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Your International Corporation! Raiders of the LOST Ark Why Outsource Benefits of Outsourcing What Can I Outsource? Training Days Finding The RIGHT Workers So What Really Works and How I Do IT! Your Budget Contacting Professionals The Win – Win Deal Interrogation Don’t Use PayPal Why I LOVE Women The ‘Google’ Worker The Ultimate Sites Conclusion Free Communication Tools Currency Exchange List of Freelance Sites

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Your International Corporation! I have monetized extremely from the global economy and I’m going to teach you EXACTLY how I do it. There are numerous other ways but I can tell you now they don’t work. But if they do then it’s definitely not going to be in your favour. In Google Snatch I reveal exactly what I do for a living to make 7 figures every year. Now I’m going to teach you how YOU can automate the WHOLE process. That wasn’t a typo … you can literally automate everything. Making money whilst working is the norm, however making money whilst you’re sleep or even go on vacation is a skill. A skill that seems to confuse millions of people online and in effect lose out for not taking advantage of the global economy. I already reveal how I make my money, but now I’m going to show you how I take advantage of the currency and the global economy at the same time. Remember the internet reaches the masses across the globe. Your website operates 24 hours a day, which is a fact and you need to ‘engrave’ that fact into your head. The US is 5 hours behind in time from the UK, India is 5 hours ahead of the UK and Romania is 2 hours ahead. So what does all this mean? When the US is asleep, India is awake, overall the East is awake. Now when India is asleep the US is awake! So why am I telling you this? Well firstly you have an online business that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your local and national market is asleep another country is awake checking your website out. Are you getting the picture now? No matter where you are or what you’re doing there is someone on your site that will pay you money. Someone you have never met, spoke to or will never meet in your entire lifetime will deposit money into your account. Anyway back to what the Google Snatch 2 is about. I strongly suggest you start out on your own 2 feet first then get others to do it for you. You give them the exact blueprints and mindmaps I have given you and get them to work around the clock. Remember I said, create multiple accounts, create multiple messages, join multiple groups, and join multiple communities. Make the message in audio, text AND video formats. Blog it, ping it, article it, bookmark it, RSS it, socialize it, video it and now for the final piece that will make your extremely rich is … outsource it! This may seem over your head. But think Nike, think about Manufacturing EMPIRES, think Fashion Designers.


WHY? We all know most of the goods we purchase are from the Far East. Have we ever thought why are they made in CHINA? Because it CHEAP!! Majority of the international firms in the world use the cheapest labour to create the best quality product to get the HIGHEST profit margin. They’ve been doing it for decades because they had the money, the contact and resources. At the time there was one thing they lacked?! The internet! The internet came along and they dramatically increased in profit by communicating over the net. They run an entire global operation using nothing but the internet itself. What did cost them millions of dollars NOW costs them NOTHING! The internet is the ultimate FREE resource place for anything you need. USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!


Raiders Of The LOST Ark I have been quietly adding an army of Google workers for some time now. It works wonders IF done correctly. Yes they can be expensive and it takes some time to get the right people on board. I myself have been in the trenches trying to work out if there really are places where you can get workers for pennies on the dollar. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not forcing these people to work for me for pennies on the dollar. I provide value PLUS I pay them what THEY are happy with. So effectively it becomes a win-win situation for everyone. I get the tedious work done for next to nothing and I provide a family a roof over their head and enough cash to play about with. This is actually globalization at its best! If I was to get an ‘average’ worker in my area it would cost me nothing short of $300 a week which becomes $1,200 a month and that is a lot of money especially when you’re starting out. Yes I did make the mistake of hiring such so called fantastic workers who ‘claim’ they can do SEO, blogging, content creation, audio creations and of likes. But it just never seemed to be profitable. I had shot myself in the foot! I recently employed a worker in-house. I was paying them $$1,600 a month on a trial period. Now that is a lot of money especially when someone doesn’t know a think about websites. I paid her wage and released her from her duties as it didn’t make me a single red cent. But this is where the ideas popped up from. Having a person in-house gave me a valuable, yet a costly lesson. Actually more than one lesson! She was in my office like clock work. When it was time to go home at the end of the business day, they’re out of the door. Quite literally they shot out of the door! I made my intensions clear that we are result-orientated. It’s flexible work so you can come in whenever you want and go whenever you want however the tasks I set need to be completed before deadline. But it JUST didn’t work! So I extended my reach and went to several outsourcing sites. Posted a couple of ads and boom got no response. Yes no response except for one that was asking for an absurd amount of cash UPFRONT before even doing a job. They wanted it in escrow to ensure they got paid. So I would place the money in good faith and the work was never done. This led to chasing, chasing and more chasing which I eventually gave up on.


