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					AP Physics B is an algebra-based, college level, introductory physics course covering kinematics, Newtonian motion, work, power, energy,
momentum, circular motion, oscillations, gravitation, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, electricity, magnetism, modern, nuclear physics and
waves/optics. Problem solving, reading, understanding and interpreting physical information as well as using basic mathematical reasoning is a
vital component of this course. The lab component of this course is designed to give student experience in performing experiments, analyzing
and graphing data, interpreting and presenting results, and evaluating error and uncertainty. The time and effort required for assignments and
study in this course is significantly more than required for non AP classes. The curriculum is rigorous and challenging, reflecting College Board
AP benchmarks for achievement.

                           AP Physics B at SCPS
   With Mrs. Lisa Kavanaugh                                           2009-2010                       lkavanaugh@savcps.com

                        Class Rules                                                         Class Procedures
1. All students in AP Physics are required to                            1. You are allowed one tardy each quarter. Sign the book
take, pay for and make effort to complete to                             when you arrive if tardy or when you leave if going to the
the best of their abilities the AP exam                                  restroom or locker. Beyond this, detentions will be assigned,
administered by the College Board in May.                                increasing with each event.
This exam will not be part of the SCPS grade.
                                                                         2. Follow the class calendar for completion of text exercises
Any student not taking the exam will be                                  and lab reports. Work discussion days are scheduled, but you
required to take a final exam during regular                             may come in any free time to check homework answers
testing time at the end of the year which WILL                           against my solution pages. For discussion of homework
BE PART OF THE SCPS COURSE GRADE.                                        assignments, students may come in to extra help hours and
                                                                         lunchtime. Otherwise, discussion is limited to scheduled work
2. Make your best effort to learn and let                                days as indicated on the calendar. AP students often have
others learn. This means: Participating in                               never visited for extra help. You are welcome to do so at any
class activities, discussions, lectures and                              time! 
readings in a respectful and student like
                                                                         3. Grades - You may discuss your grades any day
manner. Do not interfere with the learning of                            before/after school or between classes if it is possible for me
others-through talking, attitude, interruption or                        to be available at that time. You may not discuss grades or
distracting actions.                                                     averages during class other than in reference to work being
                                                                         returned at that time. Your grades are a private matter.
3. Laboratory is a required component of this
course. Failure to submit lab reports will                                                         Absences
result in grades of zero.                                                - You must meet with me before or after class the day
                                                                         you return to schedule make up work!
3. Follow all room safety procedures and
standard school codes. This includes the                                  - Announced tests/quizzes must be made up within 2
Honor Code concerning copying work of                                    school days.
others. This includes the AUP found in the
                                                                          - Make up work may NOT be done during class.
student handbook for computer usage. Any
student found altering or adding files to a
                                                                          - It is your responsibility, not mine, to make up
school computer without express permission
will be denied computer use in the class as
well as other school penalties.
                                                                                                          I check email daily -
Extra Help Available                                    Grading                                         lkavanaugh@savcps.
                                       Tests – 200 points each 2-3 per quarter                                    com
                                       Labs/Quiz – 100 points   4-8 per quarter                         This is the best way to
 Tuesdays – lunch                      Daily –     50 pts       4-8 per quarter.
                                                                                                        keep in touch with me.
 and after school.                                                                                         Also, feel free to
                                       Grade = total point EARNED x                 100
                                                                                                         contact the school at
     Wednesdays                                        total points POSSIBLE
                                                                                                        234-1653 to arrange a
      8:00 AM                                                                                           meeting to discuss your
  AP students often have never          The tests, labs and activities
                                                                                                        concerns or to request
  visited for extra help. You are       of this class assess mastery
 welcome to do so at any time!                                                                            a phone contact
                                            of content, not effort.