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Volume 14 Numéro 1 Decembre 2010

Installation of 2010 Board of Directors With Celebration of the Epiphany January 16th at 6:30 PM University Presbyterian Church (244 Resler).
Call Maud 585-1789 for reservation no later than January 14

Cost: Members $17, Guests $22, Children $6

Alliance Française d’El Paso
PMB 213 500 W. University Ave. El Paso, TX 79968 johnmaud@sbcglobal.net www.afofelpaso.comm


January luncheon
There is no luncheon scheduled during the month of January

January birthdays
03 Miriam Ramírez, 07 Jim Connor, 30 Evan Bouilly

Epiphany in France
In France, on Epiphany people eat the gâteau des Rois in Provence or the galette des Rois in the northern half of France and Belgium. This is a kind of king cake, with a trinket (usually a porcelain figurine of a king) or a bean hidden inside. The person who gets the piece of cake with the trinket becomes "king/queen for a day.

Comité de Direction (2009-2010)
Maud Snell, Présidente, (585-1789) Vice President, Irmgard Forman (757-1732) Josette Shaughnessy , Trésorière (598-2640) Christiane Gomez, Co-Trésorière Jane Evans, Secrétaire, (581-0160) Jacques Barriac, PF Éditeur, (845-6535) François Avenas, Directeur de l’Ecole, (875-1696) Françoise Turner, Consultante d’Éducation John Turner, Responsable de la Banque des Données Julieta Paez Bibliothécaire, (549-0549)
The opinions and ideas expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Alliance Française d’El Paso, nor of Le Petit Francophone. Notify us of any address changes so that you may continue to receive your newsletter without interruption Your membership includes the monthly newsletter. Any ideas, questions, comments, Suggestions or written contributions are welcome.

The deadline to submit items for publication is the 10th of each month


Le mot de la Présidente
Dear members, Hope you had a wonderful time at the Christmas party!!! The exhibit at City Hall was a great success, if you missed the reception, you still can see the beautiful photos by Felix Domecq and Françoise Chadaillac two famous french photographers, at City Hall until December 30th. I want to thank François for his help in bringing this exhibit to El Paso. I am very excited to begin a new year!!!!! We need everyone's help to continue with our different activities, like films, dinners, conversation groups etc...and not to forget l’École

Also it is time to start renewing your membership!!!!
Have a wonderful New Year!!!

"Bonne et Heureuse Année à tous!!!merci et à bientôt. Maud

Conversation et film en Français

This event is scheduled for Friday January 29th at Julieta’s home (609 Firedale Ln.) at 6:00 pm. Please confirm your attendance by calling Julieta (549-0549) before January 27.

L’ École
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010.
The Alliance Française finished the year 2009 with an exciting exhibition at City Hall. El Paso and the entire border community can enjoy, until the end of December, two French artists, Mr. Félix Domecq and Ms. Françoise Chadaillac. Their works are featured in the “People’s Gallery”, first floor. I encourage those who did not have the chance to share our excitement on 9 December to have a look. The opening reception was a great success and lovely, over 100 peoples attended; among us we were honored by the presence of the Consul general of Mexico Mr. Rodriguez Hernandez, the Consul general of France Mr. Grandjouan, the Consul of Mexico Mr. Sanchez-Mendez, the Director of the Museum of Art Mr. Michael Tomor, and the Director of the El Paso Opera, Mr. David Grabarkewitz. The evening was also a success because of your support of the Alliance Française and by your attendance at the reception. El Paso Magazine covered the event and has a number of pictures on its site. I am very grateful to the City of El Paso Management Office and the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department. I thank, in

particular, Ms. Joyce Wilson, Mr. Sean McGlynn, Ms. Socorro Diamondstein, Ms. Maria Aragon, and Mr. Victor Guerrero for helping us all the way through the process. Thank you also to Rulis and Italian imports for providing us with food and wine. However, I have a particular merci to Socorro Diamondstein. Without her suggestions and motivations the project could not have been completed and to Jose Vasquez who translated both bio into Spanish. Last September, I was hoping to increase the number of Students, today, it is done. The fall brought us 30 students. 2010 is just at the corner and it is time again to announce our calendar of French classes starting on January 18th. Let the number go up again! Please tell all about our classes for adults and children. On our website, www.afofelpaso.com, you can find both registration and membership forms. The cost for a 12-week French class is $150 for members, $165 for student non-members, and $180 for nonmembers. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me 8751696. François Avenas