I also paid someone up front as I felt he was confident in doing the task I outlined. He knew the lingo and made me feel at ease. I Paypal’ed him the money and then he disappeared. He came back several days later and informed me he was in a car crash and was hospitalized with a fractured arm. He said it was so severe that he couldn’t move and that was 3 days ago. Me sitting in front of my computer, I was just thinking one thing … WHAT A LOAD OF B.S! How can one recover from such a devastating accident and be fit to work in a day or 2? Now after such dramatic recovery, ‘Wolverine’ was ready to crack on. Then he disappeared again for another 3 days. I sent him a message, only this time it wasn’t him who replied. It was his wife. I asked where he was and I got the following. ‘He’s had an accident in the bath and fractured his leg!’ Now this really pissed me off as I’ve been waiting for a week now and all I’m getting is excuses, after Paypal’ing him the money. So I couldn’t say much to his wife, so I thanked her for letting me know, but before you go I asked if they’ve fixed their car. I didn’t talk about the devastating accident, I just asked about their car. She didn’t answer for like 10 minutes and then ended the conversation with he’ll be with you tomorrow. Now little could I do besides wait in vain for some more days… He came back the next day and said ‘Hello sir, how are you?’ Some cheek! Now think about it… this guy has a fractured arm, fractured leg and is over the moon and ready for some action. If I was in that situation or any other ‘normal’ human being they would at least take 2 weeks off for recovery. But hey … this is Wolverine we’re dealing with. Then to top it up … after that appearance he totally disappeared. I contacted Paypal to get reimbursed but nothing happened. Paypal couldn’t do anything and I should come to an arrangement with the ‘worker’. I filed a complaint and I got back a $1 as those were the only funds they could refund me. So in the end I lost 2 weeks of productive time and $500 of up-front payments. Moral of the story: You can seriously LOSE a lot of money IF you do it the wrong way!


Why Outsource? This concept is as old as the hills. Many years ago someone realized that they could make money off someone else’s work. There are advantages to both sides of the deal. An entrepreneur like me can create business leads, promote sites, and make it rain. But I only have two hands. A person who is skilled in writing, video creation, audio podcasting, formatting, web design, etc. may not want to waste their creative time on marketing. But by working together, we get things done. The president of a company does not expect to run the company, perform marketing, take care of human resources, manufacture products, clean the bathrooms, and repave the parking lot. You need to decide where your time is best spent and outsource what you can’t get done. I don’t care how good you are – there are still only 24 hours in a day. You also need to assess your strengths and weaknesses. You may be great at writing, but horrible at producing a riveting audio track. That doesn’t take away from your business potential unless you try to do it anyway. Be confident enough in yourself to say, ‘I stink at this’. Then be smart enough to hire someone else to do it! I ‘know’ everything in my business, the applications, strategies, techniques etc… this doesn’t mean I have to do them all myself! Which part does Richard Branson take care off? Which part does Bill Gates takes care off? As you can probably figure out … it’s NOT everything!


Benefits of Outsourcing Not only does outsourcing give you the time you need to get everything done, but you can find people who are good at what they do. For you, marketing may seem like the easiest thing in the world. However, you may find a writer who is bored to tears by marketing but loves playing around with language and creating your written documents. By working with this person, you access their ‘expertise’. By hiring a good ghostwriter, video producer, audio consultant, web designer, etc, you set yourself up to have the best of everything. Instead of suffering from the effects of your weaknesses, you hire people who make you look fabulous and get your message across. This may sound self serving, but you have to keep your end user in mind. They don’t care who set up your audio podcast, they just want quality production of quality content. If you provide it, you are doing them a service and offering something of value.


What Can I Outsource? If you ask me what you can outsource, I may ask you how high the sky is. It is up to you. You are driving this business and you need to assess what needs to be outsourced. I will give you a list of tasks that are commonly outsourced either to a local assistant or to a virtual assistant or artist. • • • • • • • • • • Writing Web Design Video Production Audio Production Email Responses Website/ Link Maintenance Social Networking Page Design Social Networking Page Maintenance Web 2.0 commenting and bookmarking Whatever You Trust Someone Else To Do!


