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Does anyone in this world don’t know about the facebook ? as we know in all around the world facebook become a popular social media , a lot of people love spend their time for playing facebook. First of all, we will be taking advantage of Facebook. There are several reasons for this. 1. Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with over 175 million active users. 2. Facebook has more viral channels than any other social network/similar website. 3. Facebook allows regular users to access it's API with applications for further integration with the platform. 4. Facebook is a billion-dollar industry that you want to be a part of. We've put together a system that teaches you step-by-step, the techniques needed to go from absolute zero in earnings, to several thousand dollars PER MONTH in pure net profit!. Our goal is to present a real, honest, and 100% legit business. We know that most of you aren't looking for a “quick fix”, you're looking for a long term sustainable, and profitable business. Keep reading to find out how it all works! To your success, Raditya Facebook-Gold.Com FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009




There is a lot of thousand web site in the internet over to making money online , at the first time my experience i walk around and test one by one from that over , after several testing and research I found the greatest system that will give a lot of money and they really pay for our work. Let focus to what I have been done because this really make money online , I chose CPA for making money online

What Are CPA Offers?
CPA stands for “cost-per-action” offers where a user fills out a form or downloads software from an advertiser. These forms can range from a single email submit (free laptop offer) to a much longer form with multiple fields (life insurance offer). Downloadable software could be for items such as toolbars, screensavers or emoticons. CPA Advertisers generally payout anywhere from $0.25-$3.50 for a single email submit, to as high as $140 for a longer form. The following is an example of an EHarmony dating CPA offer that pays out as high as $4.75 for a single lead.


What makes promoting CPA offers so attractive is that the user generally does not have to buy anything and is just required to enter their personal information. Once they complete the lead, you earn a lead commission.

What Are CPA Networks?
CPA networks are companies that work as middlemen between advertisers and publishers. They host CPA offers from their advertisers and then have their publishers (affiliates) push the traffic to these CPA offers and take a percentage of the lead value. For example, an advertiser may pay the CPA network $5.00 for every lead generated on the network and the CPA network may pay a publisher only $4.00 for every lead generated taking a $1.00 commission cut. This is how the CPA networks make money. Once you login to a CPA network, you have the ability to browse through these CPA offers and decide FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

which one that you would like to promote. For each individual offer, you will be provided with a unique affiliate ID to promote that offer. The CPA network controls all the tracking of leads and commissions on your behalf. The nice thing about working with a CPA network is that you receive one check from the CPA network for all the commissions that you have generated rather than multiple checks from multiple advertisers. The number of offers that a CPA network has to offer varies from network to network with some CPA networks having over 1,000 different offers to choose from in various markets (verticals). CPA networks generally have text, email and banner ads that are already created and ready for you to use. In my experience, using the banner creatives from a CPA network does not perform as well as using your own banners because they are poorly designed and get a low click-thru rate. A good banner is one that does not look like an advertising banner. That is why text banners generally have a better click-thru rate. The CPA network tracks all your affiliate data (impressions, clicks, leads, commissions, etc.) and then sends you a check at the end of the month for the commissions generated.

Here’ the list of CPA NETWORK
ABC Leads http://www.abcleads.com Ad Valient http://www.advalient.com Adreporting.com http://www.adreporting.com Ads4Dough http://www.ads4dough.com AdsMarket http://www.adsmarket.com Affiliate Cop http://www.affiliatecop.com

AdFish http://www.adfish.com AdsDistributor http://www.adsdistributor.com ClickExchange.com http://www.clickexchange.com ClickBooth http://www.clickbooth.com Commission Junction http://www.cj.com Commission Soup http://www.commissionsoup.com


Affiliate Future http://www.affiliatefuture.co.uk Affiliate Network http://www.affiliatenetwork.com Affiliate Window http://www.affiliatewindow.com Affiliateer http://www.affiliateer.com Amped Media http://www.ampedmedia.com Aquasis Media http://www.aquasismedia.com AzoogleAds http://www.azoogle.com Blue Lithium http://www.bluelithium.com Bullet Ads http://www.bulletads.com CanadianSponsors.com http://www.canadiansponsors.com CheckMyStats http://www.checkmystats.com.au Fineclicks http://www.fineclicks.com Firelead.com http://www.firelead.com FlexOffers http://www.flexoffers.com FYC Direct http://www.fycdirect.com Float Interactive http://www.floatinteractive.com Floppy Bank http://www.floppybank.com FusionWhiz.com http://www.fusionwhiz.com GetAds.com http://www.getads.com Global Direct Media http://www.globaldirectmedia.com

Convert2Media http://www.convert2media.com Copeac http://www.copeac.com CoProsper Network http://www.coprosper.com CPA Junction http://www.cpajunction.com CPA Thunder http://www.cpathunder.com CPA Universe http://www.cpauniverse.com Cyber Bounty http://www.cyberbounty.com Dark Blue http://www.darkblue.com Direct Leads http://www.directleads.com Envision Ads http://go.envisionads.com ExpressRevenue.com https://expressrevenue.com Link Connector http://www.linkconnector.com LinkShare http://www.linkshare.com MaxBounty http://www.maxbounty.com Market Leverage http://www.marketleverage.com Modern Click http://www.modernclick.com Motive Interactive http://www.motiveinteractive.com Net Margin http://www.netmargin.com Offers Quest http://www.offersquest.com Offerweb.com http://login.offerweb.com


JarMedia http://www.jarmedia.com Lead Click http://www.leadclick.com Lead Creations http://www.leadcreations.com LeadExpose.com http://floatinteractive.com Leadhound http://www.leadhound.com Leader Markets http://www.leadermarkets.com PrimaryAds http://www.primaryads.com Think Action http://www.thinkaction.com Rextopia.com http://www.rextopia.com Revenue Gateway http://www.revenuegateway.com Rocket Profit http://www.rocketprofit.com ROI Rocket http://www.roirocket.com Share Results http://www.shareresults.com ShareASale http://www.shareasale.com Shark Ad Network http://www.sharkadnetwork.com

OurFreeStuff http://www.ourfreestuff.com Paid On Results http://www.paidonresults.com Partners Edge http://www.partnersedge.com Peerfly.com http://www.peerfly.com PerfectPayCheck http://www.perfectpaycheck.com Performics http://www.performics.com Think Action http://www.thinkaction.com Traffic Needs http://www.trafficneeds.com Traffic Synergy http://www.trafficsynergy.com Turn2Offers http://www.turn2offers.com ValueClick http://www.valueclick.com Vintacore http://www.vintacore.com Web Jam Ads http://www.webjamads.com XYZ.com http://www.xyz.com


This section is really the key to winning in the CPA marketing game. Keywords are the foundation to the Internet. Behind every search is a person looking for something in particular. Almost every action on the Internet begins with someone typing a keyword or key phrase into a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Practically every web page that is indexed by the major search engines is ranked based on their keyword density within the content of the web page and the keywords used to link (anchor text) to the web pages by other web sites. If you want to succeed in CPA marketing, you need to develop really good keyword research skills and keyword building strategies. I will share with you the tips and tricks that I have learned over the last few years that have helped me maximize the exposure of my offers using natural search traffic, videos, social media, pay per click search engines, banner ads, etc. and bring as much qualified traffic as possible to the CPA offers I promote. Before I get into a few keyword strategies, I will briefly cover some of the most popular keyword research tools.


