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									SECTION 16100 ELECTRICAL 1. SCOPE A. B. General: Provide a complete electrical system as described herein and as shown on the drawings. Items Included: Items under Division 16 shall include but not be limited to: 1. 2. 2. Power distribution complete beginning with existing equipment and extending through all branch circuits. Switches.

CODES, ORDINANCES AND PERMITS A. General: Where requirements of these specifications exceed specified codes and ordinances conform to these specifications. Materials and equipment included in Underwriters' Label Service shall bear that label. Electrical equipment shall be UL approved as installed, unless noted otherwise herein. Codes: The work covered under this section of specifications shall conform to the following Codes and Standards as applicable: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. All applicable state and local codes and amendments International Code Council – (2003) ICC IBC International Building Code International Code Council – (2003) ICC IFC International Fire Code Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - (2002) IEEE C2 National Electrical Safety Code International Power Cable Engineer's Association – IPCEA National Electrical Manufacturer's Association - NEMA National Fire Protection Association - (2005) NFPA 70 National Electrical Code National Fire Protection Association - (2002) NFPA 79 Electrical Standard for Industry Machinery National Fire Protection Association - (2003) NFPA 101 Life Safety Code


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10. 11. C. 3.

National Fire Protection Association - (2002) NFPA 110 Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Publications

Permits: See General Conditions

COMPLETION OF WORK A. Testing: At the completion of work, a test shall be made and the entire system shall be shown to be in perfect working condition. The following shall be made available to personnel conducting the test: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. B. C. Electrician with hand tools. Accurate voltmeter. Clamp-on ammeter. Test lamp. Phase rotation indicator. Complete electrical specifications and drawings with addenda and revisions.

Submittal: Upon completion of work, submit for approval three bound copies of the Certificate of Final Inspection from local authorities. Instructions: After completion and at a time convenient to the Owner, qualified mechanics shall thoroughly familiarize the Owner's personnel with the operation and the maintenance of the items listed under "Submittal". Guarantee: All equipment and materials furnished and all work performed under this section of specifications shall be guaranteed to be free of defective materials and workmanship for a period of one year (unless a longer period is specified elsewhere herein) after final acceptance of the work by the Owner. Upon notice from the Owner of failure of any part of the guaranteed equipment or failure of systems to operate properly during the guarantee period, the affected part or parts shall be promptly replaced with new parts by the Contractor at no additional cost to the Owner. All labor required to perform guarantee shall be included as part of the complete guarantee warranty. Warranties: Provide manufacturer's equipment warranties prior to final inspection. Record Drawings: Furnish to the General Contractor one set of as-built sepias with all changes to the project neatly drafted. Cost of the sepias and drafting shall 16100-2


E. F.

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be included under this Division. 4. SPACE CONDITIONS A. All apparatus shall fit into the available spaces in the building and must be introduced into the building so as not to cause damage to the structure. All equipment requiring service shall be accessible.


DRAWINGS A. Drawings are diagrammatic and show generally the location of the lighting, lamps, wiring, raceways, switches and accessories and are not to be scaled. All dimensions shall be verified at the building site. Prefabrication of work from drawings shall be at Contractor's risk.


WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIALS A. B. C. Workmanship: All work necessary to complete the project shall be executed in a thorough, neat, and workmanlike manner. Materials: All materials shall be new and equipment included in Underwriters Label Service shall bear that label. Substitutions: 1. Basis of Design: Model numbers indicated herein or shown on the drawings are the Basis of Design. The Contractor may substitute equal and approved equipment provided said equipment meets all requirements of the plans and specifications, and will fit in the available spaces in the building as shown. The approval or disapproval of any submitted item will be considered only if submitted before beginning work. Each request shall include a description of the proposed substitute, the name of material or equipment for which it is to be substituted, drawings, cuts, performance and test data for an evaluation and a statement from the equipment manufacturer's representative that the items to be substituted meet or exceed the specifications of the item substituted for. Costs: If the contractor chooses to provide equipment which meets all the aforementioned requirements but has different characteristics which causes any additional costs, he shall bear all costs associated with that substitution. All changes shall be coordinated with the architect, owner and general contractor.



SHOP DRAWINGS AND CUTS A. Contractor's Approval: Each copy of shop drawings and cuts shall be signed and dated by Contractor as evidence of checking to ensure compliance with plans and 16100-3

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specifications. Unsigned drawings will be returned. B. Submittals: Shall be assembled, bound in a 3-ring binder with an index sheet showing general and subcontractor's name, address, phone number, and contact person and shall be submitted at one time unless unavailable drawings would delay project. Any electrical equipment serving mechanical equipment will not be reviewed unless accompanied by a completed and signed HVAC and/or plumbing electrical data sheet in Section 15010. Electrical contractor shall coordinate with the mechanical contractor(s) to fill out data sheet and make necessary modifications to electrical submittal. Electrical equipment which serves mechanical equipment will not be reviewed until mechanical equipment is approved. Submittal shall include but not be limited to: 1. 2. 3. 8. Disconnect Switches Starters and Contactors Conduit and Wire

APPARATUS UNDER OTHER SECTIONS A. B. General: No roughing shall be done until roughing drawings are furnished. Mechanical Equipment (Division 15): 1. 2. 3. 4. Provide all power wiring through disconnects, starters, contactors, freezestats, firestats and other control devices. Provide conduit, fuses, wiring, and disconnect switches where not factory installed. Provide all starters and contactors under this section except starters integral with equipment or specifically specified in Division 15. Firestats, freezestats, aquastats, and other electrical control devices and wiring are furnished and mounted under Division 15. All control wiring is furnished under Division 15, but shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of Division 16.