Training Days Don’t be stingy with training. Buy your workers the products they need to succeed. It will save you time and money in the long run. Be sure that you give clear instructions so that you and your worker will not be unpleasantly surprised. Unless you have hired a mind reader, you will have to make your needs and project goals crystal clear in order to get the results you want. I spent thousands on my workers every month not because I need too BUT they ask me to. My objective for them is to get the job done! If they need something ‘within’ reason they are obliged to it as at the end of the day it’s my business that will suffer!


Finding The Right Workers Alright – I will admit – this is where it can get tricky. Finding workers is no problem at all. Finding workers that you can trust with your professional development takes some work. Let’s take writers for example. You may post an ad on a freelancing site and come up with a few people to whom you outsource some articles. Among those, you may find that two of them barely get the job done and ‘squeak by’ in their content production. However, if one stands out and shows some initiative, creativity, and loyalty; you will know that you have made a great discovery that you should hang on to. While you are ‘weeding out’ the workers who aren’t what you are looking for, there are some things to watch out for. For example, you should consider working through a website that provides some structure and help while you get started. Sites like and offer services that can make your hiring procedure easier, safer, and more comfortable while you look for experienced sources of help. Let’s say you hire someone to do web design. The deadline is for a certain date and you planned to launch a new product a week later. What if that person ends up being unreliable? Then in the middle of all of the work involved in launching a new product, you have to find a new webmaster. Not to mention that you will have lost money if you paid anything up front. That’s the beauty of using freelance sites. Most of them give you the opportunity to give feedback. In this way you can check out the track record of the people you are considering working with. If they have great feedback and most employers say, ‘Wow, this person did a great and timely job’, you will know that they have a reputation for being reliable. However, if their feedback raises red flags for poor results, you can turn tail and run. You also have the choice of using escrow accounts for payment so that money is given before the job begins to a trust account for the safety of the worker. Then the money must be released by the employer (you) when and only when the project is completed satisfactorily. Of course, there is the ‘good old fashioned’ way of advertising for a job whether it is local or online. You can post an ad with a classified section and hire someone. In this case, make sure you put together documents about your work agreement and get them signed and executed. Don’t forget that even with an online worker, you can interview them by phone, ask for work samples, and ask for references. If outsourcing is not in the cards for you right now, it will be eventually. As you gain prominence on the web and work to retain your dominance within your market, you


won’t be able to do it all. Outsourcing is necessary and can be a very rewarding experience.


So What Really Works and How I Do IT! The techniques I am about to expose to you works on every outsourcing / freelancing site. There is a list at the end where you can outsource. Firstly you will need to create an account. They’re not going to ask for any money so you can register with whichever site you please. It’s basic information so you can whiz straight to it. Next you want to post a project (an ad).

Next you need to choose which ‘type’ of project you want to post.

I’m going to show you a content writing project.


The first trick is to get to the point. Below is a post I created for content writers Project Title: Quality Writing
This is an ad for writing quality content. You must have an excellent understanding of English and grammar. 20 articles a month or more, minimum of 500 words per page. Content shall be used on big prolific sites such as, sitepronews, webpronews, and of the likes. So please ensure and it is essential that you have the expertise to write for such quality sites as quality of each article will be reviewed before approval.


This is easy work for the right person. Please mention the project ID when you bid. Interested? Please contact me.

Now this ad is plain simple however it’s to the point and clear of what I require. You can write an essay if you feel but short and concise messages work for me every time.

Next you have a choice of uploading relevant files for the project. But I NEVER do this. Simply because I learnt it the hard way as someone could take your project spec and do it for themselves. Not all the time, but it happens! You don’t want to disclose the FULL project initially as you want to get people in first. Then you want to disclose the information. So I always leave out any extra information until I’m happy to disclose to the selected few.


Your Budget I either do 1 of the 2 things… ‘Less than $250’ or ‘Not Sure/Confidential’ The reason? With a low budget you don’t want to scare potential professional away. With an unsure budget selection you’ll attract a lot of potential workers who also think you’re stupid and it’s your first time. So in their eyes you’re a target to exploit. But don’t be afraid, I’ll tell you why shortly.

