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					Sue Heintze and Ideal Bodies Online presents…

“The Drop A Dress Size Diet”
Start on Monday and by Saturday you will be wearing that slinky cocktail dress that is currently way too tight!

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About Me – Sue Heintze – The Author Of This Diet I receive emails from women the world over asking for advice and information because so many can relate to my own story. Maybe you will too… Not that you can tell by looking at my before photo, but all my teenage and adult life I had been a health and fitness fanatic. In all that time, however, I’d never been able to achieve the results I knew I was capable of. I was a perfectionist - it was always all or nothing for me. There was no consistency, or patience, and therefore, I never achieved the results I craved. It wasn’t for lack of trying - I’d tried every diet in the book! I was always at the gym, and food was constantly on my mind. It took up so much of my headspace, that I often found it difficult to enjoy the other things life had to offer. This was extremely frustrating for me and over time, my effort and motivation dwindled until I became totally depressed and unhappy with the way I looked, and the way I felt. This had a snowball affect on all aspects of my life. Yo-yo dieting had finally taken its toll. I was at the end of my tether, not only because I was unhappy with my body, but even more importantly, I was so fed up with feeling like a failure. My good intentions were never enough to see things through to the end. When the going got tough, I gave up! I sat down one day and took a good long hard look at myself. Finally, the pain I felt was too much - this was it, it was now - or it was never. I knew before I even started, that this time I WAS going to achieve my goals. This change of mindset was crucial – I eventually realized, that to succeed you must believe that you CAN, and that you WILL. A 12 Week Program I made a promise to myself to give 100% to a 12 week training and nutrition program. I purposely made no weight loss goals. My rules were simple, nothing more - nothing less.
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If I made a mistake I would NOT feel guilty, or sorry for myself. I would NOT give up and go back to those familiar patterns that caused me so much pain. I would NOT try to make up for my mistakes (and begin the cycle of yo-yo dieting again) - I would simply ‘get over it’ and continue with my program. I followed these simple but important rules, because this time I knew that if I failed again I would never forgive myself. That I would always see myself as a failure - and I did not want that to happen. That was my compelling reason to stay focused and true to my word, for 12 short weeks. True to my word, I completed my 12 week Challenge! Not without hitches and not without struggles (I was injured for 4 weeks!), but to follow through with my actions and achieve what I set out to was an amazing, empowering feeling! The changes I saw in my body were phenomenal. I discovered that with the right program, consistency, and patience, that anything was possible!! My Whole Outlook Was Changed My whole outlook on life changed. I became more outgoing and confident, more energized, more motivated, and much more at peace with myself. The benefits kept rolling in. I won a monthly Body Blitz Challenge with Australian Women’s Fitness & Health magazine, and this fuelled my desire to achieve even more. I wanted to do the “ultimate” in bodybuilding - to get up on stage. For me, having trained for many years, it was the next step, and now that I could see what could be done with desire, focus and dedication, I wanted to see how far I could go. This was to be something completely foreign to me, being a very modest person who would not in a million years have believed I could get up on stage in front of hundreds of people, wearing nothing but a g-string bikini! That goes to show the new confidence and drive I derived from achieving my goals. Caramel Icing on the Cappuccino Cheesecake! I stepped on stage for the first time in April 2002, at 10% body fat. The feeling of being on stage was incredible and now I knew that I could do absolutely anything I put my mind to! The fact that I won my class was caramel icing on the cappuccino cheesecake that I enjoyed later that night!
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Now, aside from keeping myself healthy and in shape, my other passion in life is helping other women and men meet their own physique transformation goals. My website has grown from a hobby and favourite pastime, to a great business where my staff and I have trained, coached and mentored many body transformation contest winners. As the creator and owner of this website, I am fortunate to witness truly amazing and inspiring transformations from clients all over the world on a regular basis - not just external transformations, but perhaps even more importantly, internal ones. I Count My Blessings Every day I count my blessings for what is truly a remarkable opportunity to touch people's lives in a way that will help them live a healthier and happier life. I receive daily emails from women experiencing the same issues I encountered – my own personal story is so familiar to their own. It astounds me how many women of today have disordered eating patterns and body image problems. Seeing my clients progress from tired, unhappy, overweight and often self-loathing people, to strong, healthy, confident and beautiful individuals (inside and out!), gives me tremendous satisfaction that I will be forever grateful. To know that I have touched and can touch my clients' lives in some small way is a remarkable feeling. I have learned so much over the years, how different foods and training programs affect different people - what works, what doesn’t. I can now pass on to others the knowledge I have gained and do what I really love to do help others achieve their fitness and physique dreams, whatever they may be. Now, on the next page is the introduction to the Drop a Dress Size Diet. I ask that you read it thoroughly before starting so that you understand all the information, including the different points that I make.