Google Keyword Tool (Free)

http://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal This is the best FREE keyword research tool on the Internet. What better place to go for keyword data than the most searched upon search engine on the Internet. A few months back, Google also started to include search volumes for their keyword research tool. This is my number one keyword research tool because it is fast and Google provides you with a wealth of keyword information. Wordtracker.com (Free and Version) http://www.wordtracker.com Paid Wordtracker is probably one of the oldest keyword research tools around. I think it is fairly decent for keyword research, but I find that some of the keywords generated are not very relevant to the search term as the list grows larger. KWBrowse.com (Free) http://www.kwbrowse.com I love this free keyword research tool because it actually supplies you with keywords from *lateral* markets that may be related to what you are promoting. This is important FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009 because people in


markets in

may what

also you

be are


promoting or selling.

Quintura.com (Free) http://www.quintura.com

Quintura is a visual search engine that is similar to KWBrowse.com. What makes Quintura different than other search engines is that it builds a cloud of similar keywords and keyword phrases in lateral markets.

SpyFu.com (Free and Paid version) http://www.spyfu.com

SpyFu is another one of those “steal your competitor’s” keyword tools. With a wealth of information on millions of keywords, you can easily find the keywords from your organic and paid competitors and start adding them to your arsenal of traffic generating .


Google Insights (Free) An amazing tool provided by http://www.google.com/insights/search/ Google that allows you to compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, and time frames. KeywordExtend.com (Free) http://www.keywordextend.com Keyword Extend is not a keyword research tool, but rather a tool that can help you quickly generate the different Adwords variations such as broad, phrases and exact match. Additional features include reversing words, creating keyword lists with others GoRank (Free) http://www.gorank.com/analyze.php GoRank is a really good SEO tool that web helps pages you determine on the relevancy of your based certain keywords. If you really want to drive a lot of natural SEO traffic to your web sites promoting CPA offers, you must add this tool to FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009 permutations, keywords removing and many duplicate

your arsenal. Spacky.com (Free) http://www.spacky.com Another research great tool free that keyword searches

Google, Yahoo and MSN for the keyword results. Spacky even allows you to download the keywords into a text file for easy copying and pasting.

We cannot say that one type of site is better than the other. What niche you decide to focus on will be what you feel most comfortable with. Is your city large enough (1+million population) for a coupon site dedicated to it? Are you interested in electronics, or would you be more interested in something else such as video games, books, movies, sports & fitness, etc....? Use the keyword tool for research your keyword and domain name because this web site will be your working place for making money online .

1. Domain Name

Now that you have your niche selected, we need to come up with a domain name that fits. You can just start writing whatever comes to mind on a piece of paper, various keywords, etc... A good place to brainstorm is


thesaurus.com. Type in one of your keywords, and you'll get a list of similar words you could use in place of your original keyword. It's extremely important to try and keep your domain name as short and catchy as possible. We want it to be easily remembered.

Once you've got several possible domain names written down, head over to Namecheap.com Enter your domain name under step one, select a “.com” extension under step two (you always want a .com extension, nothing else), and click search. Once you've found a domain that suits your site well you can register it for just $9.69 per year.

2. Hosting

After you've got your domain name, it's time for hosting. We recommend http://www.hostgator.com/


For what we will be doing, the $7.95/month package (baby) should be fine. There's no need to spend more than that right now. In the future, as the business grows, and we need to upgrade the hosting, we can do so at that time. Once you've signed up, HostGator will send you an email with all your account information, login details, etc... so make sure to save that email.

3. Build a web site
The first thing you want to do is find a template that you can use as the basis for your site. You can then open this template up in an html editor, make changes to it, and call it your own. In this packet we provide you Photoshop files if you able to redesign and knowing about using HTML code and Photoshop I have give the PSD template for 1. Photoshop for edit the graphic 2. HTML editor (N VU – Pronounced “n-view”, this complete web authoring FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009 your web work place , what you need is

system is absolutely free.) 3. FTP program for uploading the file to server And also there is ready wordpress templates for your affiliate web , please read the instruction how to use the wordpress templates and other wordpress plugins . Or if you just want direct to Affiliate web site with your affiliate link ,this script will be covered that way. In order to create an iframe, you have to know a little about HTML coding. The following is a sample HTML code to create an iframe on your web site: <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>Your Page Title</title> <style type="text/css"> body { background-color: #13367c; margin:0; height:100%; } html, body, #container, iframe { margin:0; padding:0; height:100%; } iframe { display:block; width:100%; border:none; overflow:auto; margin-top:50px; } </style> </head> <body> FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

<div id="container"> <iframe src="http://www.affiliatelink.com" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" height="100%" width="100%"></iframe> </div> </body> </html>

where “www.affiliatelink.com” is your affiliate URL to the CPA offer supplied to you by the CPA network. The height, scroll, frame border and border can be values set by you depending on your preferences.

4. Join to CPA Affiliate
After your site is up and running, you can apply to various affiliate networks. You'll want to apply as a “publisher”. Below is a list of networks you can apply to. You want to apply to as many networks as possible, so that you have the widest range of coupons/deals to offer your visitors. For example you join to CPA Junction http://www.cpajunction.com or any CPA affiliate you like

5. Landing Page
When selecting a CPA offer, I always look at the landing page that I will be directing visitors to. I try to look for the landing pages that are easy to fill out for the prospect. Naturally, the fewer the fields there are to be filled, the better chance you have of converting the prospect into a lead. An example of easy converting CPA offers is email and zip offers. I am sure you have come across a ton of free iPod or free laptop type offers. Some affiliate networks pay up to $1.50 just for a user submitting their zip code.


Yes, just their five digit zip code! No email address or other fields to fill. The landing page is pretty much straightforward and there is only one box the user fills with their zip code that may look like the following These

These offers are incredibly easy to convert. Just imagine being able to get 1,000 people a day to fill in their zip code and making upwards of up to $1,500 a day. Some CPA networks will even allow you to append your affiliate URL with a code provided by the CPA network that automatically pre-populates the form with the visitor’s zip code by analyzing their IP address. That means that the only thing that the visitor has to do is click the submit button. Do you see why CPA marketing is so lucrative? Email leads are CPA offers where the advertiser is only looking for the user to submit their email address (no double opt-in is required for you to get the lead commission) and they will pay you up to $2.00 per submission.

Some campaigns even allow you to pre-populate the email field with the email address of the prospect. This is powerful for email marketers who simply append their affiliate URL with the subscriber’s email address and all the subscriber has to do when they hit the landing page is click the submit button. When promoting CPA lead offers that pay higher commissions than zip or email offers (i.e. $3.00+), it is crucial that you study the landing page that you will be sending the traffic to. I know of some CPA offers that will pay you close to $5.00 just for the information below. FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

The advertiser’s landing page should be easy to read and instruct the prospect on exactly what to do. I generally like to select lead offers that only require 4-5 maximum fields to be filled in for high conversion rates. One thing you need to understand about the CPA industry is that various offers come and go. The CPA networks usually send out an email a few days before a certain lead offer is set to end. This can be discouraging for traffic brokers, especially if you have a highly successful running CPA campaign. But since you still have control over the traffic that you were sending to that particular offer, you can still monetize that traffic. When I am notified that a CPA offer is set to end on a particular CPA network, I quickly start searching the other CPA networks that I am part of for the same offer or a similar CPA offer and simply redirect the traffic to the new CPA network. You may have to take a slightly lower payout, but at least you are still monetizing the traffic that you control. I have had affiliate managers call and tell me to stop sending traffic to a certain offer because the leads are not converting on the advertiser’s back-end (advertisers have their own back-end numbers that they calculate). If you are sending poor quality traffic (for the advertiser), but converts well for you, they can ask you to stop sending traffic. I usually find that the advertiser’s landing page is the root of the problem because it does not FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

properly qualify the prospect before the prospect fills the form fields and clicks submit.

