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Supplier Quality Assurance Manual
Section 22                           Supplier Scorecard

        The Supplier Scorecard employs a 5 point system, 5 being the highest and 1 the
        lowest. (Listed below is an explanation on the fields used.)

        1.     Measurement Items
               • PPM (Based on defects found at Samtec and the number of parts
                 received in within that month).
               • Delivery % (Based on the shipments, which miss their commit date).
               • 3 Day Window % (Based on the number of shipments, which come in
                 within three days, this is due date plus two days).
               • S.C.A.R.’s Issued (Based on the number of S.C.A.R.’s issued in a
                 single month).
               • Support (Based on the number of days it takes for a supplier to give
                 support for sorting, replacements, retuning SCAR’s, engineering
                 support, on time delivery of new tools, or infractions to the proper
               • Request Date % (Based on the shipments, which hit supplier’s
                 standard delivery date.) These will be tracked but not scored on the
                 scorecard. This is an attempt to measure a supplier’s ability to ship
                 within X number of days regardless of existing business levels. The
                 goal is to measure the supplier’s ability to maintain their commit dates,
                 and not change them frequently.

        2.     The data from above is placed into a 5 point system, based on the tables at
               the end of this section.

        3.     The results are then calculated by adding the (Score) X for each
               measurement and dividing by 5.

        4.     The points are added up to yield the month result.

PPM Scale
Rank             Range
    5            0-100 PPM

Rev.C                                   22- 1                                      May 2005
Supplier Quality Assurance Manual

        4    101-500 PPM
        3    501-1000 PPM
        2    1001-2000 PPM
        1    2001- Above PPM

Delivery Scale /3 Day Window Scale
Rank         Range
     5       100-98 %
     4       95-97 %
     3       90-94 %
     2       80-89 %
     1       79-Below %

SCAR Scale
Rank         Range
    5        0             SCAR Rank
    4        1             Rank A- 1pts (Critical dimension, Customer)
                           Rank B- .5pt (General Dimension issue)
    3        2             Rank C- .5pts (Information, level up issue)
    2        3
    1        4 – Above

Rank         Range
                                Each month, we review the supplier’s
    5        0                  ability to support engineering,
    4        1                  purchasing, component quality, ect.
                                Supplier’s can score higher than 5 for
    3        2                  superior performance. Examples
    2        3                  include releasing tools ahead of
    1        4 or Above         schedule, providing price reductions,
                                or improving deliveries.

Rev.C                          22- 2                                     May 2005