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CAL PACT Cal People and Computer Training University of California at Berkeley NOTICE TO USER: By receiving this package, you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement. E-learning software is available for TWO months by CAL PACT. The loan period may be extended through a formal written request or e-mail received no less than two days before the materials are scheduled to be returned. Requests by other departments prior to the request extension will be given priority. You are fully made responsible for any lost media or damages to the CD ROMs. CAL PACT is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages, including any lost profits or lost savings. CAL PACT is not responsible for providing departmental, technical, or training support for the e-learning software. Installation problems can be sent to calpact@berkeley.edu.

MATERIALS: 29-course computer training CD (Office 2000) 25-course computer training CD (Office 97) EXTENSION: ( DATE ISSUED: ISSUER: ___________________________ ADDRESS: CAL PACT, MC 3808, 2195 Hearst APPLICANT: MAIL CODE: PHONE: BFS-COA: YES / NO )

Win 95/98/NT Win 95/98

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DATE TO BE RETURNED: PHONE: 510-642 0559/510-643-5385(fax) E-MAIL: calpact@berkeley.edu______ EMAIL: ADDRESS: FAX:


SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________________________________________ (This signature authorizes fund transfer from the above BFS-COA)
*If materials are damaged, lost, or stolen, you will be held responsible for their replacement* *Your BFS-COA will be charged $25 for material replacement costs*

Information below to be signed after return of said materials in original condition DATE OF RETURN: ______________________ RECIPIENT: _____________________________

calpact@berkeley.edu http://calpact.berkeley.edu


Revised: January 27, 2005

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