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Dated:4th August 2002

1. The Report covers briefly the activities of the Delhi International Branch for the year 2001-2002 2. Meetings Branch Committee meetings were held as below: S.No. Date Venue 1. 3rd February 2002 India International Centre 2. 28th April 2002 India International Centre 3. 14th July 2002 India International Centre 4. AGM – 4th August 2002 India International Centre In line with the new IEE Branch Guidelines, the number of Branch Committee meetings has been reduced and the Core Committee consisting of the Chairman,Hon.Secretary,Hon.Treasurer and two or three other concerned members has been meeting more often to consider policy matters in respect of several issues 3. Technical Lectures/Seminars: Twelve Technical Lectures/Seminars were arranged during the year The list is enclosed in Annexure “A” 4. Members in the News: a) It is a matter of great pride that Mr.H.L.Bajaj,FIEE has taken over as Chairman CEA w.e.f 1 st July 2002. b) Mr.N.Venkatesan was elected to represent India in the IEE Council for the year 2001-2002 c) With deep regret we wish to record the sad demise of our active member Mr.D.K.Abbi and Wng.Comdr. K.N.Sinha during the year 5. Visit of Prof.John Midwinter,Past President IEE: Prof.John Midwinter is expected to visit Delhi from the 4th to the 8th of September. He will attend the Seminar on Telecommunications on 6 th September and give the keynote address.His specialisation is Optical Fibre Networks 6. Proposed Seminar on 6th September 2002 The Branch has planned a one day Seminar on Development of Telecommunication Infrastructure in India on the 6th September 2002, in the Auditorium of the India International Centre. Topics for discussion include: Telecom Infrastructure and futuristic trends of Telecom Development in India-role of Public and Private Sector. Improving India`sTeledensity and Rural Connectivity

Financing Telecom Development Regulatory policy Framework Commiunication Convergence:Role of associated Sectors like Gas,Power,Railways etc. Panel Discussion Sponsorship is expected from MTNL,GAIL,Indian Railways,Power Grid Corporation(PGCIL),Qualcom and others.. Provisionally the Program is as below 9.30 AM-10.30 AM: INAUGURAL SESSION 10.30 – 11.00 TEA 11.00 –1.00 PM Technical Session I INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT 1.00-2.00 PM LUNCH 2.00-4.00 PM Technical Session II: COMMUNICATION FOR THE MASSES 4.00-4.30 PM TEA 4.30-5.30 PM PANEL DISCUSSION 7. Membership Drive: The membership of IEE Delhi International Branch is as follows as on 15 th May 2002: Fellows: 37 Comparison with previous year(Sept.2001) Members: 44 Fellows: 38 Associate Members: 12 Members: 50 Associates: 27 Associate Members: 12 Senior Associates: 5 Associates 19 Students: 911 Senior Associates 5 Total: 1036 Students 818 Total 942 There has been some loss of membership due to movement of members to other areas and death of some members.About 60 applications of students from JSS Engineering College have been misplaced and therefore their membership has not been shown in the above figures This has been possible due to the untiring efforts of the IMA and the support given by Committee Members However the growth in corporate membership is still not very encouraging and efforts are needed to increase this membership. Help from Members is welcome. 8. Student Activities: The Delhi Branch has the following Student Centres at present: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) (x) (xi) (xii) (xiii) Delhi College of Engineering Indian Institute of Technology,Delhi Institute of Technology,BHU,Varanasi Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology,Pstiala Regional Engineering College,Srinagar(J & K) Regional Engineering College,Jullunder Punjab Engineering College,Chandigarh Birla Institute of Technology & Science,Pilani Jamia Milia Islamia,Delhi Regional Engineering College,Allahabad Indian Institute of Technology,Roorkee Mahila Institute of Technology,Delhi Malaviya Regional Engineering College,Jaipur

