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FaceBook Gutted, Stuffed & Mounted…

By Jonny Andrews

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To Dominate, You Must First Understand Your Surroundings
Facebook is the king daddy of all social networking sites. It currently has over 355 million registered users. About 70% of Americans have a FaceBook profile. On average, people spend 20+- minutes a day using Facebook. That’s over 3x as much time as people spend on Google. Studies have shown FaceBook users to have a higher education level than normal, have more money than average and most importantly… that they are very, very willing to spend it. With the “right person”. It is your duty to become that “right person”. There is a method. There is a model… but first know this: FaceBook DOES NOT screw around. DO NOT SPAM or they will erase you from time… you have been warned

Photos Are Worth 1000 Words, And Sometimes, $10,507.60
Yes, what you’re about to read actually happened… I made $10,507.60 in just 4 days when I posted photos of my brother and I skydiving for his “Pre” Bachelor Party… and I didn’t even have anything to sell.

On a fast side note: THAT was the single most insane thing I have ever done. 13,500 freaking feet is simply another number… until you watch yourself out of a clear-sliding door on the side of the plane climb and climb and climb… It has something of a “psychological” effect on a person. Here’s what’s totally crazy: I was NOT selling anything inside of FaceBook. There were no links to buy my stuff and I wasn’t even talking about stuff. Just photos of my brother and I being idiots. So why did I make money? How is that even possible? Keep reading… (BTW: part of that 10K was $5,513.60 broken up into 2 payments)

When You Use Social Media Correctly You Can You Truly Overcome The Most Primal Questions Stopping People From Spending Money…
Virtually everybody online has the following 2 questions when they are looking to purchase something: Question #1: Who is this person selling this thing? Question #2: Can I trust this person selling this thing? 99% of the time you’re not going to make money INSIDE FaceBook/Twitter. It just won’t happen. People aren’t there to buy stuff, they’re there to have fun, chat with friends and play games. Period. But you can make INSANE money when you “walk among them”… just be a cool person, get to know them, show them you’re not a jerk. Perry Belcher (your personal opinions of him aside) probably summed up Social Media better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Here’s a basic summary of what he said: FaceBook (Social Media) is like going to a party… what do you think would happen if you showed up at a friends house for a BBQ and started trying to sell people a bunch of Tupperware? They would kick your ass out! People are there to have fun, eat some good food, talk to friends and have a great time. So why would you try to sell stuff inside Social Media when people are there trying to do exactly the same thing?? Your purpose of being there is to make friends and bring them back to YOUR house… So How The Hell Did I Make That Money In FaceBook? Easy. There were people who were on the fence about a coaching program I had. Sure I was selling it like a champ… but they still weren’t sure if I was “the real deal”. They had already been exposed to me and my stuff in the past, and when I posted photos on FaceBook it simply drilled the truth home: I am a real person, I do real stuff and I really have the success I claim… Once they got it… the decision to buy was a no brainer. And this is what you’re going to learn how to do…

Do And Do Not… Let The Bonding Begin
Do Use Photos In Facebook photos are king, people don't like to read too much and would rather just look at the pictures. Include fun photos of yourself, places that you’ve been and people that you are friends with. Always make sure that you upload photos that are well taken and do put funny captions to go along with them. Also make sure to arrange each photo so that it’s the right side up, it’s annoying to have to look at a photo that is upside down. Don't upload junk; people don't need to see a very blurry image of your ear or something. Make sure to upload just the best shots and also group them in albums to keep them organized.

Do Tag Pictures, Videos and Notes Do tag other people in your Photos, especially if they also have a Facebook account – this will show in their timelines and their contacts’, thus giving you more exposure. (aka: Muwhahahahahahaha!) When you tag people in Photos and Videos there is a very good chance that they will make a comment and that will be a good start for others to comment as well. You can tag people even when they are not exactly in the Photos or Videos – it’s just a great way of letting them know that you have something really cool to show them.


