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Creating a Clickbank account

Go to the homepage… To join, at the top between ‘Home’ and ‘Marketplace’ there is sign up. Click on it! If you already are a member of Clickbank then you can skip this part and go to the next page.

Enter your personal details and fill in every field that has a red star. Create a nickname for yourself (this will be your Clickbank ID) and if the nickname is not already taken you

will be sent a verification email to enter on the next page. Ensure you enter a working email address as you will need to verify. If the nickname is taken you will be asked to rethink of another nickname. The process takes 60 seconds and you can start promoting Google Snatch straight away. Super Affiliate Status In order to be successful, any super affiliate will tell you the same thing… YOU need to be persistent. There is NO point in doing a couple of posts/ads or even submitting content and waiting around for the magic to work JUST from them. You need to promote everyday as this is the ONLY way for you to be successful. Promote, promote and promote some more. You can spend an hour a day or several hours, but the whole idea is not to sit around thinking someone will place a bag of cash in your lap. It won’t happen! So let me share something with you. I have a friend in the U.S.A. who, whenever I call or chat to on Skype is amazingly busy doing promotions. Sometimes I get the feeling that ‘how can someone be that busy?’ But the truth is, he is doing similar things he was doing yesterday, the day before and even last week. Sounds boring… right? He’s constantly busy promoting which makes him 6 figures a month. The thing is … if he doesn’t promote daily then he’ll never reach his desired 6 figures every month. He needs to keep putting the word out. He keeps finding ways to let a potential customer know what he has to offer. That’s the only reason why he’s so successful, by being consistent. Any big name marketer is not promoting once but ‘loads’ of times over and over again. You name them… Chris McNeeney, Steven Lee Jones, Andrex Fox, Rob Benwell, Chris Freville, Alex Goad, Dylan Loh, Anik Singal, Chris Fox, Jacobo Benitez, Steven Clayton, Tim Godfrey, Matt Benwell, Matt Garrett, Ben Shaffer, Jamie Lewis, Letian Liu, Mark Ling, Michael Cheney, Steven Johnson, Jason Gazaway, Shawn Casey, William Quek, Eric Rockerfella, Michael Nicholas, John Reese, Garry Halbert, Yanik Silver, Phil Wiley, Brock Felt, Buck Rizvi, Brad Callen, Brad Fallen, Dr Mike Woo Ming, Rich Schefren, Tim Brocklehurst, Willie Crawford, Mike Merz, Neil Shearing, Dan Kennedy, Jason Potash, Jeff Mulligan, Marc Goldman, Michael Green, Dr Ralph Wilson, Allan Gardyne. Jimmy D Brown, Joe Vitale, Charlie Page, John Carlton, David Vallieries, Jim Edwards, Bryan Winters, Michael Wong, Paul Colligan, Terry Dean, Kirt Christensen, Jay Abraham, Bennis Becker, Derek Gehl, Mike Filsaime, Jim Daniels, Jonathan Mizel, Harvey Segal, Perry Marshall, Arman Morin, Dan Lok, Rosalind Gardner, Lynn Terry, Marlon Sanders and many more… We all hope that we can do something once and keep reaping the rewards again and again daily. It can happen and it will. But the question you need to ask yourself is … are 25 ads or posts in different places better than one? Think just like the big gurus… find different places to promote everyday. Promote, promote and keep promoting!!!

It makes no difference to your pocket if you can promote something for free as the only ‘thing’ that will be affected is your time. This is the hardest part of anyone to understand. It’s like a corporate job. If you don’t learn and adapt to new skills then the company will fire you one day. If you learn new skills and develop yourself constantly then not only will you get to keep your job but you’ll also get a pay-rise eventually. Now if you follow these simple steps then I can guarantee that you will make money. So let’s get started… Your Clickbank ID (nickname) I’ve tried to make this as simple as possible for everyone. The main affiliate page is here… You will notice promotional tools that can be used. Each tool has a box at the top that shows you a warning sign that reads… **Please insert your Clickbank ID in the box to generate all your codes below** Insert your Clickbank nickname and below, on the page, you will see that your html codes are automatically generated with your Clickbank ID embedded. So all you need to do then is copy and paste.

