       living community. Amenities
                                                      include an elegant clubhouse,
                                                     swimming pool, state-of-the art
                                                         fitness center, TOT playlot,
                                                     laundry center, business center,
                                                    on-site management and full-time
                                                              maintenance tech.

                                                    Kelly Knedgen, Shonda Walters,
                                                    Doris Davis, Vicki Lyons, Denise
                                                    Key, and Amanda Golden

1005 S. Rogers
 Clarksville, AR

 Left to Right: Vicki Lyons, Caitlin Kenner,
 Jennifer Breedlove, Karlee Castleman, Dustin
 Scott, Tiffany Owen, Suzanne Seely, Daniel
 Meador,Stacy Nowonty, Katie Morgan,
 Meghan McKenzie, Susan Miller

                                                     County Chamber of

                                             MEMBER 2 MEMBER
                                            DISCOUNT PROGRAM
                                           ARE YOU TAKING ADVANTAGE?
The following businesses are offering discounts and benefits to Chamber of Commerce Members and
                      their employees. Call us with your discount to be added.
 A to Z Plumbing                                                    Holiday Inn Express
 10% Off                                                            10% Off
 Expires 1-1-10                                                     Expires 3-2010
                                                                    Knight Insurance & Investment Services
 Apex Communications—A T & T                                        Waive inspection fees or agency fees on certain policies
 10% Off Accessories                                                Waive all new business fees
 479-705-1065/479-705-8255                                          Call for Details
 Archway Chiropractic Clinic
                                                                    Murders Service Center
 40% off all X-ray and exam fees
                                                                    15% off Labor
 $30 per office visit (adjustments)
                                                                    Expires 12-1-09
 Must pay in full at time of visit
                                                                    Master Printing of Clarksville, Inc.
 Arkansas Cycle Works Inc.
                                                                    Waive Set-Up Fee for new customer
 10% Discount on Parts or Service
                                                                    10% (Up to max of $50) to existing customers
 Expires 12-31-09
                                                                    My Favorite Past Times
 Clarksville Realty, Matt Hurst & Associates
                                                                    10% off $1-$25 purchase
 Free CMA (Consumer Market Analysis)
                                                                    15% off $25—$75 purchase
 $50 Value
                                                                    20% off $75 & up
 Country Heritage Music
                                                                    Spadra Waterfront Marina
 10% Discount
                                                                    10% off Bait & Tackle purchases
                                                                    (cannot be combined with any other offer)
 Days Inn—Clarksville                                               Expires 12-31-09
 10% Discount on Regular Rate                                       479-754-5031
 Expires 12-31-09
 479-754-8555                                                       Whitson-Morgan
                                                                    5% Discount on Service
 Grissom Hardware & Supply, Inc.                                    10% Discount on Parts
 10% on Merchandise (except price sensitive items)                  Expires 12-31-09
 479-754-3190                                                       479-754-3020

  Please present your membership card to the participating businesses prior to sale in order to qualify for the discounts listed.
                                                   Updated April 1, 2009

                                          Community News
                                            July 2009

                                                       2009 JOHNSON COUNTY
                                                               August 25, 2009
                                                       *Pageant forms available at
       August 4, 2008                                        the Chamber*
      6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
     Marvin Vinson Center                                   Deadline for Entries:
Come out and see what our community has to offer              August 7, 2009
              you and your family.

 “This is a night for America to stand together
                                                              Photogenic Entries:
to promote awareness, safety and neighborhood                  August 21, 2009

      4-H Chicken BBQ Dinner
                                                                          CHA MBER MEMBERSHIP
              Tuesday, August 4, 2009                                          LUNCHEON
                 11:00 am – 1:00 pm                                               August 19, 2009
          First United Methodist Church                                              12:00 pm
                Family Life Building                                         U of O Seay Student Center

     Contact 754-2240 for more information
                                                                        Speaker: Denise Hanna
                                                                 Market & Research Manager w/AEDC

      Johnson County Idol
                                                                       AUGUST QUOTE
              Saturday, August 22, 2009
              On Your Toes Dance Studio                 “The whole object of travel is not to set foot on for-
                                                        eign land, it is at last to set foot on one’s own coun-
                       $10 fee
                                                        try as a foreign land.”
  Registration Forms available at the Chamber
                                                        ~ Gilbert Chesterton ,British journalist, novelist and poet