Mr. Grandjouan, Mme. Snell, Mr. Rodríguez et Mr. Avenas


The exhibit
Félix Domecq Françoise Chadaillac
Exhibit at City Hall 7th to 30th December
“Unveiled Paris – Institute of France” “Urban Color – 18th District” “Daily life”

As mentioned earlier the exhibit is a success with a well attended opening ceremony. We owe Francois Avenas a big round of applause for spearheading, single handily, this major undertaking. Thank you François for a job well done. For those of you who were unable to attend the opening ceremony or have not yet visited the exhibit the following are pictures of the opening ceremony followed by a short biography of each artist along with a few photos of their work. The editor


Françoise Chadaillac
Françoise Chadaillac was born in 1949 in Kunming, China. She now lives in Paris, France. She started her career in photography in Berkeley, California, at the I'ASUC Art Studio. Her first work “Portraits of Street,” featuring black and white photographs of Seattle, appeared in 1972. In 1981, she was awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Quebec to realize a complete photographic work on “Fried Potato Stands” (Les stands à patates frites). Her photographs of French landscapes entitled “Driving is Beautiful” (La Route est belle) is a work in progress. She began working in black and white in the 1980’s. After a long interruption, she resumed traveling at the end of the 1990’s, photographing every corner of France. She works now with a strong sense of urgency as France is changing rapidly. Françoise Chadaillac’s depictions of the rural countryside are not typical landscape photographs. They do not represent the quintessential elements of an archetypal pastoral scene, nor do they evoke the placid tone of a classic, bucolic landscape. Rather, the remarkable beauty, alluring strength, and character of Chadaillac’s photographs arise from her surprising portrayal of places, landscapes, inhabited or deserted spaces, and the people who make these places alive by giving feeling and color to the mundane aspects of rural settings. She is most intrigued by what is called, sometimes with some contempt, “The Back of Beyond” (La France profonde). The lens of the photographer reveals only partial glimpses of these small towns - houses or shops – landscapes, and gestures, France, the silent genius. A France, ordinary for some, but a France that knew its anchor in history and a certain aesthetic expressing the spirit of a certain goût de vivre. Her subjects often exude a dignified yet eerie dramatic quality, creating an important part in the mood of the photograph. Ms. Chadaillac chooses to focus on these everyday elements of La France profonde and to celebrate and embrace their extraordinary and often overlooked charm.

Her work in progress, “La Route est belle,” is her first work presented in color. These photographs represent only one small portion of the work.

La route est belle

Bazar parisien


Propriétaire dans son domaine



Author Artist Photographer Felix Domecq was born in Paris, France, in 1947. Today, he lives and works in Paris. Since taking his first photographs in 1959, at the age of 12, he has portrayed people in their daily routine and neighborhood. His current show, in El Paso’s City Hall, offers recent photographs of Paris: the Institute of France, the 18th District, and the Centre Georges Pompidou. This show is the second time that Mr. Domecq has exhibited in the United States. His first American show, "Photographic Poems," featuring black and white photographs, was at the Gallery Levalier in New York City in January 2005. Mr. Domecq has received numerous awards for his work in France. He has been a permanent member of the Salon of French Artists since 1995. The Salon has selected his work for exhibition annually since 2000, awarding him the Bronze Medal in 2000, Silver in 2003, Gold in 2004, and Honors in 2007. The 2004 Gold medal was for the photographs of the Institute of France shown here in El Paso’s City Hall. Felix Domecq’s work has appeared in many exhibitions and galleries in France and elsewhere. Since 1991, he has exhibited annually at the Fall Salon in Paris of which he has been a member since 1993. Some of his photographs are now owned by several private and public national institutions as well as individuals in the United States, France, and England. Mr. Domecq has contributed numerous articles to professional magazines and art catalogs. His book of photographs, Rien à voir, appeared with text by Claude Pierre Boutet. His photographs in the El Paso show use three different techniques: black and white, color with pigmentation, and VanDicke brown printing.


Pont d’Austerlitz


Palais de l’Institut


Bibliothèque Mazarine

Canal de l’Ourc

Le Sacré Coeur


Quartier des Abbesses


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