Promotional Tools Keywords - These are keywords you need to target. Not only can you target the keyword ‘Google Snatch’ but you MUST also make extensive use of the keywords listed on that page. The keywords are thoroughly researched and they convert. People are searching for ‘free traffic’ and are using that keyword in Google search and the same for the likes of ‘free website traffic’. So as you look through the list you will notice keywords that directly relate to Google Snatch. Post content for those keywords too. Use them sparingly with ALL the mediums mentioned for promotion. Text Links - These are anchor text links. You can place these in several places such as … In an email signature, in forum posts, classified ads, traffic exchange sites and many others. Here’s what a 4 line ad looks like… Grab FREE instant traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN without spending a single dime on advertising and that also means WITHOUT Google Adwords. http://[YOUR CLICKBANK ID] A one line text link… <p align="center"><a target="_blank" href=" http://[YOUR CLICKBANK ID] ">Instant FREE Traffic Formula From Google Snatch</a></p> The above will look like this below on an internet page… Instant FREE Traffic Formula from Google Snatch Content - This is where the real power is… people LOVE content. The only reason why people come online is to read. Either they read a review or read about a product. But at the end of the day, you can look at pictures and buy, but you STILL have to read the price tag. So it’s the content that sells!!! The internet is made of pages of content. There is good content and bad, however it is still content. This is discussed in detail in the book and shows you how it can be done effectively PLUS all the other sneaky tricks to get you awesome ranking too.

Now there are hundreds of keywords that describe Google Snatch… use them! On the page you will see content written for different keywords, check a few, make some changes and submit them to the directories listed in the book. The more exciting the review is the more interested the buyer will be. Don’t write directly about Google Snatch…write a review about ways of getting free traffic and recommend Google Snatch. So you are telling people what you have learnt in a review and allowing them an opportunity for them to discover the same. Plus don’t forget that you can do a Google search for ‘Google Snatch Review’ and you will see some effectively written content which you can spin, i.e. recreate to make them your own. Below are other samples of keywords to write content about. easy ways to make money free hit and traffic free internet traffic free site advertising free to advertise free traffic free web traffic increase web traffic free make money fast money from home ways to make money Blogs - Blogs are the same as a webpage but on a blog. There is a free downloadable version of blogging if you are new to it which will get you to a quick start. It’s a free download and there is much explained in there to successfully blog about Google Snatch. Forums - Discussion groups and forums gather a community of like-minded people having similar interests. There is a list of highly popular forums listed on the page. Some allow you to add your url in the content, however most will only allow a signature file. This is what a signature file looks like which is similar to a classified ad.

Get Instant FREE Traffic To Your Website Without Google Ads http://[YOUR CLICKBANK ID] It can be 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines. You can see more examples here… And if you still don’t know what a signature file is, visit some forums and look through some posts and you will notice an ad at the end of each reply to a post. Something on the lines of… Visit this site [web address] For more information click here (click here would generally be an affiliate link) Emails The above 2 are excellent if you have an email list or know of a list where you can send an email to. For best results ensure it’s people interested in making money online or interested in get free traffic (free advertising). All you do is load the messages in your autoresponder and set a time to send it to your list. If you have a list of 5,000 and even if a small number like 1% buys then that’s a total of $4,850 in sales and you get 60%! Not bad for an hours work. Want a good autoresponder? Click here! Banners - I had this section checked and approved by a marketer who uses banner ads all the time. This is his main expertise. I showed him still banners and some picture banners, he disapproved them straight away. Now don’t be surprised what you’re about to read next. He told me to take out the pictures and make them TEXT banners instead. Meaning … show BIG BOLD content in the banners. Use ‘words’!!! Like I was saying earlier… it’s the content that sells so I had to change them accordingly. So these banners perfectly describe Google Snatch and I have seen plenty being used around the net too. Don’t forget that we also have the big large banners you see at the top of your free email accounts such as Yahoo, MSN and AOL. These are 728X90 banners. They were too big for the page so they have been placed here…

Squeeze Page - The main sales page ( is converting extremely well. I am constantly updating to ensure you achieve maximum sales every time. Get people excited on a squeeze page, mix and match benefits listed on the page and this will get people to the sales page. Then leave the rest to us. You bring in the people and we’ll make the sale for you. That’s what real affiliate marketing is all about! Squidoo - Squidoo is a site that organizes the web based on any subject. The key here is that you can create a lens on anything. This is where your expertise comes into play. To truly use Squidoo to its fullest capabilities, you must create lenses. Take the information you know and present it in different sections for each individual lens you create. You can add in rss feeds, blogs, articles, posts, Youtube videos and much more. To monetize from Squidoo effectively, you must advertise yourself in every lens you create. Whether you do this by posting an article with a resource box or by posting an affiliate link to Google Snatch, you must include something about Google Snatch in every lens. I recommend creating at least 3 lenses. Link your lenses together to make them easy for your visitors to find. Squidoo advertises your lenses for you to other members of the site which will help with your online visibility. Squidoo is an excellent tool for affiliates promoting products, so don’t forget about it. Do a Google Search… ‘Google Snatch Review’ and you will be able to see some Squidoo lens in action. How to use Squidoo Squidoo lens are very easy to set up as the mechanics are simple…just head on over to and have a go … here’s some tips also: How to choose an appropriate name for your lens When choosing a name for your lens, which becomes your page title (you can change it later). So if your lens is about Google Snatch, name your lens ‘Why People Are Raving About Google Snatch’ or something on those lines or even ‘The FREE Click Formula’. When choosing your page name, remember you should treat this in exactly the same way as you would select a relevant domain or sub-domain name. So taking the example above you would select. (This can not be changed later.)

