Carnegie Hill ~ February 2005 ~ Pasture Raised Meat, by sparkunder21


									                                                Inwood ~ June 15, 2006 ~

              Pastured Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Eggs, Honey, Maple Syrup, Cheese

           Order by: Sunday, June 11, 2006 Midnight ~ Pick up: Thursday June 15, 2006 4 - 7 PM

  Pick up @ Traffic circle at end of Park Terrace east in Isham Park CSA contact Victoria 212-942-6623
           Order Questions? Contact Nancy at ~ 518-692-3120

      You can place an order in several ways. However, it's most convenient for us, if you can use our web site. Prior to or on the day
of delivery, we will email your order invoice to you. At the distribution site, we will provide a list of everyone's orders and total due
and a self addressed stamped envelope to collect and send your checks. Please do not send cash.
Our Web Site:
Email contact:        Nancy Brown at
Phone and Fax:        518-692-3120                                 This is our list of most common stocked items.
Our Address:          135 Lewis Hill Lane                          Items on this list may sometimes be out of stock.
                      Greenwich, NY 12834         See for up to date list

Your Name        ____________________________
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City, State, Zip _____________________________                           E-mail     ______________________________

                   All-Natural Chicken, Duck, Goose and Turkey from Cloonshee Farm
                                 Raised by Roy & Marni Hurwitz, Hobart, NY
_____ Mini whole chicken    Avg. 3 lbs., w/ giblets $11.50 each          _____ Chicken Breast, 1 per pkg. 1.2-1.5#            $ 4.75/lb.
_____ Small whole chicken   Avg. 3.4 lbs., w/ giblets. $13.00 each       _____ Chicken Livers avg.. 1 lb. pkg.                $ 3.95/lb
_____ Medium whole chicken Avg. 3.75 lbs., w/ giblets $14.00 each        _____ Chicken Thighs 2-4 per pkg 1-3lbs.             $ 3.75/lb.
_____ Large whole chicken Avg. over 4 lbs., w/ giblets. $ 3.75/lb.
._____ Large, whole Roaster     6 - 7 lbs., w/ giblets. $ 3.75/lb.       _____ Ground Turkey           1 lb. pkgs.            $ 3.85/lb.
Order a Turkey, Duck or Goose for a feast! Limited Supply
_____ Small Turkey frozen   11-13 lbs.                  $ 2.95/lb.       _____1 Large Turkey 25 lbs. (with sm. bruise) $2.75/lb.
_____ Whole Duck frozen      5-6 lbs ea.                $ 4.25/lb.       _____ Turkey Breast w/skin, bone-in about 16 lbs.$ 3.75/lb.
_____ Whole Capon           6-7 lbs. ea.                $ 4.00/lb.       _____ Whole Goose frozen 10-14 lbs.              $4.50/lb.
Items above shipped frozen

                              Washington County Maple Syrup from Sugar Mill Farm
                                  Made by John & Michele Reid of Greenwich, NY
All Syrup is Grade A Amber. Please circle the color you prefer: Light Amber, Medium Amber or Dark Amber
____ Maple Syrup – 1 Gallon   $ 49.50 ea.           ____ Maple Syrup – 1 quart    $ 15.00 ea.
____ Maple Syrup – ½ gallon   $ 27.00 ea.           ____ Maple Syrup – 1 pint     $ 11.00 ea.
Shipped at room temperature

                              Washington County Honey from Harry’s Honey’s House
                                 Harvested by Derek Woodcock of Cambridge, NY
____ Honey – 12 oz. Bear squeeze bottle $ 3.50 ea.            ____ Honey – 1 lb. glass jar                $ 4.25 ea.
____ Honey – 1 lb. squeeze bottle       $ 4.25 ea.            ____ Honey – 2 lb. glass jar                $ 7.25 ea
____ Honey – 2 lb. squeeze bottle       $ 7.25 ea.            ____ Honey – 5 lb. squeeze bottle           $17.00 ea.
out of stock of Raw Honey – sorry                             Shipped at room temperature

