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Copyright © 2009 Published by All rights reserved. Disclaimer We assume no responsibility for the use and/or misuse of this information. The user of this information does so at their own risk. We make no guarantee as to a specific level of income. We assume no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or contradictory statements/interpretations within this program. In no event shall we, or any suppliers of this program, be held liable for damages of any kind, including but not limited to, incidental, direct, indirect, compensatory, punitive, or consequential damages, loss of data, loss of income, loss of profit, or loss/damage of property.

INTRODUCTION We've put together a system that teaches you step-by-step, the techniques needed to go from absolute zero in earnings, to several thousand dollars PER MONTH in pure net profit! Our goal is to present a real, honest, and 100% legit business. We know that most of you aren't looking for a “quick fix”, you're looking for a long term sustainable, and profitable business. Keep reading to find out how it all works! To your success,

STEP ONE - Your Site Niche The first step is to get a feel for how your site will operate and select the niche. What we are going to be doing is operating a website that gives away online coupons, coupon codes, & deals to visitors. With the economy the way it is right now, it's the PERFECT TIME to launch such a website! Many people who have never searched for online coupons are now doing so in order to reap the savings! Now, we have several options here. We could go with a site geared towards a specific type of coupon. Examples would be electronics, groceries, etc... We could also go with a site targeted towards a specific geological area. For example, if you live in a large city such as Chicago, your site could focus solely on coupons for Chicago residents & businesses. And yet another type of site to offer would be a site that is “known” for the way it releases coupons. For example, you might release 20 new coupons each morning at 10:30am, and become known as the site that does so. We cannot say that one type of site is better than the other. What niche you decide to focus on will be what you feel most comfortable with. Is your city large enough (1+million population) for a coupon site dedicated to it? Are you interested in electronics, or would you be more interested in something else such as video games, books, movies, sports & fitness, etc....? Again, there's not a right or wrong answer here. Just make sure your niche is large enough. You don't want it to be too small. You wouldn't want to promote “Coupons for African Safaris Launching From New Jersey”.

A good way to make sure your niche is large enough is to go here. Type in keywords that describe your niche, and make sure the “match type” is set to “exact”. What this will do is show you the average times per month someone searches for your keywords. You really want this to be 150,000 or more. If it's less, your niche probably isn't large enough. Another thing you can do is google your keywords in parenthesis. Do you see google ads from advertisers on the right side of the page? If so, that's good. You want competition, that means the niche you have selected is profitable. After you've taken the time to select the niche for your coupon site, it's time to move on to the next step.

STEP TWO - Domain & Hosting Domain Name Now that you have your niche selected, we need to come up with a domain name that fits. You can just start writing whatever comes to mind on a piece of paper, various keywords, etc... A good place to brainstorm is Type in one of your keywords, and you'll get a list of similar words you could use in place of your original keyword. It's extremely important to try and keep your domain name as short and catchy as possible. We want it to be easily remembered.

(image copyright 2009)

Once you've got several possible domain names written down, head over to Enter your domain name under step one, select a “.com” extension under step two (you always want a .com extension, nothing else), and click search. Once you've found a domain that suits your site well you can register it for just $9.69 per year.

(image copyright 2009)

Hosting After you've got your domain name, it's time for hosting. We recommend

(image copyright 2009)

For what we will be doing, the $7.95/month package (baby) should be fine. There's no need to spend more than that right now. In the future, as the business grows, and we need to upgrade the hosting, we can do so at that time. Once you've signed up, HostGator will send you an email with all your account information, login details, etc... so make sure to save that email.

STEP THREE – Building your site

The next step is to create our website. You have several options here for displaying your coupons. What we recommend is that you go with a 3-column design. That is, your middle column will be the widest, and display the most prominent coupons and deals, while the 2 side columns will display secondary ads/deals.

(image copyright 2009)

Looking at the image above, you'll see a nice example of a 3-column design. This is what we want to create. Just a simple, nice clean layout.

We'll start out with a basic html based site because it's the absolute cheapest way to go. There are more sophisticated ways of starting our site, such as a coupon script, but you can wait on that until your site is bringing in some revenue, and upgrade at that time. The first thing you want to do is find a template that you can use as the basis for your site. You can then open this template up in an html editor, make changes to it, and call it your own. For templates we recommend the following sites: Templates are available for around $15 and up here, and they have a HUGE selection of them to choose from. Very nice selection of templates. You can get a six month unlimited subscription to as many templates as you like for just $49. Once you've selected your template and are ready to edit it, you'll need to do so using an html editor. If you don't already have an html editor on your computer, two low cost choices are: 1. NVU – Pronounced “n-view”, this complete web authoring system is absolutely free. 2. CoffeeCup – Free to try for 30 days, and $49 to buy

Graphics If you'd like to add any graphics to your site, or find some images to use in your logo, we recommend Images are available for as little as $1 each, and many high quality images are just $2-3 each.