CONDUIT A. General: Conduit shall be galvanized rigid conduit or electrical metallic tubing. Conduits 1 ½” and larger; exposed below 5'-0"; branch conduit to motors 2 hp and larger; or exposed to weather shall be rigid. Only rigid galvanized conduit shall be installed underground and in or under concrete slab on grade. Elsewhere conduit shall be EMT.

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Connectors and Couplings: Same material and finish as raceway. Rigid shall be threaded. EMT shall be split-ring compression type. Indenter or setscrew types are not acceptable. Threads: Cut clean and remove rough edges. Running threads shall not be used. Pullboxes: Specified in NEC Article 370. Insulating Bushings: On all conduits entering raceways, pullboxes, cabinets, stubs, panelboards, switchboard, and motor control centers. Insulated Throat Connectors: On all EMT connections. Conduits in Contact with Ground: Coat complete with two coats of asphaltic paint or use conduit with 20 mil-bonded coat of PVC. All joints shall be recoated after installation. Expansion Fittings: Appleton, Crouse-Hinds or O.Z. at all expansion joints. Capping: Cap conduits exposed during construction to prevent entrance of moisture or foreign matter, use T&B Push-Pennies. Plugging: All conduit runs which extend from interior to exterior of building and those that enter and leave refrigerated spaces shall be sealed to prevent the circulation of air. This shall be done by stuffing the conduit ends with wicking where the conduit run terminates inside the building or outside the refrigerated spaces in the outlet box or panel, as the case may be. Manufacturers: Allied, LTV, Triangle or Wheatland. Conduit Routing: 1. 2. 3. 4. Clearances: Maintain 3" crossing hot piping and 12" paralleling. Concealed: Where possible. Exposed Routings: Run parallel or at right angles to the building lines. Supports: Individual runs shall be anchored in place within 3' of changes in direction and at intervals not over 8' by means of straps or clamps specifically designed for the purpose. Wire, hanger iron, nails, and other means shall not be used. Do not strap to the piping. Multiple runs shall be supported by assemblies or trapeze type hangers to provide a rigid installation. Anchor supports by means of toggle bolts on hollow masonry units, expansion anchors on solid masonry units and machine screws in steelwork. Conduit shall not be supported from ceiling system.

C. D. E. F. G.

H. I. J.

K. L.

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Firestopping: Seal conduit penetrations in fire rated walls, partitions, floors and ceilings with Dow Corning, Silicone RTV or 3M fire barrier compounds.

M. N. O.

All raceways shall have an insulated copper system ground conductor. Raceways which do not have conductors furnished under this Division of the specifications shall be left with an approved pullcord in raceway. Conduit Installed Below Grade: 1. 2. Bury conduit minimum 24" below finished grade beneath parking areas and drives. Bury conduit minimum 12" elsewhere. Install 6" wide detectable Extra Strength Terratape within 6" of finished grade above all conduits and/or duct banks installed below grade.


FLEXIBLE METAL CONDUIT A. General: Short lengths for connection to rotating or vibrating machinery or equipment, 6' lengths maximum for connection to lighting troffers. B-X cable is not acceptable. Flexible connections to motors shall not be less than four diameters nor more than 24" in length and shall be liquid-tight neoprene-coated for motor connections and where subjected to moisture. Provide separate grounding conductor in flexible conduits. Connectors: Steel, zinc or cadmium plates. Fittings that anchor the conduit by means of setscrews are not acceptable.

B. 11.

CONDUCTORS (50 to 600 VOLTS) A. General: Minimum size AWG 12 copper with minimum conductance of 98% unless noted otherwise, solid for #10 and smaller, stranded for #8 and larger installed in continuous conduit system. Taps and Joints: Mechanically and electrically sound. Use 3M Skotch-loks or Ideal Wing Nut for #10 and smaller. Burndy Hydent or T&B Color-Keyed on #8 and larger. Tape: All joints shall be covered with gum tape and taped over with friction tape. Vinyl plastic tape may be used in lieu of gum and friction tape. Terminal Lugs: Use for connecting conductors larger than #10 and for all multiple connections to terminals. Burndy Hydent to T&B Color-Keyed. Lacing: All wiring in cabinets, panels, pullboxes, junction boxes are to be neatly laced and held with T&B Ty-Raps. 16100-6


C. D. E.

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F. G.