Now I’ve already selected the primary skills needed which is ‘Web Content Writing/Editing’ however I can select another 2 ‘add-on’ skills. When professionals register they select their skills according to what they’re good at. However some select everything and some don’t so you want to add more skills to get more workers even though they more or less mean the same thing. If that didn’t make sense then here’s an example. Let’s say ‘Web Content Writing/Editing’ has 2,000 professionals which is ultimately what I am after. Now some professionals don’t like Article/News/Press Release Writing/Editing’. They may not understand the concept as they probably think it’s an offline role? Here you missed out on probably 5,000 possible applicants. It sounds a little stupid but that’s reality. It would be better if you could select up to 5 ‘add-ons’ but it’s’s rules. Anyway click on ‘Creative Writing/Editing’ also. So it total you now have 3 skills needed in total. You can then select the industry but I keep away from as this seriously narrows down you chance of potential ‘Google’ workers.


You don’t want to select a location as you’re dealing with workers offsite and across the globe. Click continue.

You want as many people as possible to bid so always leave the ‘Public-Open to Vendors and Freelancers’ checkbox selected which is by default. Click continue and then you have the confirmation page. Post the project and it will be sent to the review team at to ensure you followed the guidelines.


Now don’t just leave this to chance and expect a hoard of people to contact you. You don’t want that as the people who contact you know the marketplace rates and WILL charge you sky HIGH. So … once you posted the ad … sometimes depending on which site you use as I use all the time, it will take up to 24 hours to get activated. Don’t wait as you want to get started immediately, even if your ad gets rejected as you can amend it later. Contact as many professionals as possible. has a limitation of 200 contacts per project. The reason why you should contact professionals immediately is simply because it could take 10 hours to approve, 1 hour, 5 hours so it depends. Now if you’ve selected the professionals before your ad is approved then as soon as its live … people will start contacting you immediately. So when you go to check your account later you’ll have resumes to attend to.


Contacting Professionals On the homepage click on the search menu and you’ll get to the following screen.

I’m going to take you through how to get content writers for next to nothing. The process is the same for every other type of skilled worker too however this will give you a general idea. As you can see there are over 16,000 professionals in the ‘Writing / Editing / Translation’ category sorted by ‘Rank (best 1st). You can see by the earnings some people just love working and make a living online by providing their services.

Think about it … if you have any form of skill to do with websites or can provide a service to help someone then this is a perfect business opportunity for you as well. Anyway the first mistake many make is … they look at this screen, see what people are charging for their hourly rate and leave. Yes its that convincing to leave as who is prepared to pay $100 an hour??


Ok firstly you don’t want to target countries where you know it’s NOT going to be cheap. So we’re going for countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Portugal, South Africa etc. These countries have one thing in common. They’re developing countries! These are the countries you want to target. Next there are 3 ways to tackle this…

Min. rate / hour (lowest 1st), Min. rate / hour (highest 1st) and Sign in date (most recent 1st) Min. rate / hour – this will list people who want to be paid by their minimum rate per hour. Sign in date ( most recent 1st) – this will list people who are checking their account very regularly. Meaning people are eager to WORK! You will notice people listing their services for an absurd amount of money. Like the 2 below and they never get contacted for work.

Here’s the issue…


For most people on these sites, ENGLISH is NOT their first language. This is the BIGGEST issue with these sites and since English is their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th tongue they often ‘misunderstand’ themselves. $1,000 an hour is yet a very expensive rate in India itself let alone for other countries like UK and US. The currency really confuses people. As what I think this person was asking was 1,000 INR (Indian Rupees) which is equivalent to $23 an hour. $900 min rate / hour is A LOT of money in Philippines. So the person who has entered this ‘might’ have been mistaken that the currency is dollars and NOT Philippines Pesos. As 900 Pesos is $20 dollars. Can you see the pattern emerging here? What professionals are asking for might not be what they want because of the currency! Can you imagine why thousands of people online never make a dime even working for someone from the comfort of their homes? Neither of those 2 profiles have made a dime and they been on the site for over a year now. Also … The other thing you DON’T want to do is contact companies or team of workers! They have set guidelines and procedures and there’s NO room for ‘negotiation’. Always contact individuals as you can barter with them and get them where YOU want them to be. So sort your results out by …

Then go to the bottom of the page and click on the last page.

