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By Jonny Andrews

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Part I: With A Sharp “POP” The Door Brakes Open…
First things first… you’ve done a good thing buying this because you have invested in yourself. Now it’s your task to keep it and implement it. Because if you’re still struggling to make ends meet, or if you’re new to this “Make Money Online” world, you have no idea the sort of life that awaits you. I’m not kidding: I went from living in a freaking office building… to getting my identity stolen which destroyed me financially… to living the ULTIMATE pimp lifestyle with bunches of cash via my successful online business. And when I first got started I had NO IDEA about computers, how to market online, I had never heard the world “Affiliate Marketing” and I didn’t really think it would work. My point is that if I can do it so can you. And all it takes is a few minutes of focus on a consistent, daily basis. One of my favorite new quotes is by a guy whose name I can’t remember, but it goes something like this: “In order to have the things others can’t have… you have only to do the things others refuse to do” – Some Smart Dude Truthfully I’m not sure if that’s exactly what the dude said, but it’s close enough that I think you get the point. Seriously. If you need to rewatch the video where I painstakingly detail the sort of person who buys and then either does not use and/or returns something… you can do that here. (Nutshell: They’re one of the teaming masses of “average”) Bottom line? I’m damn sure this can work for you if you keep at it. Why? Because I spent a pretty healthy chunk of time/effort/energy creating a workable system that does NOT require a butt-ton of research, code, technical knowledge and/or luck to have up and running! In fact, if you’re like 70% of Americans you already have one of the most vital parts of this whole thing… FaceBook! By The Way: Click Here Now And Become My Fan. You’ll get exclusive FaceBook only videos up there ;) (FYI: It helps if you’re already logged into your account so that link will take you right to my fan page)

I Spend A Lot of Time Doing This Sort Of Stuff Now…

I know I showed you that group photo already, but it’s worth repeating so you get the idea of what we’re going to be doing here. That pool… that’s at Kona By The Sea, Kona, Hawaii. Stayed there for an entire week. Fully furnished luxury condo on the beach. State-of-the-art kitchen with marble counters (which I never used because my girlfriend and I ate out all the time) Every morning I woke up to the sound of the ocean, a fantastic smelling breeze blowing through my bedroom door… and freaking sea turtles lazily swimming by as I stood on my balcony overlooking the ocean. The hotel room… that’s Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. COOLEST hotel I’ve stayed in. You should check it out when you’re making money. (NOTE: On Sunday afternoon at the rooftop bar they have a little party called “Rehab”… can’t really tell you any more than that ;) Fact: Yes. I made the money I showed you on the letter. I relaxed in those locations featured in the photos… Fact: THIS CAN BE REAL IF YOU ACT.

Your New System: Eagle Eye View
In just a second we’re going to get stated… but first you need to understand THE 2 MOST VITAL RULES OF LIFE: Rule #1: DO NOT SPAM Rule #2: DO NOT SELL DIRECTLY IN FACEBOOK/TWITTER I will repeat this in various ways throughout the training but I’m laying down the law right here right now. Why? Because 99% of people, including big dudes who do what I do and make a bunch of money doing it, don’t get what social media is all about. What is social media about? It’s about the relationship! Have you ever head the phrase “People buy more from those they know, like and trust”? Once again I have no idea who said that first but it’s a damn good point! You can sell 100x more stuff at higher prices to a group of people who think you’re cool, than you can to a group of people who think you’re a jerk. Simple law of the universe. On top of that, if you start selling (Spamming) inside the networks you run just shy of a 100% chance they’ll just shut you down and lock you out of your account. You don’t want that. It’s not like you can simply open up a new account… they actually ban your IP address. (Having your IP banned is like having somebody put up a big mirror in front of your house… NOBODY will ever see you again. They’ll simply walk on past like you don’t even exist.) IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you’re following me on Twitter. Yes. It Is Free. Click Here And Do That Now. Why? Because I “Tweet” seriously valuable stuff you’ll want to know about. AND you’ll get to watch this system you just bought in action. (Because I really do use this stuff ;) Now… on the next page I’m going to take you through the program. It’s probably a good idea to note I didn’t make this Blueprint very long on purpose… Most people won’t read a 300 page manifesto! (I know I wouldn’t!) So from here on out it’s all about step-by-step. Cool? Good. Let’s do it…