(xiv) JSS Academy of Technical Education,C-20/1,Sector 62,Noida (UP) New Student Centres were established at MREC,Jaipur and JSS Academy of Technical Education,Noida. New student Centres are being planned for AMU,Aligarh,REC,Hamirpur,& REC,Kurukshetra Dr.Vimal Bhanot has moved to BITS,Pilani,Due to movement of some Student Counsellors,new Counsellors are expected to take charge of activities in ,Mahila Institute of Techmology,TIET,Patiala and MREC,Jaipur. A new centre at JSS Academy of Technical Education,Noida was also established as stated above. Some of the activities planned in the Student Centres are as follows: 8.1 Delhi College of Engineering- TROIKA 2002: 12th – 16th February 2002 Brainwave,Envision,Technovision,Panache,Bits`n` Bytes,Scintella,Synergy contests and Demonstrations 8.2 Malaviya Regional Engineering College,Jaipur:Inauguration of IEE Student Centre: 10th October 2001 TECHWIT: 2001:Paper presentation Contest was held on the same day Institute of Technology,BHU,Varanasi: 22nd-24th February 2002 PRASTUTI-2002: A National Level Paper Presentation Contest with other activities like Software Contests,Quizzes,and Workshops


9. Awards In line with the past tradition ,the Branch Committee recommends the following for the awards for the year 2001: a) b) c) d) Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr.P.N.Choudhary IEE Service Medal: Mr.S.P.Sharma Best Student Counsellor: Prof.N.A.Laway of REC Srinagar Best Student: REC Srinagar: Mr.Mubasir Nisar Shora Inst.of Technology,BHU: Mr.Anoop Gupta Jamia Milia Islamia: Mr.Puneet Gulati MN REC,Allahabad Mr.S,Kumar

An additional Award is being instituted this year for the Outstanding Engineer and for this year it has been decided to award the same to Mr.H.L.Bajaj,Chairman,CEA.My congratulations to all the award winners. It was also decided to honour the following at the time of the Telecommunications Workshop in September 2002: i) ii) Mr.N.R.Narayana Murthy of Infosys,Bangalore (he will not be available for the same) Mr.Rajendra Singh,former CMD,NTPC

10. Delhi Branch Website: We have been working on the Delhi Branch Website for some time now. However it could not be hosted due to some technical difficulties. The Website created by Jamia Milia Islamia has been recorded on a floppy and sent to London,through Mr.N.Venkatesan. I am now glad to inform members that this has been uploaded on to the IEE Website and can be viewed on Many student branches have also websites including BHU,Varanasi,and MREC,Jaipur The Website for Delhi Branch is under preparation and part of what has been created can be viewed at the address: Mr.Saurab Mathur of Jamia Milia Islamia has been working on this project, and we are thankful to him. I am proud to say that we are the first IEE Branch in India to host a Website as part of IEE Website. 11.The Branch continues to get the following publications regularly: i IEE News ii IEE Review iii Power Engineering Journal

iv Science and Education Journal v Electronics and Communication Engineering Journal vi Engineering Management Journal vii Computing and Control Engineering Journal viii Manufacturing Engineer Journal These are kept with the Hony.Secretary and any member desirous in having a copy can get it on loan. 12. Points arising out of last AGM: a) Copy of Accounts and Secretary`s Report have been posted in advance.All members are requested to bring their copies b) Members have still not advised their E-Mail addresses c) The accounts have been prepared giving comparison to the last year`s figures d) Recruitment show could not be arranged due lack of volunteers to help e) Annual Seminar is being organised on the 6th September 2002. 13. Relations with other Institutions: The IEE Delhi Branch has been maintaining an excellent relationship with IIT,Delhi, Institution of Engineers(India),IETE,IEEE Delhi Section and BES. Efforts have been made to organise activities in collaboration with these institutions as shown in the list of technical activities. 14. Acknowledgements: I wish to acknowledge with thanks the support and encouragement given by the Chairman,Honorary Treasurer,the IMA,the Branch Committee Members and Members of the IEE Delhi Branch in arranging the various activities during the year. With the approval by the AGM, Mr.I.S.Anand will take over the Honorary Secretaryship from 1 st October 2002-this will therefore be my last report to the AGM. I wish to thank the Chairman,Vice-Chairman, Honorary Treasurer,IMA and all members for their cooperation in making my job a success through all these years. I wish my successor a great and rewarding future in his work.Thank you very much.