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Introduction To The Drop a Dress Size Diet

If you have a special function, event or photo shoot you want to look great for, this diet will do it – guaranteed! Depending on your current weight and body composition, it’s quite conceivable you may lose 10 or more pounds! Following this short diet will allow you to remove pounds of water from under your skin, revealing a taut, trim figure underneath! The results you will achieve are due to carbohydrate, water and sodium manipulation. *If you want REAL and permanent fat loss (who doesn’t!), we’ll show you how to achieve that later. The diet may seem quite difficult when you look at it, however you will find that your cravings and appetite reduce markedly, and you will be able to follow it quite easily. Preparation starts 6 days prior to your special event. So if your event falls on a Saturday, you will start your preparation on a Monday. Please note that the selections and types of foods may change each day. This is usually due to the sodium or water content and is very important in achieving your final result. Be sure to check the food lists each day. In this example we will presume that your special event falls on a Saturday. This diet should only be followed for special occasions and you should not follow this diet for any more than the 6 days stipulated.

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Day 1, 2 and 3 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) – start 5 Days Before Special Event

You should follow this section below for three days. So if you have started the diet on Monday you should follow it from Monday through to Wednesday. Depending on your previous dietary habits, you should notice an initial drop in scale weight in the first couple of days due to the reduction of carbohydrates and increase of protein in your diet. WATER: Double your usual water intake. It must be at least 4 litres (a gallon) if you do not usually drink much water. If you have been drinking 4 litres, then increase it to 8 litres (2 gallons) – it sounds like a lot, but this is SO important to the final result. DIET: Eat only protein and vegetables Choose from….. Proteins: *Fresh Chicken or Turkey *Fresh Fish *Canned Tuna or Salmon *Lean Steak *Egg Whites *Whey protein (2 serves max) *Cottage cheese (2 serves max) Vegetables: *Broccoli
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*Green Beans *Zucchini (courgette) *Asparagus *Mushrooms *Spinach It is important you do not eat starchy or simple carbohydrates i.e. (no potatoes, cereal, bread, peas, corn, legumes, rice, fruit, etc). *Protein serves should be approximately 100-150g (approx 3-5oz) *Make sure your protein powder does not contain carbohydrates (max 2g per serve) *Water used in protein shakes should count towards your total water intake *Eat every 3 hours *Today you may add salt your foods and use condiments such as herbs, spices, lemon juice and vinegars, but no sauces *You may have tea or coffee, but use only a very small amount of milk (2 max per day) if desired FOR EXAMPLE: Meal 1: Egg white omelette (you may include one yolk), with spinach and mushrooms Meal 2: Whey protein shake in water Meal 3: Chicken breast and cottage cheese with asparagus Meal 4: Whey protein shake in water Meal 5: Lean steak, broccoli, beans and zucchini You may include another meal if you are hungry (similar to above) suggestions.
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Day 4 Thursday – 2 Days Before Special Event