This is where you START! You look for the lowest in the pack and communicate with them first. You don’t need to spend too much time checking their profile as they might not work for you eventually. So check several things. Firstly check if they’re individuals and secondly glance at their experience in their profile. Then checkbox their profile and request a quote.


Select the project you want the quote for and submit.

You can select up to 200 people per project based on Other sites might have other guidelines.


The Win-Win Deal Professionals will start contacting you like crazy simply because you went out looking for them. In other words you ‘head-hunted’ them. They will see your ad and will write back to you informing you if they can or they can’t do it. Ensure you only contact individuals who you want to work part of YOUR team. If you have one off projects then using companies is quicker. The thing is, people who you contact ‘think’ they know what they’re doing. Some do and many don’t. Like everything else … there are a lot of wannabes and less doers. You want the doers! As you can see from the screenshot below even I have messages in my inbox as I regularly look for professionals to be part of my team ALL the time.

Review and read each message that comes back to you. See if they’ve read your ad properly. In my ads I insert the statement… Please quote the job number or ad number because many people simply copy and paste their standard reply. If they go out of their way and actually insert the job number then you could be getting a winner. Anyway … once you get the interest send them a blueprint of what you want accomplished. Many people need to be told what to do STEP by STEP. So you have to give them step by step instructions. I give them my blueprints! I know what I want as I’ve already documented it. So the professionals you like ask for a sample or show their existing work. You MUST see these and make sure the work belongs to them! Otherwise you’ll get the complete opposite. Send them the Google Snatch 2 blueprints and ask for a sample. Ensure to give them a deadline to when you want the sample by and discover for yourself if they’re punctual or just full of excuses. Once you receive the sample and you like what they’ve done … it’s time for negotiation.


Interrogation … ! Now you want to pick your workers … the best in the pack! Always start off using the facility to communicate. Don’t give them your full contact information as yet otherwise you will CONSTANTLY get pestered to employ people you don’t want to employ. As soon as you like the individuals get them on either SKYPE, Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger. Any free communication tool as this will NOT cost you anything. Yes they may originally seem as chat to friends tools. But businesses USE these free tools all the time to communicate. So get free accounts created. Once you have them on the ‘chat’ facility it’s time for interrogation. Get them to answer any questions you have. Ask them if they were comfortable working on the sample task you set them. Did they have any problems etc … ask them questions in relation to the work set! Be polite and mean as you can possibly be. You’re not here to make friends … this is YOUR BUSINESS so don’t let ANYONE mess with it. It’s your livelihood. Never agree on the price they ask for … for 2 reasons … They will tell you it’s the ‘going market-rate’. Yes it maybe the market rate in the US but NOT in India or the other country they reside in. Give them more for a discount. I ask for 20 articles a month NOT to scare people as 100 sounds like a lot. I want a 100 done, but I want them to be at an absolute BARGAIN! So for example they may ask for $8 an article. Remember you are negotiating on ‘chat’. Say you feel it’s too much as it is. You came to look for workers across the globe and pay them their national wage. Professionals are always looking for repeat business. Think about it … wouldn’t it be better if the same customer pays us everyday buying our material? It’s the same principle. Tell them you want to build a relationship and want to work with them long term. Make it clear to them. It may seem obvious but make it really obvious! Say you’re not prepared to pay them $8 an article as you can get the same work done in your local area for that much. Tell them exactly how it is. Get them to agree plus tell them if their work is good you’ll give them more work. So now instead of $8 an article you’ve got them down to a mere $5 an article. Now that’s a start but it doesn’t stop there! Next say you want 50 articles a month instead of 20! They’ll think about it as now instead of getting $100 a month ($5 per article) they’re getting $250!! You’ve increased their monthly wage by 200%. To them, depending on the country they live, you have given them an excellent opportunity with an excellent pay package.