Landing Page Secret
The following are criteria that I follow when looking at a CPA offer to promote. I will look at the advertiser’s landing page and see how they rank against the criteria below. _ Headline _ Clarity _ Relevance _ Scarcity _ Social Proof _ Call To Action Also keep in mind that if you are creating your own landing page, the same criteria above should be followed.

Marketing statistics indicate that the headline is responsible for 80% of the ad copy. This means that you literally have only a few seconds to grab the attention of the prospect. Make sure that the CPA offer that you are promoting has a clear headline that captures the prospect’s attention. Use a headline that taps into the prospect’s emotions because people generally make decisions based on their emotions rather than logic. Open the Best Headline Words & Phrases.pdf for more detail


The landing page should be clear and concise. If you choose to promote a CPA offer that has a landing page that is confusing, you will lose the prospect. You want to make sure that the landing page has a clean design and is easy to read. Relevance You need to connect the dots between what your advertisement reads whether it is a banner, PPC ad, text link, etc. to the landing page. Basically the prospect should know what to expect when they click on your link. If you are not relevant to what you promised the prospect in your ad, you will be wasting the click

People generally will respond to an ad where they have something to lose more than an ad that shows them how they will gain. People do not like the fear of loss. That is why scarcity tactics such as a time limit or quantity limit work extremely well on a landing page. For example, if you look at some diet CPA offers, they have landing pages that indicate that there are only 75 free trial offers remaining. A time limit such as “Expires In The Next 10 Minutes” also creates the sense of urgency for the prospect to complete the offer. A great tool to use on your landing pages to increase urgency is IM Triggers. IM Triggers http://www.imtriggers.com

Social Proof
Social proof works well in environments where people do not know what choice they should make. The use of testimonials or endorsements works well on landing pages because they provide that social proof. If you look at dieting offers like the Acai Berry offer on the next page: FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

They use celebrity names like Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray to add social proof and credibility to their landing pages. People are more prone to fill out the offer because it appears as though a credible source such as Dr. OZ or Rachael Ray has endorsed the product.

Call To Action
Try to promote CPA offers that have the “call to action” above the fold. This means that as soon as the person sees the CPA landing page on the screen, the form which they need to fill in is right there. The call to action should clearly indicate to the prospect what the next course of action should be.


This part is the most important section generating free traffic and make a lot of money from facebook. As we know a lot of function on facebook and did you know most of the facebook lovers not realize there’s hidden money inside facebook a lot of gold in facebook, and this tutorial will be open your ayes how to make money online with facebook. What this method basically entails is creating provocative Facebook Groups that will grow quickly, remain active, and either drive extremely large volumes of traffic or lots of earnings. Facebook Pages can also be used, although they are typically not as effective as Groups. For this reason, this guide will focus solely on using Groups. You can certainly take what you learn here and easily apply it to Pages if you'd like. There is one noteworthy difference between Groups and Pages, aside from the purposes they serve: With a Facebook Group, you can email the members of the Group directly via Facebook's servers. The messages show up in users Facebook inboxes, so it's a great way to promote things within Facebook, as users are obviously already logged in if they are checking their mail. You can only send email updates until you have 5000 members though, after this point you can no longer send email updates. With Pages, the Page Admin can send email updates to Fans at any point, regardless of how many Fans there are. You do need to be careful with this though. Facebook is much stricter with Pages than they are with Groups. If you are constantly spamming users Facebook inboxes, someone will report it and your Page will get deleted at the very least. FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

Building up many decent sized Pages to draw from and using


and staggered mailings will work wonders. So now, lets talk more about the Groups. As I mentioned above, there are a variety of different ways to employ this method. As we go over the different types of groups you can utilize, keep in mind two things. First, there is one thing that all of these groups have in common in some form or another, and that is that they all appeal to the users emotions in some way. Secondly, all of these Case Studies are meant only as examples to show you what is possible, don't feel limited in your creativity. Case study Group Case Study #1 – Stop The Use Of Live Dogs As Shark Bait! This group based on an urban legend has a powerful call to action: join to help save dogs from being used as live shark bait! Nobody who sees that title and has some spare time can resist looking to see what exactly it is. This Group is a great example of two different ways you can implement this method. First, lets talk about the actual group pictured in the screenshots above. If you pay attention closely you'll notice that the group directs you to use a simple Facebook Charity app to raise support for 'shark bait dogs'. If you look into things further, you'll find that the application is run by the Administrator of the Group.


So that's how they are making money with this particular group, by driving users to an app they setup from a simple script and generating impressive advertising revenues from the traffic alone. I'm not sure if they are actually donating a percentage of their revenue to animal shelters or keeping it all for themselves, but with over 300,000 members in a fairly active group, FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

they're probably able to drive between 20,000 and 50,000 unique visitors through the group each day. One thing to keep in mind is that the traffic a Group can generate each day is not limited to the number of members in the Group. What I mean is, if a Group has 300,000 people that have joined it, then in reality it's very likely that around 2-3 million people have seen the group and it's contents in total, and only 300,000 of them decided to actually join. This is OK! In fact, this is why Groups are so powerful. You see, whenever a Facebook user takes an action in your group like posting on a discussion board thread, uploading an of their Friends to inform them of what the user has been doing on the site. These 'Feeds' are also direct links to that particular item. This is also what causes the viral effect of Groups. If a user takes one single action in a Group that results in Feeds being sent to all of their Friends, and this results in 20 new people joining the Group, which starts the process over again, the excessively rapid viral growth Facebook is known for can easily be achieved. I'm sure you are at least beginning to understand the process. The second way a group like this can be used is illegitimate, but very effective. As I mentioned above, nobody in their right mind can deny joining a group like 'Stop The Use Of Live Dogs As Shark Bait' if they actually think it's real. They must really hate dogs if they don't. So the point is... is that I'm not sure of the intentions of the Admin of the Group pictured above, but you can certainly use a Group like this yourself, regardless of what you're doing with the traffic it generates. The bottom line is that you don't need to run a 'Dog Charity' application to benefit from running a group like this. Also, you should certainly not feel confined. I'm telling you to use your imagination FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

and creativity here, not to go out and create 10 identical Shark Bait Dogs Groups. If nothing else, change the groups to 'Stop Live Baby Rabbits From Being Shark Bait' or {insert cute animal name here}. That's another good tip, by the way. The more cute and cuddly the subject of the misfortune is, the more people will thoughtlessly throw their support at it. If you are not morally opposed to it, it's quite fun and entertaining to fabricate completely false Groups that have such intensely emotional calls to action that users have no other option but to join. This leads into our next Case Study perfectly.


Case Study #2 – Find Out Who Downloaded Your Profile Pics By Right Clicking

The title was originally 'Find Out Who Downloaded Your Profile Pics By Right Clicking!'. Anyway, apparently Facebook has cracked down on this popular Group topic we originally came up with because all of the large groups with this 'theme' are now deleted. FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

The reason is simple. After other FB marketers saw the success we were having with this Group, they immediately began to rip it off, many copies of the group emerged, and FB eventually realized and shut them all down. The one pictured above is the only one I could locate at the time of writing. It will certainly suffice though, it's the idea I need to get across, not an image of exactly what the Group looked like. So here, the concept is pretty plain to see. The group in the picture makes a claim that if you email them they will respond with a list of who has downloaded your profile pictures. Right.... Anyway, the claim isn't important, it could be anything. The important thing to realize here is that THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO! Quite simply, there is no possible way to find out who has downloaded your profile pictures by right clicking. This should be very freeing to your Group topic brainstorming process. Why? Because it's easy to get people excited about something when you offer them impossible things! Now you might be thinking.. 'do people really fall for this?' Well... yes, they do. Take a look at this group, maybe you remember seeing one like this on Facebook? This group is the same thing in essence, aside from the fact that it isn't trying to scare people into doing something. But it is still impossible. Look closely at the what it says...