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                   Natural Fresh Eggs from Saunders Farm or DiLeo’s Laughing Pig Farm

_____ 1 dozen Natural Fresh Eggs            $ 3.95/doz. Shipped chilled

                          Pastured, Grass-Finished Beef from Lewis Waite Farm
                      Nancy and Alan Brown 518-692-3120
Bone-In Beef Roasts – Slow Cook with Vegetables.                          ____ Cube steak (from the round).5-1 lb.      $ 5.25/lb.
____ Beef Back Ribs              .8-2.3 lbs.     $ 4.95/lb.               ____ Delmonico (rib eye) steak .3-1.2 lb.     $ 9.75/lb.
____ Beef Rib roast              4.3-6 lb.       $ 8.95/lb.               ____ Eye of Round steak        ..2-.6 lb.     $ 6.95/lb.
____ Chuck roast                 2.5-4 lb.       $ 5.75/lb.               ____ Flank steak               .8-1.1 lb.     $ 9.50/lb.
____ Short Ribs                  1.3-lb.         $ 5.50/lb.               ____ Hanger steak              .7-1.4 lb.     $ 8.50/lb.
____ Whole Beef Shank            3-3.2 lb.       $ 3.75/lb.               ____ London Broil Shoulder .5-1 lb.           $ 6.50/lb.
Boneless Roasts – Like Sunday dinner used to be!                          ____ London Broil Top Round .7-2 lb.          $ 7.50/lb.
____ Beef Tenderloin roast       2-3 lb.         $16.95/lb.               ____ Porterhouse steak         .7-2.0 lb.     $11.75/lb.
____ Bottom Round roast          2-4.2 lb.       $ 6.95/lb.               ____ Rib steak bone-in         .5-1.8 lb.     $ 8.75/lb.
____ Brisket w/fat cap           2.25 lb.        $ 8.50/lb.               ____ Rib steak boneless        .35-2 lb.      $ 9.50/lb.
____ Chuck Roast boneless        1.6-3.7 lb.     $ 6.50/lb.               ____ Sirloin steak boneless    .7-1.6 lb.     $ 7.75/lb.
____ Eye of Round                .2 – 2.2 lb. $ 7.50/lb.                  ____ Sirloin Tip steak         .7-1.75 lb.    $ 7.95/lb.
.____ Mock Tender                .7-2.4 lb.      $ 6.95/lb.               ____ Skirt Steaks              ..5lbs         $ 7.95/lb.
____ Rib roast, boneless         3.2-3.3 lb.     $ 8.95/lb.               ____ Strip Loin steak boneless .28-.6 lb.     $ 9.50/lb.
____ Round Sirloin roast         4.4 lb.         $ 7.50/lb.               ____ T-Bone steak              .6-1.2 lb.     $ 11.75/lb.
____ Sirloin roast               3.3-5.6 lb.     $ 7.50/lb                ____ Tenderloin steak          .2-.8 lb.      $ 16.95/lb.
____ Sirloin Tip roast           2.3-4.8 lb.     $ 7.50/lb.               Stew and Kebab
____ Sirloin Tip top butt roast 2.3-4.8 lb.      $ 7.50/lb.               ____ Kabob chunks (from round) .9-1.7 lb.     $ 6.50/lb.
____ Strip Loin roast, boneless., tied 2.5-5 lb. $ 9.50/lb.               ____ Lean Stew meat            .9-1.5 lb.     $ 5.50/lb.
____ Top Round roast             2-5.2 lb.       $ 6.95/lb.               ____ Shank Stew pcs. with bone .5-2 lb.       $ 3.75/lb.
Ground Beef                                                               Variety Meats
____ Lean Ground Beef            1 lb. pkgs.     $ 4.50/lb.               ____ Beef Heart                1-3 lb.        $   3.95/lb.
____ Lean Ground Beef            1.5 lb. pkgs. $ 4.50/lb.                 ____ Beef Liver                approx 1 lb.   $   3.50/lb.
____ Lean Ground Beef            2 lb. pkgs.     $ 4.50/lb.               ____ Beef Tongue               1.7 lb.        $   5.95/lb.
____ Lean Ground Beef            5 lb. pkgs.     $ 4.50/lb.               _____ Marrow/ Dog Bones, various shapes       $   1.75/lb.
Steaks –Best cooked rare to medium rare.                                  ____ Ox Tail                   1.3-2.5 lbs    $   4.50/lb.
____ Blade steak boneless        ..2-1.2 lb.     $ 4.95/lb.               Shipped Frozen
____ Bottom Round steak          .33-1 lb.       $ 6.95/lb.