But it doesn’t STOP there … we now negotiate further… Inform them that it’s a lot of money and you want to build a relationship and work together in the future. As that is the main purpose, getting them to agree and work for YOU, not the other way round! You’ve already worked it out as it being $250 whilst they’re still working it out. They’ll jump and agree instantly and tell you $250 a month is great. However you’re not prepared to pay that. You’ve JUST given them the blueprints something they have never seen in their life. So you want to test their ability. Tell them you’re prepared to pay $150 for 50 articles a month which you’ve already calculated at $3 an article. This could go 2 ways now … One … they’ll politely disagree and ask for $5 an article as they’ve already come down from $8 OR they’ll start to negotiate now. Remember some people have never had a job on the freelance sites they join even after a year. So you can imagine that some could be really desperate. Anyway originally they saw the full figure of $250 and you’ve chopped $100 off it. But you’re looking at it per article and they’re looking at it as a complete figure. They will turn around and say it unfair, give you some stories, the usual. Don’t give in as this is YOUR business and you want to capitalize on the global work force which is sitting and doing nothing because they can’t find work locally. They’ll bump it up to $180 but don’t agree. You want to remain in control! Pause for a minute or 2 and reply it’s still too much. The longer you pause, the more anxious they are as they might lose money they wouldn’t have got otherwise. Go back to them and say the best you can do it $165 otherwise you’ll be killing yourself ‘financially’. Now you’ve just agree from $8 an article down to $3.3 an article! Now could you have a worker working for $3.3 writing content with a blueprint that works? You’re getting more done and for much less! Some will leave and many will stay as they need the money to pay for the rent, the food etc. They also came online to look for riches. People think that if they can do the same work as the US or UK they can get the same money in their country and be rich. So make it clear to them … they are NOT in the UK or US. They live in India, China or whatever country they are from and you’re paying them better than ‘their’ national wage. Some will even register on under a UK or US profile to get themselves more money and many DO get away with it. So what I do? I check their website and location and would email them and get them on the phone IF I have any doubts. Get them on skype, Yahoo messenger or MSN and listen to their voice. Are they really Americans? Are they really British? YOU are the employer NOT them. You want people to work by YOUR rules and NOT by theirs.


Tell them to be punctual and report to you on time. Tell them if they make excuses you won’t think twice and will fire them! The more strict you are initially the better they will perform in the long run. If they start slacking ‘tell them’ they’re slacking and you don’t want to lose them. This is formed through relationship building. Don’t leave things to chance otherwise you could waste time and a lot of money. Even if some smart people with excellent profiles know what they’re doing … still get them to follow YOUR blueprints as you know they work. They will ask for more money which is obvious however tell them you want them on probation period for a month or 2. If they do the work and bring in the results then you’ll re-negotiate further then in their favour!


Don’t USE PayPal When you start out never use a paying system that will deposit the money directly into their account. Always and I means ALWAYS when you start out use an escrow service. Each freelancing site has an escrow service where you can deposit the money securely without them running off with it. Remember it’s the internet … if something goes wrong and your work isn’t getting done. You’re not going to get on a plane and travel to Singapore for $150 … are you? You have to be safe! Use an escrow service AND only pay them outside the system ONCE you begin to trust them. I pay all my workers through PayPal as ‘now’ it’s convenient for me. Let them use the ‘ultimate’ excuse and tell you they want you to release the money because they’re in trouble or have to pay the rent. DON’T! You’re not going to get the work done and you’ll NEVER even get your money back!


Why I LOVE Women Working women on the internet in my experience are the BEST! They will literally work their BUTTS off to satisfy you and your business. Women are punctual and dedicated workers. Never have I ever had a problem with women workers online. They’re never late and they’ve never have an excuse to give me. Men on the other hand are the worst workers to have. You get the most ‘blatant’ B.S’s ever! My first grandma died last week and my other one died this week? What a coincidence! I know it’s a blatant lie as the next day they’re back at work! They have the mourning, the funeral arrangements and burial in one day. Did these people know their second grandma was about to die? Or did they plan this? Trust me there are some really crazy B.S’ers online and really don’t give a crap. Watch out for these. Get rid of them when they’re young otherwise they’ll only KILL you when you really need them.