Lubricants: Electro Y-ER-EAS, Ideal Wire-Lube or Minerallac 100. Color Code: Use 3/4" tape bands corresponding to color code on all wire not available with factory applied color-coding. Color code shall be as follows: Phase A B C N G 208/120 Blue Red Black White Green

The color-coding shall be permanently posted at each panelboard in accordance with NEC 210-4(d). H. I. Wire Pulling: Not until conduit system is complete. Conductor Insulation, Unless Noted Otherwise: 1. 2. J. 12. No. 8 and Smaller: Type "THWN-THHN" No. 6 and Larger: Type "XHHW", "THW"

Manufacturers: Carol, Collyer, Essex, Guardian, Manhattan, Okonite, Pirelli, Rome, Royal, or Triangle.

NAMEPLATES A. General: Provide for safety switch, control switch, and circuit breaker in main distribution switchboard. Mount on exterior of door on all surface panels, interior of flush panels. Designation: The usage of each device or circuit shall be etched in 1/4" letters and mounted on device cover except flush panels shall be nameplate mounted inside panel. Type: White core black bakelite, adhered with epoxy glue.


C. 13.

WOOD BACKBOARDS A. B. C. General: Provide wood backboards as shown on drawings for mounting of surface panels. Type: 3/4" thick Grade 1 plywood supported by 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/8 angle iron frame attached to wall with 1/4" toggle bolts if backboard is greater than 2' by 2'. Finish: Frame and board with two coats light gray enamel. 16100-7

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FUSES A. General: Provide in all fused devices, switches, etc. This shall include equipment of other trades. Fuse sizes on drawings are based on design equipment. Contractor shall verify equipment nameplate data and size fuses accordingly. Types: 600 Amps or Less - Class RK-1 Bussman LPN-RK-SP (250V) or LPSRK-5P (600V). Manufacturers: Bussman as specified or by Reliance, General Electric or Ferraz Shawmut. Spare Fuses: Prior to Final Inspection, provide minimum three (3) spare fuses for each type of fuse used on project.

B. C. D. 15.

STARTERS AND CONTACTORS A. General: All line voltage motor and heater control starters and contactors except as specified in Division 15, are to be provided under this section. No IEC type starters will be accepted. Three Phase, Single Speed Motors: Magnetic across-the-line starter. Square D Class 8536. Overload Elements: All legs of multi-phase starters shall be protected with overload elements. Overload elements shall be sized in accordance with National Electrical Code. Contactors: Shall be rated for resistance load and shall be similar to three phase multi-speed motors with overload elements. Coils: The maximum allowable control voltage is 120 volts. All holding coils shall operate on 120 volts. On 208-volt starters, coil voltage shall be obtained by neutral conductor. On higher voltages, control transformers or separate 120V control circuits shall be utilized. Pilot Lights: Provide a pilot light with green jewel in cover, lit when starter is closed, for all magnetic fan and pump motor starters. H-O-A Switches: Provide on cover of all starters. Combination Starter/Motor Circuit Protector Units: Unless indicated otherwise, all motors shall be protected by motor circuit protectors. MCP shall be toggle handle type with quick-make, quick-break mechanism. Units shall have molded cases with sealed trip units. Each pole shall provide instantaneous short circuit protection by means of an adjustable magnetic only element. RMS symmetrical ampere at 600-volts of the combination MCP-starter shall be not less than 22,000 16100-8

B. C.

D. E.

F. G. H.

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amperes. The combination starter/motor circuit protector shall be in one integral unit. I. Phase Loss Protection: Provide a three phase power monitor with adjustable trip delay, automatic reset and isolated N.C. and N.O. contacts to shut-off power in case of phase loss, low voltage, phase reversal or phase unbalance for all motors 5 hp and larger. Manufacturers: Square D, class as specified, General Electric, Cutler-Hammer, Allen-Bradley, Joslyn-Clark or Siemens.

J. 16.

SAFETY SWITCH, HEAVY DUTY A. General: Provide heavy-duty safety switches having the electrical characteristics, ratings and modifications shown on the drawings. All switches shall have NEMA 1 general purpose enclosures indoor or NEMA 3R where exposed to weather unless noted otherwise; handle whose position is easily recognizable that is integral with the switch base and is padlockable in the "OFF" position; visible blades, reinforced fuse clips; non-teasible, positive, quick-make, quick-break mechanisms and switch assembly plus operating handle as an integral part of the enclosure base. All switches shall be UL listed, HP rated, shall have defeatable door interlocks that prevent the door from opening when the operating handle is in the "ON" position and shall have line terminal shields. Manufacturer: General Electric, Square D, Cutler Hammer or Siemens. Nameplates: Label each device as specified under "Nameplates".

B. C. 17.

GROUNDING A. General: Provide grounding for the following items as required by National Electrical Code and as indicated and specified herein: 1. 2. 3. 4. Conduit and other conductor enclosure. Neutral or grounded conductor of interior wiring system. All panelboards, safety switches, non-current carrying parts of fixed equipment, such as motor and starters. Provide a separate grounding conductor in all conduits. END OF SECTION

Roosevelt Warm Springs Rehab Replace Cooling Tower-North Wing


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