                        Grass-Fed Lamb and Dairy Sheep from 3-Corner Field Farm
                                  Karen, Paul, Emily, and Zoe from Salem, NY
Grass-Fed Lamb                                                            ____ Brebi’s Blanche Lavender herb crottin 3.5 oz.$ 6.00/ea.
____ Ground Lamb                     1 lb pkg.      $ 9.50/lb.            ____ Brebi’s Blanche Natural crottin 3.5 oz.     $ 6.00/ea.
____ Lamb Rack of Ribs               1.4-1.7 lbs.   $17.00/lb             ____ Brebi’s Blanche fresh cheese 4 oz container $ 5.50/ea.
____ Lamb Riblets                    2-2.2 lbs.     $ 9.00/lb             ____ Sheep’s Milk Feta blocks approx. 1 lb.      $ 15.00/lb.
____ Lamb Livers                     1.1-1.5 lbs.   $ 5.00/lb.            ____ Sheep’s Milk Feta marinated 6 oz container $ 10.00/ea.
____ Mutton Dog Food                 1 lb.          $ 3.50/lb.            ____ Sheep’s Milk Ricotta cheese 16 oz container $ 7.00/ea.
Shipped Frozen                                                            ____ Shushan Snow Cheese crottin 3.5 oz.         $ 6.00/ea.
                                                                          ____ Shushan Snow Cheese mini wheel 5.5 oz. $ 8.00/ea.
Sheep’s Milk Products - NEW                                               ____ Sheep’s Milk           32 oz container      $ 5.50/ea.
____ Brebi’s Blanche Cheese 3 pack herb 10.5 oz $ 15.00/ea.               ____ Sheep’s Milk Yogurt 32 oz container         $ 11.00/ea.
____ Brebi’s Blanche Ash herb crottin 3.5 oz.    $ 6.00/ea.               ____ Sheep’s Milk Yogurt 6 oz container          $ 2.50/ea.
____ Brebi’s Blanche French Herbs crottin 3.5 oz $ 6.00/ea.               Shipped Chilled

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                        Grass-Fed Goat’s Milk Cheeses from Consider Bardwell Farm
                          Made by Angela Miller and Russell Glover, West Pawlet, VT
Goat’s Milk Cheese
____ Mettowee fresh & creamy    4+ oz.              $ 6.00/ea.            Bloomy Rind Cheese is not available until warmer
____ Mettowee fresh & creamy    6+ oz.              $ 8.00/ea.            weather!
____ Mettowee aged hard .5 to .75 lb round          $22.00/lb.            Shipped chilled
____ Mettowee aged hard 2 to 3 lb round             $22.00/lb.