(T.S.M.Rao) Honorary Secretary






Date/Venue 8th November 2001 Seminar Hall,IIT Delhi

1. Shri P.S.Saran, Impact of Convergence Technologies Former Secretary,Govt. on Telecommunications Seminar Hall,IIT,Delhi (in collaboration with IIT Delhi of India,Telecom.Services Alumni Association) & Former Member Technology, Telecommunications Board 2. Prof.M.S.Sachdev Sachdev Engineering Associates(Canada) & Professor,University of Saskachevan,Canada 3. Prof.Rajesh Gupta Dept.of Computer Science,University of California,USA

Power Systems Yesterday & Today 7 th December 2001 (in collaboration with IEEE Delhi Section, Committee Room.EE Dept, Electrical Engineering Dept,&IEE Student IIT Delhi Chapter,IIT Delhi)

Co-Design Tools & Architectural 14 th December 2001 Adaptation for deep sub-micron VLSI Seminar Room,Computer Systems(in collaboratiin with IEEE Delhi Science & Eng`g Dept. Section,CAS=CS Societies & Computer IIT Delhi(Block 6,Room430) Societies Chapters) 4. Prof.Raj Jain Optical Networking with IP over DWDM: 17 th December 2001 Dept.of Computer & Recent Advances,Trends & Issues Committee Room,EE Dept, Information Sciences, (in collaboration with Computer Science IIT Delhi University of Ohio,USA Society,EE Society & EE Dept. IIT Delhi0 5. Prof Amarjeet Singh Enhancement of Efficiency of Gyratrons Former Director,CEERI, for Fusion Energy Applications Pilani (in collaboration with Energy Forum,IIT Delhi Energy Centre Siciety) 6. Seminar 19 th December 2001 Committee Room,Centre for Energy Studies,IIT Delhi

Energy Efficient Equipment & Systems for 30th January 2002 Saving Electricity(in collaboration with Committee Room,EE Dept, Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing IIT Delhi(Full Day Seminar) AssociationIEEMA,IEEE Delhi SectionIAS/PES Chapter) New Technologies in Electrical Power Transmission-Part I (in collaboration with IEEE Delhi Section, PES-IAS Chapter & EE Dept,IIT Delhi) New Technologies in Electrical Power Transmission-Part II (in collaboration with IEEE Delhi Section, PES-IAS Chapter & EE Dept.IIT Delhi 7th March 2002 Committee Room,EE Dept, IIT Delhi 22 nd March 2002 Committee Room,EE Dept, IIT Delhi

7. Shri.R.Saha CEA

8. Shri K.K.Arya CEA


Shri.Ashis Sanyal Director,Dept.of IT Govt.of India

Electromagnetic Pollution-Causes & Concerns 26th April 2002 (in collaboration with IEEE Delhi Section) India International Centre

10. Seminar (Full Day) 34 th World Telecom Day: ICT for all: Empowering people to cross the Digital Divide(in collaboration with IETE) Electricity Industry Restructuring in (in collaboration with IEEE Delhi Section) EMC Design for Electrical/Electronic Products (in collaboration with Delhi Chapter of SEMCE(I)-Society of EMC Engineers(India), Delhi Chapter) 17 th May 2002 Delton Hall,IETE,Lodi Road 12 th June 2002 India International Centre 9 th –10th August 2002 Delton Hall,Lodi Road

11. Dr.Shishir K. Mukherjee 12. Workshop (2 Days)


Dated: 22nd July 2002