This group lays it all out, here's a direct quote: “Full Colour Plan: 1.Join Group 2.Invite Everyone 3.When You Did It, You will see a color module in your profile” So by now you've got to be wondering if Facebook users can really, honestly be this dumb. Well the simple answer is: YES, only most of them. Of course, you can't keep playing the same old game all of the time, you need to change it up now and then. What I mean is if you keep doing the same kind of Groups over and over again, eventually people will catch on and they won't be effective. FB employees will also catch on, and while they may leave your account open after deleting a particular group of yours the first time, the next time they delete the same type of Group from that account the account will probably be gone as well. Fortunately, if you play it cool and let your Groups die down once they start getting found out, you can repeat the same process months later in most cases and people will have forgotten. Or maybe it's because you just reach different people as the userbase is constantly shifting, changing, and rapidly growing. All we know is that it works. The second thing to take note of here, is that once again the topic of this Group (See Who Downloaded Your Profile Pics) is playing off of people's emotions. This time it's fear/insecurity rather than empathy/ sorrow, but the affect is the same: users join the group and follow the instructions, no matter how ridiculous they are. And maybe this can


explain why they are willing to follow such questionable steps so diligently and without question, because they are emotionally attached to getting or finding out whatever is at the end of the steps of the process. Other popular Group topics that would fall into the same category would be like 'See Who
Has Viewed Your Profile', 'Find Out Who Is Stalking You On Facebook', 'Find Out Whole Stole Your Phone Number Through Facebook To Stalk You', etc.. these are all titles of actual Facebook Groups I have used in the

past that have worked fantastically. You can also use the script included in this package to maximize the earnings of Groups like these by adding an extra step to the process with a simple application that will generate advertising revenue for you.


Case Study #3 – Get Your Name In The Guinness Book Of World Records!

The next type of Group we'll be discussing is truly sensationalist. These types of Groups will essentially require you to make a big deal out of nothing in order to make money. As you can see in the Group pictured above, this Group is about a lonely old guy named Charles Johnson who just wants to get his name in the Guinness Book before he dies.


What I want to point out here is that this Group was able to succeed for one primary reason: Charles Johnson stands out in people's minds. Not that the name is particularly unique, but the fact that 'he' is trying to do something extraordinary (well, extraordinary to these people at least) makes him stand out and allowed this group to grow so quickly, even amongst a plethora of competition from general 'Guinness Book' Groups. In fact, if we had used a unique picture instead of one we stole from another Group, we probably would have attracted 3x-4x as many members by now. The numbers don't lie. See how many people are willing help when you set yourself apart from the rest:

About an hours worth or work was spent setting this Group up and so far has resulted in over 5 accounts maxed out with 5000 Friends each which will be used for further marketing, lots of indirect revenue via the application we're promoting in the Group, and a steady and growing place to promote any new Groups, websites, CPA offers, etc. that we need to. The other upside to creating these types of Groups is that they more than likely won't ever get deleted by FB employees. Even Groups like the Charles Johnson one that have had 6 accounts cycled through so far still seem innocent enough to someone casually observing the Group. Obviously no FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

members have realized or reported anything about the Group either, or it may be a different story. Other Groups that would fall into this category as well would be like all the “If 10,000 People Join I Will Do ____something____” kind of groups, or “Let's Get All FB Users In One Group!”, etc. Groups like these that have flamboyant goals or aspirations and really serve no other purpose than to be entertaining compose this category. Truth be told though, any of your Groups can become huge if you know how to promote them. Couple these concepts above with the simple promotion techniques you will learn below, and you can easily create some powerful click-driving groups that will grow themselves for you and continue to provide free clicks for you long after you set them up.

Viral Channels
Before we begin discussing promotional techniques, let's go over some of the basics of how Facebook's viral channels work.

First of all, if you aren't sure what the 'News Feed' is, we need to clear that up. The News Feed consists of a live record of all of the most recent Feeds your Friends have sent out when using Facebook. You can check out the News Feed by going here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php (You must login) Here's an image of what it looks like:


Every time one of your Friends takes an action on the site, it will show up here in the form of a Feed, with a link back to whatever they did. Here's how it will work: Say for example, you join a Group:

After joining the Group, all of a user's Friends will get a Feed about it in at least one of several possible places. The first place a Feed can show up is obviously the main News Feed. Unfortunately, Feeds you send out will not reach it to everyone's News Feed every time you send them, but they will always show up somewhere on the site. FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

If you are testing your Feeds with two accounts and a test Feed doesn't show up on the main News Feed, please check the 'Live Feed' and the Feed will be there. It looks like this:


Feeds will also show up on your profile:

So as you can see, even the simplest action taken on the site will result in hundreds to thousands of links back to that item being created instantly. Now, these links are 'time sensitive' so to speak, as they will get bumped down by new Feeds as time goes on and eventually disappear as they are replaced, but this is both irrelevant due to the sheer volume of notifications


that can be sent to active users instantly, and is also not an issue because you can continue to drive traffic through Feeds consistently just by being active on Facebook yourself (I.E. posting links throughout the day, either manually or by automating the process.) To a degree, Feeds can also perpetuate their own growth and exponential reach via the recent addition of the ability to 'Comment' or 'Like' Feeds that your Friends send out. Word from Facebook is that they'll be adding more emphasis to these features in the future as well, meaning they will have even more weight in the Feeds. If you ever get a chance, be sure to THANK FACEBOOK for the addition of these awesome new features for Internet Marketers to take advantage of. 'Like' and Comments are essentially a second level of viral love, from Facebook to you, and here's how it works: Say for example you post a link to a Youtube video you're trying to promote onto your Facebook profile. This will send out a Feed to all of your 'Friends' instantly. In the past, you'd have to keep posting the same link over and over again to keep sending out the Feed to drive traffic to the video. Well, now users have the ability to both 'Comment' and 'Like' nearly every Feed that gets sent out on Facebook, keeping them alive in the Feeds. First and foremost, Comments play a huge role in determining the weight of a Feed. What I mean here is that when a Feed is sent out and users Comment on it, it's chances of making it to the 'main Feed' increase astronomically! Why? Well it's simple... When users are actively Commenting on a Feed, Facebook considers it to be valuable/entertaining/whatever. The bottom line is that the Feed will show up more due to the increased activity it's receiving compared to other Feeds


that users are ignoring. This makes Facebook think it's 'more valuable'. You can follow the process in the screenshots below: (note: this will require two separate accounts to demonstrate. The two accounts are 'Friends' with each other) Step 1: Either send out a Feed from account A and comment on it from Account B, or vice versa. In the example below we commented on a Youtube video that had been posted on Account A's profile from Account B. It will look something like this:

As you can see below, the action of Commenting on the Feed will create yet another Feed, and send it to Account B's profile, every time. This Feed will also be sent to all of Account B's Friends, but with much less weight than the original Feed. It will be sent as a 'One-Line Story', and without the option to


'Comment' or 'Like' the item. Essentially, Facebook will primarily use these secondary Feeds, I.E. '{User} commented on/Likes {Feed}' when there are a lack of other relevant 'main' Feeds to send out. However, clicking the link of the Feed WILL send the user to the original item that was posted, making these sub-Feeds far from worthless, not matter how seldom they reach your Friend's main News Feed page. Another thing that should be noted is that if these Feeds don't show up on the main News Feed, they can also show up in the 'Live Feed' section of that page, particularly if the Feed being commented or 'Liked' has come from a Facebook component, like Videos, Photos, etc. Here is an example of how they will appear on your Profile:


Here's how they will appear if they reach your Friend's main News Feed:

Remember, if your Feed does not make it to a user's main News Feed, it will ALWAYS show up in the 'Live Feed'. You can view these Feeds by clicking the 'Live Feed' tab from the Facebook home page. In some situations, the Feeds will show up in both locations. This situation is one of them. Here is how the Live Feed looks:

You may be wondering why the same Feed would show up in two locations. As was explained earlier, Facebook attempts to update your Feed as frequently as possible, giving you the most current 'News' about your Friends by doing so. What this means is that if ANY feed comes along at a time when there are no competing Feeds coming through, it will be shown on the main News Feed 100% of the time, as Facebook simply has nothing FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

more relevant to show you at that moment and wants to keep you as 'up to date' as possible on your 'Friends' activities. This Feed will be sent in place of something more 'exciting' that may potentially exist later. By 'exciting', I mean a Feed that has more weight due to Comments, being 'Liked”, or even just the beginning weight of the Feed in general, before it's been 'Liked” or Commented on. Check out these two images below. The screenshots were taken within seconds of each other. You can see how powerful comments can be in these images. You will see in the first image a Feed is highlighted, along with the dates on some of the other Feeds to put the time into perspective. Next, look at the second image at the Feed circled on the main News Feed. You will notice that the underlined Feed, which had JUST happened as the screenshot was taken, is showing up UNDERNEATH a Feed from nearly 12 hours earlier. Why? Well first of all, the first Feed is a Status Update, which automatically gives the Feed higher priority, but aside from this, there are three comments on it. Not even three comments by three people, it's three comments by only two people, and this was enough to keep this Feed alive MUCH longer than other Feeds that were sent out at the same time. As you can see, the Status update was set over 12 hours before the second Feed. Note:
If the user would have changed their status Feed, the comments would disappear and the new Feed would still show at the top of the News Feed page. Without new comments though, there is very little chance the Status Update would still be showing 12 hours later. Take a look:



Now that you understand the significance of Feeds and Commenting/Liking Feeds, I think we can safely move on. You don't have to memorize everything above or anything, as you will definitely be learning and realizing more as you go, but it wouldn't hurt to read the last section twice if it didn't really make sense. Feeds are also the most complex viral channel on Facebook, so the next few sections will be a lot less complicated than the previous one. With that being said, let's move on.


Invitations have been a powerful viral force since the beginning of Facebook. This is how users communicated new content on the site to other users before viral channels like Feeds had been implemented. You can send an Invitation, also known as a 'Request' from many of the Facebook components, like Groups and Events as well as from 3rd party applications. When Facebook first opened up it's API to Developers, this viral channel was used and abused until so many users complained about it that Facebook was forced to implement limitations on how many invitations could be sent by applications per day. Because of this, many people will tell you that today Facebook users simply ignore Invitations or Requests. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Invitations are still a powerful way for Facebook users to share new Groups and other content with their Friends. Here'a bit how they work: To send invitations from a Group, look for this:

The next screen will allow you to select Friends to send Invitations to from the list on the right. It will look like this:


As you can see, you can also attach a personal message here. You can invite as many people as are on your Friends list each day, but you are restricted to sending Invitations in batches of 100 at a time. After you've sent a batch of invitations, you'll see a page like this with the results:


As I mentioned above, despite what others may say, sending Invitations is still an extremely powerful method of getting people's attention on Facebook. Launching and growing a Group to over 5,000 to 10,000 people FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

within 24 hours can easily be accomplished by inviting thousands of Friends across 10 or so accounts maxed out at 5,000 Friends each.

The next viral channel we'll be discussing is Facebook email. When users register at Facebook, they are automatically given an email Inbox where they can receive on-site messages from Friends and other users. As you can probably imagine, it can be a great tool for promotion as well. There are several ways the average user can send email messages to other users. 1) If you have a Group that has less than 5000 members total, as Group Admin you can send an email update to every member of the Group. 2) If you have a Facebook Page you can send an email update to all users. This is much more strictly policed than Group emails. 3) If you run an Application you can get user's permission to send emails to their Facebook Inbox at any time.


Mass emailing other users on Facebook can be a great way to instantly reach an extremely large userbase, but be careful not to overdo it if you want to keep your accounts. Users are quick to report any incidents of spam, and although your accounts won't get banned the first time it happens, unless it's really bad, it can be avoided altogether simply by using moderation and having many accounts to rotate mailings through. Here's what we do: We usually keep around at least 30-40 active Facebook accounts on hand at any given time. On each account, we have built up thousands of Friends using the methods that can be found in the Video lesson included with this guide. We repeat the same simple process once each account has at least 1000 Friends. The process consists of creating and growing several (3-5) Groups to the point where they each have at least a few thousand members, usually a lot more. From this point, we add the accounts and Groups to the mailing rotation. Each day we use 1 account to mass email 5,000-100,000 active Facebook users (depending on the size of the Groups on that account). The next day we move on to the next account, and so on, and so on. This way we minimize the risk of being labeled as spammers from sending mass emails each day, and if an account does get banned you can simply pull it from the rotation. It may not be possible for you to manage 30-40 accounts, but this method can certainly be scaled down to be effective with fewer accounts. As you can imagine, this is great. Each day we get to send on average 25,000 emails directly to users we know are active, and all for FREE through Facebook's servers.


There is even more of a benefit if you're using this method to promote things that are within Facebook, like a Group, Page, or an application. There are several upsides to doing this. First, your emails appear more innocent, and less like spam, as you can likely make it appear as if you're just trying to share something you thought was cool or interesting. Second of all, there aren't many better ways to increase the amount of members of your Groups, Pages, applications, or anything else that exists on Facebook. Think about. In order to access any of the content that was just listed, a user MUST be logged in toFacebook. If you are sending an email to their Facebook account, then they are obviously already logged in and can access this content. As I mentioned, you can certainly use these emails to promote CPA or affiliate offers directly, but we have had much better luck both maintaining our accounts and making money by using the emails primarily to drive users to Groups or other content we have created on Facebook, and then monetizing them. Once again, think about it... If you use the emails to get users to a Group and they join, this will also send out a Feed, which could lead 100 other users to the Group.Like I said, we have found this is the most efficient method. These are the three viral channels that we will be focusing on harnessing. Now that we've covered that,let's get down to the good stuff.

Now that you understand how they viral channels of Facebook work, let's get into how you can use and abuse them for your own profits. Don't stop reading here, this is what you paid for! This section of the guide will show you how you can take your shocking, outrageous, and emotion-stirring FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

Groups, and get people to them! Before we begin, there is one more thing to make clear. You will need at least several Facebook accounts for these methods to be effective; the more, the merrier. If you need more information on creating and using multiple accounts safely, be sure to check the Video lesson included with this guide. Method One: Sharing This method is quite plain and simple. It involves using as many accounts as you can to bombard other user's News Feed page with heavily weighted Feeds. One of the most basic ways to implement this method is with the 'Share' button that exists at the bottom right corner of each Group page on Facebook, as well as many other places on the site. It looks like this:

Using the 'Share' button at the bottom of Groups will generate a beautiful Full Story Feed and send it out to your Friend's News Feeds.