The Google Worker You’ve spent time finding your workers to do what YOU tell them to do. Now you need to make them the ultimate Google worker. This will ONLY work if you tell them. It may seem obvious however you need to make it clear. Overtime your workers become the best in executing your business to the exact detail of your specification. However you shouldn’t stop there. Tell them to search on the web for latest discoveries, tell them you are looking for more workers like ‘them’. This only works if you thank them or congratulate them for the work accomplished even if it’s they didn’t do much. Still thank them! Just say ‘nice job’ and your workers will think the world of you. Tell them if they see something of ‘use’ to YOUR business, either in a manual, another valuable employee or even in a software product to let you know. You want to make their life as simple as possible. You’ve made your life simple by delegating your tasks to them. You’ve given them responsibility and power to make decisions (small) in your business as you still want to make the final decision. So ask them … Do you know of any new sites we need to target? Do we need more workers, if so, can you vouch for any? This is seriously powerful! They’ll get you workers you would have never found. Think about it … they live in the local area and many people are looking for a job. They now become their bosses. Think how one would feel when you make THEM boss? They work for you and now other ‘new’ people work for them. You want them to control and delegate further tasks. You don’t want the EXTRA headache of looking after an army of workers. Let them do it for you. Tell them what you are after and they will search high and low for them in their local area. Say you want a developer, say you want a designer. Even if they say they’re expensive … let them know what you’re prepared to pay. They WILL find them! Who doesn’t like the ides of being a BOSS? Everyone does! So I let them be a boss. They make new discoveries, find new employees, find new strategies, new techniques and they ultimately report back to me. How powerful is that? You pay them and give them responsibility to not only be part of your team but also give them the power to make decisions in your absence.


The Ultimate Sites Okay now you must have some idea to what’s going on. But the next resource is worth 10x the value of what you paid for it. Here’s why… 99 Designs This site covers the best of the best designers from across the globe under one roof. But then again you could refer to this as the normal freelance site. There’s a BIG difference with this one. What happens is you post any design project you want and you will get a community of workers across the globe to come in create your designs and you get to choose which one you like and pay for that. Okay let me explain that again. You set a budget, have the design created by hundreds and thousands of experts across the globe, then you choose which one you like and pay for it. Even if you don’t like ANY at all, you don’t pay anyone. In effect you get different talent with different attitudes and different ideas to show their creativity. You are the employer and you have the ultimate final decision. If you like one close enough, get them to tweak it for no extra charge. Source Forge Now this site has a collection of over hundreds and thousands of different software created for free use. Meaning you can download it for FREE! Some have like a donation point where you can contribute to the community but otherwise this site has so much software being created every single day that you might never need to make one yourself. It has every type of software you can think off! Clustering Database Desktop Development Enterprise Financial Games Hardware Multimedia Networking Security Storage SysAdmin VoIP … and many many more. Thinking about converting a DVD to internet format? Thinking about a dating site? Want some games? Databases? You name it … it has them all AND they’re FREE to use. YouSendIt – you can send files free without ftp to anywhere in the world. Up to 100MB it’s free!


But if you go over it … try this … SendThisFile. Ever had problems converting a file into a different format? SourceForge is one option and the other is YouConvertIt which has a huge conversion database which is also FREE. Jing Project – can’t afford a supreme screen capture software then the Jing Project is perfect AND it’s FREE! Jing Project is owned by the famous Tech Smith who are the creators behind the most used capture software used by nearly every internet marketer in the industry. They are the creators of Camtasia Studios which I’m sure you’ve heard about.


Conclusion There are millions of people across the world who can’t find local work. They come online desperate to work from home. They’re want to work if you give them a chance. I know I sound ruthless in my actions to get what I want BUT think about it… it is your money you are departing with! If you’re not going to make a profit then what’s the point? How do you think Fortune 500 Companies pay next to nothing and make billions of dollars every year? It’s no different for your business. Now I have an army of Google workers at my disposal and I still look for more every day. The more workers that apply my knowledge and blueprints, the more money I make! So the formula is … MORE WORKERS = MORE TRAFFIC MORE TRAFFIC = MORE MONEY And what’s the bottom line …? Money and lots of it! Don’t make the mistake of doing everything yourself. Get other people to do it for you, for next to nothing. Make use of the currency like the corporate GIANTS! Value your time … as once it’s gone it’s never coming back. For example … I can do the D.I.Y. work in my house which could take me 3 hours to fix a door. But if I get someone else to do it whilst I concentrate on my business or other things and I can part with paying them $5 to fix it within 15 minutes as it’s worth every penny. Delegate, delegate and delegate some more. The more you delegate the richer you will become. Don’t slave yourself to death making ends meet, let others help you out. I wrote this simply to get you out of working non-stop. It’s awful when you work around the clock 24 / 7. We want to live a life not work ourselves to death! Be patient and cautious as you find your workers who will respect you and ultimately make you rich. Make them part of your team and they will jump at anything you tell them to without hesitation.


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