                                                                 For more u of O news go to

 "Great Colleges to Work For"                                        "Top Tier" for 10th year
University of the Ozarks has been                 For the 10th consecutive year, University of the Ozarks has
named one of the top universities in the          been ranked as a "top tier" university in the U.S. News & World
country to work for by The Chronicle              Report’s annual late summer publication that analyzes institu-
of Higher Education.                              tions of higher education.
In the Chronicle’s 2009 “Great Col-               In the 2009 edition of “America’s Best Colleges,” released on
leges to Work For” survey, released on            Aug. 21, Ozarks was ranked third in the category of “Great
Monday, July 6, University of the                 Schools, Great Prices” among 95 universities in the 12-state
Ozarks was one of 39 colleges across              South Region that are considered Baccalaureate Colleges. It is
the country that were named to the                the ninth time in the last 10 years that Ozarks has been ranked
Honor Roll. U of O was the only four-             in the top five of the best value category. The value rankings
year college in Arkansas to make the              evaluate the cost of attending a college or university relative to
survey’s Honor Roll.                              the quality of the institution, according to the magazine’s rank-
“These results are reflective of the qual-        ing system.
ity, collaboration and effectiveness of           In the overall rankings of the universities, Ozarks was ranked
our entire campus community,” said U              tied for seventh among 95 universities that fall in the Baccalau-
of O Executive Vice                               reate Colleges category in the South Region. The seventh-place
President Steve Ed-                               ranking is the highest ever for U of O, which was ranked No. 8
misten. “It is a special                          in the South in 2008 and 2006. The overall rankings examine
tribute to all of our                             such criteria as academic reputation, graduation and retention
faculty and staff.”                               rates, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources
                                                  and alumni giving.

                                         Record Enrollment for Summer Terms at Ozark
                                                  Arkansas Tech University
                                      Ozark Campus announces record enrollment for the Summer II semester. The
                                    official numbers for Summer II 2009 indicate 244 students enrolled. That is a 61%
                                    increase over this time last year with 148 students. Student financing, staff assis-
                                     tance, and addressing the needs of the community were factors in the increased

                                                Arkansas Tech University - Ozark               Arkansas Tech University –
    Stephanie Ellis is named the new            Campus announces the promotion
                                                                                             Ozark Campus is proud to an-
    Curriculum Coordinator for Career               of Brittany Brunson as the
                                                 school's Coordinator of Student            nounce the promotion of Kenneth
    Pathways at Arkansas Tech Uni-
                                                            Recruitment.                     Warden III, Chief Business and
         versity- Ozark Campus.
                                                                                              Community Outreach Officer.

  Johnson County                                               Our Mission Statement
    Chamber of
                                          Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in
       101 N. Johnson
                                          our community through Service, Leadership
    Clarksville, AR 72830                        and Economic Development.
      Tel: 479-754-2340
      Fax: 479-754-4923

   87 Years of Progress.
                                                                   August 19, 2009

      Chamber Staff
                                     2009 Chamber Board of directors
         Vicki Lyons
      Executive Director
                                  Chris Allen – Industrial Chair             Susan Miller – Simmons First Bank
       Wynette Holland
                                  Edward Anderson - JRMC                     Bill King—Alltime Family Fitness
                                  Denton Tumbleson - Retail Chair            Karl Mace—Wal-Mart DC
          Sue Williams
           Secretary              Len Bradley - Attorney                     David Hanshaw—First United Methodist
                                  Herman Houston - OK Harvest Foods
                                                                             Jaime Cortes—El Parian
2009 Executive Committee          Jeff Scaccia – U of O
                                                                             Julie Dickerson—Whitson-Morgan
                                  Mayor Billy Helms – City of Clarksville
       Edward Anderson                                                       Steven Sosebee—Arvest Bank
           President              Judge Mike Jacobs – Johnson County
                                                                             Pat Curran—Curran’s Abstract
                                  Mayor Ronnie Garner – Coal Hill
        Shonda Walters                                                       Cole Martin—First Security Bank
       1st Vice President         Rick Niece – U of O
                                                                             Kevin Newman—Wal-Mart Supercenter
                                  Stacy Klingaman - Scenic Landscaping
         Jeff Scaccia                                                        Max Slaughter—Johnson Chevrolet
      2nd Vice President          Mike Baker – Bright Harvest Sweet Potato
                                                                             Cathy Stalcup—Hanesbrands, Inc.
                                  Shonda Walters – First Security Bank
       Herman Houston                                                        Joe Don Paris—Clarksville School District
     Secretary/Treasurer          Matt Hurst – Clarksville Realty
                                                                             Steve Reynolds—Baldor
                                  Margaret Woodard – Woodard’s Carpet
        Darrell Williams                                                     Darrell Williams—Past President
         Past President           Regina Olson – Spadra Marina


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