It will also of course post the Feed on your Profile. So, the idea here is simple and can be pretty powerful even with a relatively small number of accounts. You will simply be logging in from each account, going to the Group, taking a few actions, (if things like the Wall or Discussion Board are enabled) and then 'Sharing' the Group with the button. After this, simply log out and back in with the next account and repeat the process. Even doing this from as few as 5 accounts with a few hundred to few thousand Friends each can be very effective. You will want to repeat the entire process several times a day, particularly during peak hours. The process can of course be automated as well, but we will have to cover that in another guide. As I mentioned above, you will find these links all over FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

Facebook, and as with any Feed that is generated, sharing different content items will result in different Feeds. For example, check what happens if you add an image to a Group, and then 'Share' it repeatedly:


As you can see, once again a beautiful, full-color, full-size, Full Story Feed is generated every time you do this, almost as if you had uploaded the image again from the account you Share it from. This can be a powerful way to draw users to Groups, as the Feeds are both visually appealing and take up a lot of space in the Feed. Sharing Videos is another great way to get users to your Groups. It generates the same type of Feed as Sharing an Image and appears to carry the same weight. One downside to sharing videos is that they can be watched from within the Feed, however if you post relevant videos, it can be a great way to draw interested users into the Group before they have even visited it. FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

Status Updates This method is quite simple yet extremely powerful. What you will be doing is repeatedly updating your Profile Status with a link to your Group, from all of your accounts. Updating your Status sends out one of the most heavily weighted Feeds on Facebook. You may even have noticed that the top section of your main News Feed page is reserved strictly for Status Updates! Take a look below:

So what exactly will you be doing? It's simple. Head to the Group you are trying to promote and copy the URL from the address bar. Now go to your FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

Profile or Home page and paste the URL into the Status Update entry box. You can also add a short message if you'd like. The result will be something like this:


It will also show up on EVERY one of your Friend's Feeds, like this:

Once you have mastered these simple steps, it's as easy as logging in from each of your other accounts and repeating the process. The more times you can cycle through each account every day, the better, although don't be unreasonable with it. You will find that this is a very easy way for you to ensure that the link to your Group is ALWAYS appearing on the main News Feed your 'Friends' see when they login, in at least one place. Tagging While this method is no longer as powerful as it once was, 'tagging' other users in Images that have been added to your Group is still a great way to draw people to it. Before, being tagged in a Photo meant that a very powerful, heavily weighted Feed was sent to all of your Friends. Facebook FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

was forced to make some changes due to abuse, and now being tagged will only result in a Feed going to the 'tagged' user's Profile and occasionally being sent to the main News Feed or Live Feed. This is just fine for us though, the goal of this method isn't getting Feeds through to the main News Feed, it's getting them through to the Profile, which this method does every time.


Tagging a user will ALWAYS result in a Feed being sent to their Profile.

So, the idea here is to find other Facebook users that have close to the limit of 5000 Friends. The idea is that you will be 'tagging' popular Facebook members, whose profile pages will get a lot of views each day. While you can certainly 'tag' people you don't really know, (as long as you are 'Friends' FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

with them) you should be careful doing this. The reason is that either the person who's account it is, or their fans, may not like you doing this and may report your account to Facebook if they see it happening This will probably result in a ban. Now don't take that to mean that you can't get away with doing this. You certainly can, in fact you can even use it legitimately, albeit sneakily.Here's an example. Let's say you're making a Group to push a dieting affiliate product, and the Group will be about dieting. One thing you can do is find some figureheads of the industry you are targeting that also have Facebook accounts, and locate and download photos of them from the web. Now, go to your dieting Group and upload these pictures. Assuming you have already added these users as Friends, you can now 'tag' them in the photos you uploaded, and best of all, they are actually in the images! This sends a Feed to their Profile page, where many people who will likely be interested in your Group will see it and click it. This can be a very powerful way to get targeted Facebook traffic without spending money on ads. There are two additional things I'd like to point out here. First, as you have probably seen, 'Celebrity' accounts on Facebook (make sure you find the REAL ones) are extremely popular these days, and most celebrities are more than willing to add you as a 'Friend' without hesitation. Secondly, there is also now a feature on Facebook that allows users to set whether or not they want to allow other people to be able to instantly 'tag' them in images. If they choose to enable this feature, they will receive a 'tag request' that they must approve before the tag will appear. Don't waste your time with accounts like these if you choose to use this method. Simply find popular


Friends who have not turned this functionality on, there are plenty of them out there. The second way to implement this method is to use it on your own accounts after they have been loaded up with 5000 Friends each. You can do this beforehand as well, but with less of an impact of course. What you will do here is to simply repeat the same process listed above, except on your own accounts. There are several benefits to using this method this way, and when we employ this technique ourselves, this is how we do it. First of all, you have VERY little chance of getting banned when you do this with your own accounts. There is nobody on the other end to complain or report you when you 'tag' them in a picture, and I hope you won't be reporting your own accounts. Secondly, when you are using this method on your own accounts, you have complete control over the account that is being tagged, meaning you can also do some work on that end to ensure that a lot of people will visit the Profile that day, giving the 'tag' Feeds maximum exposure. Bonus Tip: Get Noticed There are several things you can do with your profiles to make sure as many of your 'Friends' see a Feed about you as possible. 1) Change your relationship status. This is one of, if not THE most heavily weighted Feed on Facebook. If you change your relationship status, it's very likely that any of your Friends that come online in the next 12-24 hours will see the Feed, possibly even longer. Add a comment with a link to your Group to maximize the benefit, although there will also be a lot more visitors on your Profile that day as well. 2) Change your Birthday, every day. For some reason, Facebook allows you to edit your Birthday. Edit the Birthdays on your accounts each day so you FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

show up on everyone's Home page, in the Birthdays section. 3) Join Events. Event Feeds have a very high weight in the Feeds. Not only does the Feed include a link to the event, but to your profile as well. 4) Poke! Poking is a simple but effective way to get people to check out your Profile.

Advertise with facebook
If you fill those step so complicate choose facebook advertise it will more easy for you campaign your web site money Step 1 - Getting Started Now that you have a few lead campaigns selected it's time to create your ad.

The URL address. As of writing this Facebook does not disapprove direct linking. So you can enter your affiliate link in the address bar. The URL does not appear below an ad when it is shown in the social pages on Facebook so do not worry about having a long ugly URL. You can also use Tinyurl.com to shorten the link and avoid commission theft. Better yet if you have a


website and domain (check the first page of this guide for information on how to get a free domain+hosting) you can use a simple PHP redirect. Open notepad and type in the following <?php header("Location: youraffiliatelink.com/"); ?> Save the file as index.php and upload it to your hosting account. Visitors will automatically be redirected to the merchant's site with your affiliate ID attached. Step 2 - Choose Audience

This is going to be the most important part of your Facebook campaign. Location: Based on the offer that you are promoting select the country accordingly. Be sure to have read the description of the offer, you do not want to waste $20 in UK clicks when the offer is only open to US visitors. If you are promoting a general offer such as Napster's music trial leave the Location to Everywhere. FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

Male/Female: Depending on the offer. Keywords: This is the power of Facebook and why it's a marketer's wet dream. Basically by entering a keyword such as "music" you can target everyone who has "music" listed in their their list of interests. Better yet you can also dig deeper and find people that are interested in a particular artist, say Metallica. The only downside is that Facebook doesn't cross-reference these keywords, instead it shows your ads to anyone who matches one of those keywords. So if you're promoting Napster, and your ad has Green Day in the title do not choose the keywords "music" and "Green Day" just choose "Green Day". Education: This is a fantastic feature and a great way to get clicks. Let me explain by using an example: Say we're promoting a Citibank credit card offer that pays a lead for every new application. A great way to get clicks would be to target to university students who the vast majority are struggling with tuition fees and book fees. Create ads targeted directly at specific schools or universities NYU students credit card offer A special offer for NYU students. Get a zero % interest rate credit card with 2% cash back. Now when our NYU student logs on to her facebook account you can be sure this ad will catch her attention a lot more than a generic "get a 0% interest credit card" type ad. It doesn't matter if the program you are promoting has any offers specifically for that particular school, it's just a way to increase your CTR and your conversion rate. Workplace: Similar to Education you can target specific workplaces (Browse the networks and find the largest workplace networks to advertise to) FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

Relationship status: This is mostly useful if you're going to be promoting affiliate dating leads. Needless to say, choose "singles" to advertise to. Step 3 - Create Ad

If you have any experience with Google Adwords or any other PPC program you will find this very similar. Title can only contain 20 characters and unlike Adwords you can not capitalize the first letter of every word. Your title should be catchy, but do not place too much stress on it as it's your photo that's going to do most of the talking. If you are promoting a free offer be sure to include the word "Free" as the first word of your title. Body again you can only capitalize the first letter of a sentence. Keep it short and only list the benefits. Photo your photo will be resized to 110px x 80px. Depending on your original photo you may want to edit it otherwise it might come out squished if it wasn't in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Your photo is the first thing that a visitor will look at, make sure to use something flashy to attract attention.