Outsourcing: If you want to start off with a script that makes it easier to add/remove coupons, you'll probably want to outsource this, or purchase an existing script and have it installed. Again, this isn't something that you need to do from the beginning, you can wait until your site is established to do so. But we know some of you may want to go “all out” at the beginning, so for those that do, here's what you need to do. You can outsource the “coupon script” project to service providers at various sites. Those that we recommend include: Warriors For Hire The key to selecting a good provider, is to keep the following things in mind: *Make sure the provider has been in business for at least 6 months *Make sure they speak and write your native language well *They should have a high feedback rating *The provider should have completed similar projects to yours

As long as you follow the guidelines above, you shouldn't have any problem finding a competent provider. We recommend that you place your job request on 2-3 of the sites listed above, and sift through the bids to find the best choice. When describing your project, you want to go into as much detail as possible. Below are the features you definitely want included in your script. 1. Ability to organize Deals/Coupons by Stores, Categories, and tags. 2. Search Feature: Allow visitors to search the website for specific stores/coupons/deals 3. RSS feed for the site 4. Admin panel. Manage all of your deals and coupons on the site site through the admin panel 5. Delete expired coupons, or deals with any other criteria you select via the admin panel Another option would be to show your programmer a site that functions in a similar manner to what you are looking for, (such as and let them know what elements you would like included/excluded. Purchasing a script: Another choice is to purchase a ready made script and have it installed. An example of a ready made script can be seen by clicking here. This script has a TON of features, and you can use their feature list as a guide to show your programmer if you are outsourcing the work, or comparing other scripts to it. Site Navigation/Pages In addition to your index page, you'll want to have the following pages on your site.

Categories: If your niche is large enough, you can break up your coupons and deals into several categories such as “Freebies”, “One Time Use Coupons”, “Expiring Soon”, “Store Names”, etc... Contact us: Give visitors a way to contact you. You should have an email address listed here, and always try to respond within 1 business day. Privacy Policy/Terms of Use: Let visitors know what to expect when using your site, what terms they agree to, etc... Faq: A page that lists the most common questions and answers that you receive.

STEP FOUR – Joining the Affiliate Networks After your site is up and running, you can apply to various affiliate networks. You'll want to apply as a “publisher”. Below is a list of networks you can apply to. You want to apply to as many networks as possible, so that you have the widest range of coupons/deals to offer your visitors. IncentaClick

Take care to NOT apply for the networks until your site is up and running. Most all networks will only approve applications for “live” sites. Also make sure to completely fill out the application forms to the best of your ability...try not to leave too many answers blank. After applying it will probably take a couple days to hear back from the networks regarding your application. If you haven't heard back within 2 days, call the network and let them know you are ready to get rolling and would like to get your account opened asap. If you don't get accepted by all of the networks, no need to worry, that's okay. You can get by with just 2 networks, but 3-4 would be ideal.

STEP FIVE – Adding Coupons/CPA Offers to your Site You want to add new coupons/deals to your site on a consistent basis. Remember CONTENT IS KING. If you continually provide fresh content, visitors will make it a point to return to your site on a regular basis, and spread the word to others. A good goal when first starting your site might be to add 20 new coupons/deals per day. This is something that shouldn't take you longer than 90 minutes to do, assuming you can find and list a new one every 4-5 minutes, which is pretty realistic.

There are a few ways to find coupons/deals to list on your site. These include: 1. Log into each affiliate network and browse their new offers. If you are running a script, many affiliate networks have a data feed that you can tap into, just ask your affiliate manager about this. Most networks will let you sort offers by date added, so you always see what is most current. 2. Browse other coupon sites and see what offers they are running that day. If they have offers that fit your site, run the same offer. 3. Visit and search for your niche. See what products are the top sellers, grab coupons/deals, and feature those hot items on your site. 4. Put an announcement on the index page of your site inviting visitors to submit deals. As an incentive, offer a prize (free game, dvd, gift card, etc...) to one visitor per month who has their deal published on your site. When you find a coupon that you want to place on your site, just grab your affiliate code from one of your networks, and insert that code into the html of your site. For example, let's say our site featured coupons/deals on video games. So one thing we might want to do is include some of the the weekly specials to a gaming site such as To do this we would login to our affiliate network (linkshare has Ebgames), grab one of the newest offers, and then place the link on our site.