Tagging your contacts in your Notes is also a way of telling them to join in on the conversation or activity – like answering surveys or 21 questions about a particular topic.

Do Comment If you find something interesting that a friend posts on Facebook, give a smart or fun comment and get the conversation ball rolling. Or join in the conversation that’s already going on. Making a comment on a contact’s post is visible even to those people who are not in your own network. If they like your comment they might just add you up in their own circle thus adding more to your network.

Be an Open Book Let people know who you really are, fill your profile with your personal info – likes/notlike, etc. You can even use Facebook applications like zodiacs, personality tests, and many others. Facebook matches you to potential friends. It will regularly show people that you might know or would be interested in adding as your friend – these are usually people who may already be a friend of a friend. These matches Facebook gives will highly depend on the information you fill up on your profile. Find Friend of Friends Besides getting regular friend suggestions posted on your timeline you can also go to your Friends page and see a more complete list of friend suggestions. You can also look up your friends' contact list and see if there's somebody there that you may know, then you can add them up.


In the Info tab of your Profile you can click on any of the Personal Information that you or your friends have entered and search for people that share the same information. Like if you are into Internet Marketing, you will be able to search other Facebook users, groups or pages in your network that share that same interest.

Add Friends with Most Common Contacts


If you comment on posts of friends with a lot of mutual friends there's a very big chance that the comments can go viral. Common friends will most likely take part in commenting along with others.

Put Up Interesting Updates Post interesting things that you are currently doing – like what movie you just watched, music you're currently listening to, books you just finished reading. Post videos you found that you think your friends would find interesting and may get a good comment on or even just mark as "like". Post great quotes from popular individuals that your friends may relate to. Your updates shows up on your public page, so entice people to add you up by being interesting.

Update Around 5- 7 Times a Day It's good to get regular updates but don't go overboard. You don't need to tell everybody what you are doing every hour.


Don’t spam. If you tweet many times in a day, make sure that you keep it in Twitter and only update Facebook with really good tweets that you want to share. Since tweeting is very easy to do, it can also easily spam your friends with uninteresting tweets.

Use TweetDeck to Update Really Good Posts unto Facebook TweetDeck is a great all-in-one tool for your tweets and Facebook updates. It lets you see all the tweets of people you follow AND updates of your Facebook contacts. You can also use TweetDeck to update your Facebook status without actually going to the Facebook website. You can even simultaneously send an update both as a tweet or Facebook status. Don’t update your Facebook status as often as you tweet. Facebook has more stringent rules, so make sure not to spam.

Trickle in Photos and Videos (aka “drip feed”) Don't post all of your videos and photos at one time, your contacts will get tired of it and might just hide your posts to get rid of your spamming. If you trickle your content, you are guaranteed of having a source of updates for a much longer time.

Do Have a Facebook Fan Page


If you have a company or group and you would like to promote it beyond your own network of friends, creating a Fan Page will work very well.


Fan pages are free and you can have unlimited followers unlike your regular profile that can currently only have up to 5000 friends.


With a Fan Page you can have a wider reach – if each of your friends become a fan, their own network would be able to see this and may become your fan as well.

Do Have a Facebook Group


Aside from creating a fan page, you can also create a group where you can share a common interest with other people. This group can be about a particular hobby or interest of yours.


You can invite your friends to join in your group and they can ask their friends to join in as well, so on and so forth.

Bottom Line:
FaceBook is all about getting the eyeballs on you… your conversation… and ultimately making them fascinated with you. Not a difficult thing to do and it can happen super fast.

Don’t sell them directly on a product. Instead… create (or borrow) some videos that presell something. Post those to your blog with your affiliate link underneath. Post your blog post URL inside FaceBook. Then get people to have a conversation under it. Obviously you’ll want to not post sales stuff all the time… maybe 1 out of 5. That way people are more likely to talk, click, watch and buy. See you in the videos,

Jonny Andrews

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