                                   Natural Pork from Lewis Waite Farm
                     Nancy and Alan Brown 518-692-3120
Fresh Pork and Pork Roasts                                                ____ Sweet Italian Patty    4 patties/pkg.    $ 6.15/lb.
____ Country Style Ribs    approx..5 lb.         $ 5.25/lb.
____ Ground Pork               1.5 lb.           $ 4.60/lb.
____ Ham Butt Roast            5.8-6.3 lb.       $ 5.75/lb.               Smoked Pork is back in stock!
____ Ham Roast boneless        8-8.75 lb.        $ 5.95/lb.               ____ Bacon, sliced             1 lb.          $ 7.95/lb.
____ Ham Steak, fresh          1.3-2.4 lb.       $ 5.95/lb.               ____ Ham, whole bone-in        7.4-7.6 lbs.   $ 7.50/lb.
____ Polish Kielbasa, cooked ~ 1.2-1.5 lbs ea    $ 6.95/lb.               ____ Hocks, bone-in            1.3-2.5 lbs.   $ 7.50/lb.
____ Pork Chops 1” 2/pkg. 1-2.5 lb.              $ 7.95/lb.               Smoked with water, salt, sugar
____ Pork Cutlets              .8-1.3 lb.        $ 5.95/lb.
____ Pork Hocks, fresh         . 2.5 lb.         $ 4.75/lb.               Variety Meats
____ Pork Hot Dogs, cooked ~ 1+ lb- 8/pkg        $ 6.95/lb.               ____ Caul Fat for grilling      1.1 lb.       $ 2.75/lb.
____ Pork Rib Roast bone-in 3.5 lb.              $ 7.75/lb.               ____ Leaf Lard to render into lard 1-5 lb.    $ 2.75/lb.
____ Shoulder Butt Roast BL 3.5-5.2 lb.          $ 5.75/lb.               ____ Pork Fatback               5 lb. pkg.    $ 2.75/lb.
____ Shoulder Roast bone-in 7.4-8 lb.            $ 5.50/lb.               ____ Pork Heart                 1-1.5 lb.     $ 3.50/lb.
____ Spare Ribs whole rack 4.5-5 lb.             $ 5.75/lb.               ____ Pork Jowls                 1 lb. pkg.    $ 3.50/lb.
                                                                          ____ Pork Liver                 1 lb. pkg.    $ 3.50/lb
Pork Sausage, Kielbasa, Hot Dogs in Links, Bulk, Patties                  ____ Pork Neck Bones            1-2 lb.       $ 2.75/lb.
____ Breakfast ground     approx. 1 lb.    $ 5.65/lb.                     ____ Pork Tail                  1.5 lb. pkg.  $ 2.75/lb
____ Hot Italian ground   approx. 1 lb.    $ 5.65/lb.                     ____ Pork Tongue                1 lb. pkg.    $ 3.50/lb
____ Breakfast Links      4 link/pkg.      $ 6.15/lb.                     ____ Pork Trotters              5-6 lbs.      $ 3.50/lb
____ Fresh Kielbasa Links 4 link/pkg.      $ 6.15/lb.                     No other additives to our pork except Sausage Flavorings
____ Hot Italian Links    4 link/pkg.      $ 6.15/lb.                     Shipped Frozen
____ Sweet Italian Links  4 link/pkg.      $ 6.15/lb.

                            Grass-Fed & Finished Lamb from Argyllshire Lamb
                                    Raised by Barbara Peters, Argyle, NY
Grass-Finished Lamb                                                       Free lamb liver with a rack of lamb
____ Baby Back Ribs of Lamb        .5-.75 lb.    $14.00/lb.               Variety Meats
____ Lamb Loin Chops               .75-1 lb.     $15.00/lb.               ____ Lamb Liver      approx. .5 lb.           $ 5.00/lb.
____ Lamb Rib Chops                .75-1 lb.     $16.00/lb.               Shipped frozen
____ Lamb Round Chops              .75-1 lb.     $10.00/lb.
____ Rack of Lamb whole            1.5 lb.       $16.00/lb.

                           Grass-Finished & Fed Lamb from Summerfield Farm
                                    Raised by Michael Katz, Hebron, NY

Grass-Finished Lamb
____ 1 Lamb Riblets full rack      2.3 lbs.         $ 7.00/lb.            Shipped frozen
____ 1 Lamb Riblets smaller size       .8 lbs.      $ 7.00/lb.

                               Please email Nancy with any Questions or special requests

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