Step 4 - Set Budget

Daily Budget: To start set your daily budget to a minimum, along the lines of $10-$20. It'll give you enough wiggle room to see if your offer converts at a profit. If your conversion rate is positive (you are making more than you are spending) consider upping your daily budget and see how well the offer performs. Pay Per Clicks vs. Pay Per Views: ALWAYS set it to PPC. Because of the inordinate amount of traffic on Facebook you'll easily gather up hundreds of thousands of impressions in a very short time but have a CTR of under 1%. Confirm The next step asks you to confirm the details. Make sure that everything is in order because once you submit your ads you can not make any modifications (except for the bid amount).


Tips & Tricks Reducing your CPC I've mentioned several time throughout this guide that the basis for determining your starting CPC is absolutely ridiculous. If I was promoting "shrunken midget heads" I would need to start off my ads at $0.35 the same as I would for "DUI lawyer". Ridiculous no? Well if you try starting it off at $0.05 you just won't get any impressions. So how do you get your CPC to go down? You have to improve your CTR. That's the same basic logic as with any other CPC program. The only problem is that your ad is still being displayed to hundreds of thousands of people who are not actively looking for what you're advertising, they just have it listed as an interest. The key is to target very small niches. I mentioned in the "testing and tracking" section that you should experiment with different demographics to see what brings the best conversion, well let me emphasize the point again because it will also be crucial to improving your CTR and in turn lowering your CPC. In the end it all comes down to testing, whether it's targeting a smaller market or creating a more eye catching graphic. After a few days, you should lower your bid amount by $0.05 and gauge how it affects your impressions. If you see that your impressions drop dramatically then bring them back up $0.01-$0.02. Do this gradually over the next week and within two weeks depending on what niche you're catering to you can easily have your bids as low as $0.05. Getting your ad approved There's a lot of debate regarding whether or not Facebook actually reviews every single ad manually. It's more likely that they have filters in place FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

which makes it much easier to get away with some slight deviation from the guidelines. There is one factor that will trigger a manual review and that's if you're advertising to people under 18. If your ad is borderline do not advertise to people less than 18 years old. This will result in a flag on your account, and if it happens again your account may be suspended. Landing page or direct linking I've played with the two a lot, and from my experience landing pages are not effective with lead campaigns. Your purpose is to get your visitor to enter their personal information to get something free. There's no need to pre-sell them, they clicked on your ad because they want that "free trial" or they're interested in "applying for a credit card". Take advantage of Facebook's loose policy on affiliate links because it may not be long that they're going to enforce it. Type of campaigns While I'm not going to reveal the details of every lead campaign I'm running on Facebook I'll give you an idea of what I found converts extremely well: Contests. It doesn't even matter what the prize is, if you tell people they can enter a contest to win something just by entering their e-mails they won't hesitate for a second. The payouts are generally small, around $1.00$1.50 per lead but if you're getting a 100 leads per day at $0.05/click you're looking at a $95 profit. Free games. You'll see these often especially on Neverblue Ads. They payout can be as much as $2.50 just for the user downloading a game. FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

Columbia House. As of writing this they were no longer associated with any of the affiliate networks, but I'm positive they'll come back soon. Their offer was $25 per subscription. With their new policy that the user only needs to buy 3 dvd within a 2 year period, it was an easy sell.

Study Case My live campaign
By now you must surely have guessed which campaign I'm going to talk about. Yes it's the Napster free trial promotion. To reiterate in case you forgot from the previous sections or you decided to skip directly to this section, Napster is an advertiser with Commission Junction. The offer is a $10 commission for every new user that downloads a 7 day trial of Napster or Napster To Go. Basically during those 7 days the user has access to all of Napster's millions of songs and can cancel at any time during those 7 days. There is one thing that I need to mention about this offer; the user needs to have a credit card or a paypal account. The reason for that is because they are required to create a recurring payment plan which they can cancel before the 7 days is over. As a result you'll need to target users who are 18+. I've been running this campaign for two days now and so far I've made $400 with $75.97 spent on advertising which gives me a profit of $324.03. Not bad for 5 mins work if you ask me. Another note about Napster's affiliate program: I don't know who's in charge of submitting leads received but they can take a really long time to appear in your CJ account. It's kind of a pain because it can make tracking your conversions very difficult. Below is a screenshot of my Facebook advertising account displaying stats for my campaign. FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

And below is a screenshot of my Commission Junction account for those two days running this campaign


Now here's the reason why I'm not too afraid of sharing every detail with you; in addition to targeting a general audience who likes "music", I also target users who are fans of a particular group. For example: Free Metallica Songs Unlimited access to every Metallica songs and thousands of other artists. Download Napster for your free 7 day trial. My target market here is people who's interests include "Metallica". I'm targeting a much smaller market but now my campaign is much more focused and my CTR improves drastically because I'm giving these people what they want. Depending on the artist I choose I also target men or women. For example if I'm promoting Avril Lavigne I'm going to target girls between 18-25 whereas if I'm promoting Iron Maiden would target men in 18-35. I'm sure there's a lot of guy Avril Lavigne fans just as there are plenty of girl Metallica fans but that's the great thing about Facebook it tells you exactly how people you're targeting with "men+metallica" vs. "women+metallica". There are thousands of artists you can promote, so get creative. If you want to know what's hot right now go check out MTV's top charts, or Billboard's top 100 singles chart.


If you fill facebook not good enough send traffic to your web site money as my experience Video traffic is quickly becoming one of the best methods to drive traffic to web sites. Services such as YouTube.com have made it very easy for individuals to upload their videos and share them with their friends and the rest of theYouTube.com community. A few years ago, many CPA affiliates took advantage of major video sites like YouTube.com by uploading videos from a variety of music artists. They were trying to promote ringtone offers within these videos and some actually made a lot of money doing this. At the end of the video, affiliates would put a message like “Get This Ringtone At” and then link to a CPA ringtone offer. The problem with this method is that they are using copyrighted videos to generate traffic to their ringtone offers and eventually YouTube.com catches on and shuts these accounts down. This doesn’t mean that you still can’t use video services to generate traffic to your CPA offers. What I do is first offer quality content in my videos (and this can be something as simple as a PowerPoint presentation) and link back to my money site at the end of the video. Let me give you an example. You could create a PowerPoint presentation on how to get out of debt. You can find the material for your presentation for free on the Internet by simply googling “how to get out of debt.” Using a tool like Camtasia video, you can record the PowerPoint presentation with your voice as the audio presenting the slides. Simply link back to your money site at the end of the video promoting something related like a “debt” or a “free credit report” CPA offer. FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