You must remember lenses are being put up all the time and the more common keywords are disappearing fast so get in the quick. Anyway, by choosing your title and name carefully it is relatively easy to get a good natural SERPS ranking too. Or even select a combination of keywords with Google Snatch like it would appear as a title… for example. Free-Website-Traffic-Google-Snatch Google-Snatch-Reveals-Free-Traffic Make-Money-At-Home-Using-Google-Snatch

Craigs List - Advertising products and services is one of many valuable uses of Craigs list. Millions turn to Craigs List to advertise for free and generate sales. The most significant reason is a large existing audience. Advertising on Craigs list is appealing because there is no need to generate traffic to the website. Craigs list already receives approximately ten million visitors per month who generate approximately four billion page views per month. Great marketing begins with a well written promotional copy, which should include information about what Google Snatch offers. Ultimately, a person has all he needs for worldwide promotion the second they log onto Craigs list. This site has helped thousands of affiliates not only get started but stay active and with a well written promotional copy and correct advertising placement, you will see your affiliate sales thrive on Craigs list.

MySpace & FaceBook - & MySpace and FaceBook are social networks that can be used for making friends, sharing photos but it can also be a goldmine for affiliate marketers. With a well-crafted profile you can get many interested customers who could buy Google Snatch, so insert your affiliate link there too. Google, Yahoo, AOL & MSN Groups Marketing to groups must be handled like forums. If you outright spam groups, which hundreds of people do every day, you will be ignored. Ask questions and supply answers to others. Provide valuable content, provide reviews, recommend, include a simple signature (like in forums) to generate sales for Google Snatch.

Groups are different from forums in the fact that their membership normally follows a specific pattern: 1. You join a group. 2. You receive hundreds of spam messages. 3. You can turn off the option to receive emails from the group. The only way around this is to post to the actual groups itself. It functions similar to a forum and you should handle it in the exact same manner. Provide useful information about Google Snatch in every post (even if it’s your first). Don’t directly sell them, recommend it as a resource. If you blatantly advertise your results will be less effective than if you offer great content and recommend that people visit through your link for more information. All these tools can be used to promote Google Snatch… and now for the daily action plan. Daily Action Plan Choose 1-3 articles from and spend an hour spinning (modify) the content. You can also place these contents on blogs with your affiliate link. All the content is prepared for you… the title, resource box & keywords. So all you need to do is read and adjust it to your style by at least 30%. It doesn’t need to be drastically different, the whole idea is to make it look unique. It may sound tedious or too simple to do something of this nature BUT it does work! Once you have recreated the content, its time to submit them to the article directories. There is a list of 500+ directories inside Google Snatch which you can use to promote and some are listed here at the bottom of the page. Enter a few forums and comment on some posts or start a new topic. Go to and post several ads in the relevant category Create a Squidoo lens and talk about Google Snatch Add your affiliate link to your or account Contribute to some Groups (Google, Yahoo, AOL & MSN) Copy and paste banners on your website or find places where you can post them Add an affiliate text link to your outgoing emails Find ezine newsletters (Google search ‘ezine newsletters’) and request to have your ad placed in there. Better yet, give them quality content about Google Snatch and they’ll do it for free.

Monday Banners Text Links Emails 1 Emails 2 Content Blog Forum Ezine Add Your own tools ● ● ● ● ● Tuesday ● Wednesday Thursday ● ● ● ● Friday ● Saturday ● ● ● ● ● ●

● ●

The above table is a chart which you can follow on a weekly basis. As you complete each section, tick it off. Do at least 3 methods a day. Above is a typical example of actions done daily by super affiliates! Remember … the more YOU EXPOSE your affiliate link, the better the end result will be, i.e. it’s a numbers game. The more you do, the more chance of a potential customer finding you. It’s exactly the same as a sales person making calls everyday. The more numbers he dials the more sales he’ll make. Internet marketing is exactly the same. The more exposure, the more chance of you finding a buyer! It may feel like it’s repetitive or maybe even to the fact be… boring. However this is what it takes to make money on the internet. I do more or less the same things everyday and that’s how I make easy 6 figures a month. Persist and do the daily tasks as they will make you money.

Monday Banners Text Links Emails 1 Emails 2 Content Blog Forum Ezine Add Your own tools


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