This offer (free shipping with coupon code) is a perfect example of a great coupon for our site, and it took me less than 2 minutes to find it! The new coupons/deals we gather each day need to be placed in the middle column of our 3-column site. For the side columns we can insert smaller banner and text ads such as those below. These can be ongoing, monthly specials that we grab from each affiliate network and really don't need to be updated more than once a month, or every 2 weeks at most.

Revenue For most coupons and deals you place on your site through CJ & Linkshare, you'll earn a percentage of the purchase price. So if your visitor spends $500, you might earn 2%, or 5% commission depending on the particular store. Another way to earn revenue is through CPA, or “Cost Per Action” offers. These are offered by most all of the other affiliate networks. You are paid on a per sale basis for these offers. So if you have an ad up for the latest diet pill, you might receive $20 each time someone places an order. We recommend using a mix of both regular commission offers, and CPA offers on your site. STEP SIX – Advertising your Site Below are some of the various ways you can advertise & promote your site. 1. Autoresponder – When a visitor arrives at your site, we recommend that they have the option to subscribe to your newsletter. For the autoresponder itself we recommend We also recommend that you use a “hover ad”, as this will increase your sign up rate significantly, over a static sign up box.

*********************************************** Sample email to send visitor after subscribing Dear (name here), Thanks for joining our coupon newsletter! Make sure to watch your email for the latest deals! Sincerely, (your website address here) *********************************************** 2. Text links and banner ads – You can place text links and banner ads on sites with similar demographics. For example, if your site offers coupons for video games, you would want to advertise on various entertainment sites. You can use: to make banners. They have many templates to choose from and you can create your banners using a simple stepby-step process directly from their site. 3. Friends & Family – Send an email to your friends, family, and anyone you have a business/personal relationship with, letting them know about your site. You never know who they might forward it to! In addition, make sure you have your URL on everything: business cards, shirts, hats, mugs, etc... 4. Window Lettering - Window lettering with a unique forwarding URL setup to track your visitors. This DOES work and it works VERY WELL! It works well if you drive in a highly populated area, or are able to park your vehicle in a high traffic spot during the day, or over the weekend.

Just about any local graphics shop should be able to make these for you. 5. Press Release – Announce the opening of your site via a press release on You can get a press release professionally written using any of the outsourcing resources listed previously in this report. 6. Submit your site to the following directories:,,,, 7. Tags – Craft your title and meta tags to properly fit the definition of your site, and what visitors are looking for. Just click here for a great tutorial on how to do so. 8. Build local partnerships – Do you have a local grocery store, local electronics stores, etc...any local “non chain” stores that relate to your niche? Stop by and offer to include a free ad on your website advertising their business. In return, all they have to do is hand out an ad (flier, business card, etc...) advertising your website with each order. You can stop by periodically, once a week, or once a month to restock the business with your ad materials (flier, etc..). 9. Social Marketing – Setup a page on Facebook and Twitter with your website information. Post a couple of your coupons each week to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

10. Helpful Articles – This is a VERY important step. On your index page make sure you have a link that directs visitors to a new page with at least 5-6 helpful articles. These are articles that give tips & advice on whatever the main niche of your website may be. So if you are dealing with grocery coupons, you would have 5-6 articles that detail how to save money while shopping, or how to prepare low cost meals.

Step Six – Daily Operations Overview Okay, now that we have everything up and running, let's go over what it takes to operate the site on a regular basis. 1. You should be updating the site consistently. That means adding a set number of coupons & deals to your site each day. Whether that's 15, or 20, etc...just make sure it is consistent. 2. You should be sending a newsletter out to your subscribers detailing the latest coupons at least once per week. 3. Answer any questions you receive via email at least once per day. 4. Advertise consistently. Whether it's paid or free advertising, just stick with the outline above. IT WILL PAY OFF VERY NICELY!

CONCLUSION We hope you enjoyed this report, and we hope that you TAKE ACTION and put it to use! If you take just a little time each day to implement what we outline, you can launch a very successful business! There are many sites operating on the exact business plan we have described above that are making hundreds of thousands of dollars and more per year! If you have any questions regarding this report, just send us an email to


***ADDITIONAL CONTENT*** As part of your purchase, we are giving you complete access to the information below Just click the link to download. A to Z Search Engine Optimization – 200+ page report

RESOURCES Affiliate Networks IncentaClick Domain Name Registration Hosting Scripts OWS Software HTML Editors NVU CoffeeCup

Programming Warriors For Hire Advertising PRWeb Website Templates

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