You will generate traffic back to your money site when people go to it after watching the video and if you tag your videos properly with related terms (i.e. debt relief, credit report, debt credit score), you will move up organically on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN and get additional traffic. You want to use keyword rich text in the title and description of your video, but yet still have a shocking or eye-catching title. Link to your video from multiple web sites in order to increase the link value and if you put your video on “autostart” this will continue to generate views. In some smaller video communities, if you generate enough views on your video, you can move up on their all-time favourite video rankings. If you want to create more of personal touch, you can record yourself or someonetalking into the camcorder or web cam on the related topic and then pitch the CPA offer at the end of the video. Some smart affiliates just create funny or interesting videos that are not directly related to the CPA offer. They are just hoping that their videos will go viral and be seen by a mass audience so that whatever they are pitching at the end of the video is seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Here are a few places where you can upload your videos for free for people to watch. YouTube http://www.youtube.com Yahoo Videos http://video.yahoo.com Adhysteria http://www.adhysteria.com Esnips Google Videos http://video.google.com Viddler http://www.viddler.com BoFunk http://www.bofunk.com GUBA FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

http://www.esnips.com iviewtube http://www.iviewtube.com LiveVideo http://www.livevideo.com Metacafe http://www.metacafe.com MySpace Videos http://vids.myspace.com Revver http://www.revver.com Spike http://www.spike.com Vidilife http://www.vidilife.com

http://www.guba.com Kewego http://www.kewega.com MegaVideo http://www.megavideo.com Motionbox http://www.motionbox.com Photobucket http://www.photobucket.com Sharkle http://www.sharkle.com U2UpFly http://www.u2upfly.com ViddYou http://www.viddyou.com

Autoresponder When a visitor arrives at your site, we recommend that they have the option to subscribe to your newsletter. For the autoresponder itself we recommend aweber.com. We also recommend that you use a “hover ad”, as this will increase your sign up rate significantly, over a static sign up box. Sample email to send visitor after subscribing Dear (name here), Thanks for joining our coupon newsletter!


Make sure to watch your email for the latest deals! Sincerely, (your website address here) Text links and banner ads You can place text links and banner ads on sites with similar demographics. For example, if your site offers coupons for video games, you would want to advertise on various entertainment sites. You can use: http://www.quickbanner.com/ to make banners. They have many templates to choose from and you can create your banners using a simple stepby- step process directly from their site. Friends & Family – Send an email to your friends, family, and anyone you have a business/personal relationship with, letting them know about your site. You never know who they might forward it to! In addition, make sure you have your URL on everything: business cards, shirts, hats, mugs, etc... Press Release – Announce the opening of your site via a press release on PRWeb.com. You can get a press release professionally written using any of the outsourcing resources listed previously in this report. Submit your site to the following directories: http://www.Yahoo.com, http://www.DMOZ.org, http://www.gimpsy.com/, http://www.skaffe.com/, http://www.sevenseek.com/ Tags – Craft your title and meta tags to properly fit the definition of your site, and what visitors are looking for.


Helpful Articles – This is a VERY important step. On your index page make sure you have a link that directs visitors to a new page with at least 5-6 helpful articles. These are articles that give tips & advice on whatever the main niche of your website may be. So if you are dealing with grocery coupons, you would have 5-6 articles that detail how to save money while shopping, or how to prepare low cost meals.

If you are serious about making money in the CPA marketing game, you must absolutely track. If you are not prepared to do this, I suggest you stop reading this report now because you will not succeed. When tracking, you must track everything such as:        Traffic Source Ad Groups Keywords Ad Variations (CTR and Conversions) Type of Ad (Text or Image) CPA offers Landing Pages

If you are buying traffic from pay per click search engines, then the most important item that you need to track are the keywords that you are bidding on. You will see the 80-20 rule in your campaigns where 20% of the keywords are responsible for 80% of the traffic.


You only need to make adjustments to these 20% of your keywords to have a major impact on your ad campaign’s performance. All the major pay per click search engines provide conversion tracking down to the keyword level. You can pull these conversion tracking codes from your PPC accounts and ask your affiliate manager at the CPA network that you are running the campaign at to have the advertiser place the code on the advertiser’s success page. This is the same page that fires off a pixel to the CPA network when a lead has been generated. Also, almost all affiliate networks give you the ability to append Sub ID’s to your affiliate URLs for every unique URL. All the major search engines will allow you to pass the keyword using dynamic keyword insertion. For example, for Google and MSN, all you have to do is append {keyword} to your affiliate URL and you will be able to track all your click-thru’s by keyword. http://www.affiliateurl.com/subid1={keyword} For Yahoo, you have to turn on a feature in your account for tracking and Yahoo will automatically pass the keyword to the CPA network. You can pass a keyword in Yahoo using the token “OVKEY”. You can easily pass this token using the following PHP script. http://www.affiliateurl.com/subid1=<?php echo @$_GET['OVKEY']; ?> So you can also log into your CPA affiliate accounts and see what keywords haveconverted in the “subid” reports section.


Testing And Tracking PPC Campaigns I covered tracking 101 earlier in this report, but when you are buying pay per click traffic, it is important that you track down to the keyword level in order to determine what works and what does not work. You need to start using sophisticated tracking tools to help you do this. Otherwise you will have your hands full trying to manage thousands of keywords from various traffic sources. One of the best free tools that is available for tracking is called Prosper202 (http://www.prosper202.com). It is a free tool that will track all your keywords from all your PPC campaigns.


You get real-time data, RSS feeds, keyword tracking, cloaking, spy view, text ad tracking, referrer tracking and much more-all in one place. The best part is that it is free and hosted on your own servers. Another new tracking tool that appears to have a lot of potential for PPC marketers is called Stats Junky (http://www.statsjunky.com), which is a desktop application that will download all your revenue from the CPA networks and then all your costs data from the PPC search engines.


Okay, now that we have everything up and running, let's go over what it takes to operate the site on a regular basis. 1. You should be updating the site consistently. That means adding a set number of coupons & deals to your site each day. Whether that's 15, or 20, etc...just make sure it is consistent. 2. You should be sending a newsletter out to your subscribers detailing the latest coupons at least once per week. 3. Answer any questions you receive via email at least once per day. 4. Advertise consistently. Whether it's paid or free advertising, just stick with the outline above.

Now that we have provided an overview of each component of the process, this section will tie all of the concepts together, giving you a concrete example of of one way the method can be implemented.

Let's begin..
Step 1 : Step 2 : Step 3 : Chose the affiliate network you want to promote Research keyword and domain name for your site Setup your web site and linking the affiliate link to your web site FACEBOOK-GOLD.COM 2009

1. Create using Web Template Photoshop and HTML 2. Create Using Wordpress Template 3. Create a landing pages Step 4 : Step 5 : Step 6 : Step 7 : Step 8 : Step 9 : Create account on facebook Create A Group on facebook Invite people join your group Advertise with facebook for increase your revenue Promote your web affiliate promotion on facebook ( Wall , Taging ,Personal Message or Mas Mail Message ) Advertise your web on the internet 1. Upload your web promotion on Video Media like Youtube, google Video , Etc .. 2. Create a images promotion on your facebook 3. SEO on your web pages 4. Back links Optimization 5. Email Auto Responder to your subscriber base on your scheduling 6. If needed advertise to google adwords , yahoo or MSN Step 10 : Step 11 : Tracking your web Daily operation and always post content to your web site


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and we hope that you TAKE ACTION and put it to use! If you take just a little time each day to implement what we outline, you can launch a very successful business! There are many sites operating on the exact business plan we have described above that are making hundreds of thousands of dollars and more per year! If you have any questions regarding this report, just send us an email to support@facebook-gold.com


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