You should follow this section below for one day. It is to follow on from Wednesday if you started the diet on a Monday. Today is probably the most difficult day as far as food consumption goes. It is quite bland and boring but is a crucial part of the result so hang in there! Today you remove sodium so may start to notice that you are going to the bathroom more often. WATER: Continue with the same amount of water as previous days, however if you are able, switch to pure water that contains nil sodium. DIET: Eat only protein and vegetables – note the important changes in your protein options! Choose from…… Protein: *Fresh Chicken or Turkey *Fresh (no canned) Fish *Lean Steak Vegetables: *Broccoli *Green Beans *Zucchini (courgette)
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*Asparagus *Mushrooms *Spinach *No starchy or simple carbohydrates *Protein serves should be approximately 100-150g (approx 3-5oz) *Eat every 3 hours *Stop salting your foods and do not consume any foods containing sodium – this includes all condiments and spices. You may continue to use fresh herbs, lemon juice, garlic and vinegar in small amounts *You may have tea or coffee, but use only a very small amount of milk if you must have milk (2 max per day) FOR EXAMPLE: Meal 1: Lean steak with spinach and mushrooms Meal 2: Fresh chicken breast with green beans Meal 3: Fresh chicken breast with asparagus Meal 4: Fresh turkey breast with green beans Meal 5: Fresh fish, broccoli, green beans, zucchini You may include another meal if you are hungry (similar to above) suggestions.

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Day 5 Friday – 1 Day Before Special Event

Today you will reduce your water intake dramatically. You will continue to visit the bathroom a lot! Today we remove vegetables from our diet (as they contain water) but in place, we will add some good fats. We will reduce our protein serving sizes a bit also. Tonight you get to enjoy a nice glass of dry wine should you wish! Alcohol is a diuretic and as such will help in removing further water from your body. WATER: Halve your water intake. If you were consuming 4 litres (a gallon), reduce to 2 litres (1/2 gallon), if you were consuming 8 litres (2 gallons), reduce to 4 litres (a gallon). Continue to use pure water that contains nil sodium if possible. DIET: Eat only protein and fat Choose from….. Protein: *Fresh Chicken or Turkey *Fresh Fish *Lean Steak Fats: *Almonds or Walnuts *Avocado, natural peanut butter or other nut butters (with NO SODIUM added), flax oil, olive oil, flax meal
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*No starchy or simple carbohydrates *No vegetables *Reduce protein serves to approximately 75-100g (approx 2.5-3.5oz) *Eat every 3 hours *Continue with no sodium, condiments or spices. You may continue to use fresh herbs, lemon juice, garlic and vinegar in small amounts. *You may have tea or coffee, but use only a very small amount of milk if you must have milk (2 max per day) FOR EXAMPLE: Meal 1: Lean steak, avocado (approx 60g or 2oz) Meal 2: Fresh chicken breast, peanut butter (1 tablespoon) Meal 3: Fresh chicken breast, avocado (as above) Meal 4: Fresh turkey breast, olive oil (1 tablespoon) Meal 5: Fresh fish, almonds (approximately 15), glass of dry wine You may include another meal if you are hungry (similar to above) suggestions.

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Conclusion When you wake up you should be feeling trim, taut and terrific! You may feel quite thirsty today but try to only take sips of water when needed. If at any time you feel unwell please drink some water. You should continue to eat low sodium up until your event, similar to what you have been consuming the day prior. Enjoy your event - you may eat and drink whatever you like once your event has arrived! Immediately following your event drink lots of water and continue to do so for a few days to allow your water balance to return to normal. The day following your event you may feel a little bloated due to the sudden ingestion of carbohydrates and sodium. This should subside within a few days of returning to a clean diet and drinking lots of water. Walking or other exercise during this time is also a good idea. I look forward to hearing about your success on this diet. If you would like to share your story and how you have got on with this diet please visit: As mentioned above, this diet will manipulate your water balance to allow you to drop pounds quickly. This diet is my introduction and gives you the boost that you require for that special event. In general though, when we are dieting, our aim is to lose body fat. If you would like to learn how to lose body fat permanently, why not check out our principal nutrition plan and get started on creating your ideal body? “Lean Body Nutrition For Women” To your health, and your ideal body

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