Step I: Set Everything Up FIRST!!!
You know how when you run out of something like food the first thing you do is run to the store and buy more? Well, that’s not exactly “the first thing you do”. The “First Thing You Do” is: #1: Decide to buy more food #2: Get the car keys #3: Leave the house #4: Get in the car #5: Turn on said car… I’m thinking you’re getting the picture. Yes? So then why do so many people want to jump right into “Get me paid!”, hmmmm? Oh yea. Because that’s why you bought this course! Hahaha! Sorry totally slipped my mind for a second. ;) Kidding. I know you want to see results as soon as possible… and that’s why you need to set up the machine FIRST. Without the machine, just like without the car (aka “get to the store to buy food transport”) there will be no money. Good News! If you do this now it should take you less than 4 minutes to have everything cooking. Note: All the steps on the next page are 100% free and fast to get going. If you already have some of them set up that’s totally cool. You won’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Build Your Car So You Can Drive To The Store… Aka Get Money ;)
There are videos on the download page if you need them, but here are the steps: Part 1: Build Your Vehicle Setup #1: Open a new Gmail account (Click Here) Once you’ve done that… Setup #2: Fire up a new Blogger Blob. It’s part of gmail. (Click Here) Setup #3: Fire up a new Twitter Account (Click Here) Setup #4: Fire up a FaceBook Account (Click Here) Setup #5: Fire up your ClickBank Account (Click Here) Note: DO NOT start selling stuff yet! You need to set everything up so you look like “a normal person”. If you need help with this I’ve put all the videos on the download page you saw right after you bought the system. Part 2: Make Yourself Look “Normal” Look Normal Step #1: Put a photo on your FaceBook page and in Twitter. Look Normal Step #2: Make 7 “Tweets” inside Twitter. Look Normal Step #3: Make your first NON SALES Blog Post (see video, it’s super easy) Look Normal Step #4: Start hanging out in FaceBook, commenting and sharing stuff WITHOUT a selling agenda. (Do this for like 20 min a day for your first 2 days.) WAIT: Hang on… why am I having you do all this like this? When do I get to sell stuff and make money?!?!?! Good question. The fact is that if you don’t do this, if you don’t first establish yourself as a “normal person” inside the networks you will never make a dime. Period. If you simply fire up some accounts and start slinging your stuff around NOBODY WILL BUY!!! Seriously. And please don’t test this… just take my word for it. Don’t sweat it. After you’ve been looking normal for a day or so (about 40 ish minutes of playing with the networks) you’ll get to drop a link. But you need to do it smart. And that’s what we’ll do in the next section…

“Moron Money Don’t Make None”
I’m actually laughing to myself right now looking at that headline. It’s a variation of something my JV Manager Owen said a few months ago when I explained my “Marketing Mindset” to him. His original quote was “Broke money don’t make none” and that was pure humor in my book! We were just sitting on the couch in my living room after I hired him. I was explaining how just about 100% of my success was due to my mindset and how “broke people think broke thoughts and take broke actions and therefore stay broke”… So he chimed in with that catchy phrase. What is meant by all that fuzzy bunny style joy is this: If a person wants to make money the right way a person needs to first establish themselves as an authority in the market. Super simple when you’re on FaceBook where about 70% of Americans spend around 20 minutes a day! All you have to do is NOT be a Spammer. (Spammer = blasting tons of crap nobody wants to people who will never buy because you’re blasting them with tons of crap rather than being cool) See? You have to take the right actions to get the right results. Can you automate? Yes and no. You can totally use a free slice of software to see both FaceBook and Twitter in one window. Get it here Note: DO NOT marry your Twitter account to your FaceBook account (meaning don’t have all your tweets post as status updates in FaceBook) Let’s just say it’s “bad”. K? Anyway, the bottom line here is that you want to be a “cool person” before you lead with the marketing foot. That’s what makes the money happen! One More Time: If you do nothing but blast a bunch of ads people will hate you and you won’t make one red cent… IF you set yourself up as a cool person, make fun posts, provide killer content and truly interact with people on a real level… you’ll probably bond with A LOT of folks who will end up buying stuff from you.

Please Feel Free To Try This
If you’re into it you can totally market this program as an affiliate. I have everything set up for ClickBank to pay you 60% for everything people buy! Note: What you’re learning here can be used with ANY affiliate program out there, but I’m going to just use my own as an example because it’s super easy. Here’s Your ClickBank HopLink: Note: Simply replace “CBID” with your own ClickBank ID (You set that up when you made your ClickBank Account) Here’s My YouTube Videos: Note: I’ll be beefing that station up with A LOT more videos as time goes on. So please keep checking back. Make sure you subscribe to the channel so you get updated when that happens. Okay! Keep an eye on your inbox because I update this stuff ALL THE TIME and you’ll really get a kick out of the new videos. Make sure you take action. Really. Get out there and make stuff happen because that’s truly what separates us from “Average People”. Chat soon,

Jonny Andrews

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