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± 500 kV HVDC RS (O&M) Circle, Padghe
TENDER NO. :- SE/HVDC/RS(O&M)/Tech/PDG/T- 01/2006-07
COPY NO. : …………..

Estimated Cost Earnest Money Deposit Paid vide M.R. No.

: Rs. 4,26,350=00 : Rs. 4,265=00 : …………………………………..

Issued to M/s. _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

All Risk Protection ANNUAL / MONTHLY / DAILY Service / Maintenance Contract for Air Conditioning System and Ventilation Systems at HVDC Terminal Station, PADGHE
LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION : DATE OF OPENING : PRICE 26.05.2006 Up to 13.00 Hrs. 26.05.2006 At 15.00 Hrs.

: Rs. 1000/- Per Copy Rs. 1100/- Per Copy (By Post)

Tender to be submitted in the Office of the

Ph.No. (02522) 268916, Fax No. 268152

E-mail: supeng@roltanet.com

± 500 kV HVDC RS (O&M) Circle, Padghe

-: TENDER NO. :SE/HVDC/RS(O&M)/Tech/PDG/T-01/2006-2007

-: SUBJECT :All Risk Protection ANNUAL / MONTHLY / DAILY Service / Maintenance Contract for Air Conditioning System and Ventilation Systems at HVDC Terminal Station, PADGHE
Office of the

Maharashtra State Electricity Trans. Co. Ltd. ± 500 kV HVDC RS (O&M) Circle PADGHE – 421 101
Ph.No. (02522) 268916, Fax No. 268152 E-mail : supeng@roltanet.com

INDEX - "A"

Sr. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Particulars Tender Notice Special Instruction Scope of Work Special Terms and Condition Schedule “B” Memorandum of Tender declaration

Page Number 1 Page 2 3 to 6 7 to 10 11 12

Sealed Tenders are invited from experienced and reputed contractors and / or registered contractors of NTPC/PGCL/Govt.Dept/Public Sector undertakings for the following works. Sr. No. Tender No. Name of work and Estimated Cost in Rs. EMD in Rs. Duration of Contract


SE/HVDC/RS(O&M)/PDG/T-1/2006-07 All risk protection annual/monthly/daily 426350=00 service /maintenance contract for Air condition System and Ventilation System at HVDC RS(O&M) Circle, Padghe, Tah. Bhiwandi, Dist. Thane. 4265=00 1 Year (12 Month)

Participation in tender is open to those contractors who fullfill the following : Should have similar experience of work in a single contract value to the tune of Rs. 4 Lakhs. Tender copies will be issued to those tenderers only who will show the documentary evidence of similar nature of work experience at the time of purchase of tender copy. Notwithstanding anything stated above owner reserves the right to assess the tenderers capacity and capacity to perform the contract, should the circumstances warrant such as assessment in the overall interest of M.S.E.T.C.L. Blanks tender forms will be available at the office of the Superintending Engineer, HVDC RS (O&M) Circle, Padghe, Tah. Bhiwandi, Dist. Thane from 15.05.2006 to 22.05.2006 during the office hours on all working days on payment of Rs. 1000/- for each tender in cash OR Rs. 1100/- by post. For obtaining Tender Form, application on firm’s letter head alongwith relevant documents should be submitted. Money Order / Postal Order will not be accepted. This office is not responsible for non-receipt of tender cost / tender due to postal delay or due to any reasons thereof. The last date of submission of tender is 26.05.2006 upto 13.00 hrs. and tender will be opened on the same day at 15.00 hrs.in the presence of manufacturer / supplier, Contractors / Bidders if possible. The E.M.D. should be paid in cash OR by D.D. in favour of Superintending Engineer, HVDC RS (O&M) Circle, MSETCL, Padghe branch of any Nationalised / Scheduled Bank. The Tender submitted without E.M.D. will not be considered. If last date of sale / opening of the tender is declared, Holiday, the next working day will be treated as last day for sale / opening of tender. Right to reject OR accept any OR all tenders without assigning any reason thereof is reserved by the undersigned.


The tenderer have to submit his offer in two separate sealed envelopes, superscribing as (A) Qualifying Bid AND (B) Price Bid. (A) QUALIFYING BID

In the qualifying bid you have to submit the following information / documents, without which their offer will not be considered. Documents will not be accepted after opening of the Qualifying Bid. 01) a) Have you paid EMD? If yes give details. M.R. / D.D. Number. 02) Whether Latest Income Tax Clearance Certificate or copy of Return Filled with Income Tax Department is submitted ? Have you returned tender documents duly signed on each page including Tenders document ? EXPERIENCE » During the preceeding 3 years, whether tenderer was successfully executed similar nature of order value not less than tender value against a single order. If you are in partnership deed, whether you have submitted authorisation letter List of T & P enclosed. Bank Solvency Certificate : Yes / No : Yes / No

03) 04)

: :

Yes / No Yes / No

05) 06) 07)

: :

Yes / No Yes / No

: Yes / No

NOTE » Please enclose Xerox copies of the above documents otherwise offer will be rejected. (B) PRICE BID

In the price bid envelope you have to submit the tender booklet, with the rates filled in schedule “B” only. The each and every page of the tender booklet should be signed by the tenderer. SUPERINTENDING ENGINEER HVDC RS (O&M) Circle, MSETCL, Padghe

The works to be done shall conform to the detailed specifications here under the scope of work as described and in schedule of quantities and further details as per the instructions of Engineer-InCharge. If there is any dispute about the scope of work, the decision of Engineer-in-Charge shall be final and binding on the contractor. Every tenderer is expected to know the nature and location of work before quoting the rates. Rates quoted can not be increased under any circumstances due to any reason what so ever. It is to be noted that no extra charges will be paid for leads and lifts over and above the accepted rate on the plea that the contractor has found later that he has misjudged the quantum of work or leads or lifts etc. The works shall be executed on firm price basis through out the contract period and extended period also if any.

The order is comprising of OPERATION & MAINTENANCE of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems of Service and Office Building including window air conditioner in DG Set Container and Split AC System in Active DC Filter cubicle, Exhaust Fans System at Padghe Terminal Station.

The system shall be kept in healthy running condition round the clock in three shifts. The parameters shall be noted daily on hourly basis. The above recorded parameters should be shown to the Engineer-in-Charge daily for verification of the system healthiness without fail. One engineer, who is well versed with the system and electrical drawings should be available in general shift daily. Technical parameters for Air Conditioning System. a) Air Conditioning plant for Service Building of 60TR x 2 Nos. of Kirloskar make compressors model AC-770, alongwith accessories like cooling towers, condenser water pumps, air handling units, water piping, refrigerant piping and other associated accessories of Service Building will have to be maintained in healthy condition, so that the service building rooms temp. will be maintained in the range of 24.1 C ( 1.1 C) relative humidity at 50% ( 5%) round the clock in all the seasons. Air conditioning plant for Office Building of 24 TR x 2 Nos. of Kirloskar make compressor model AC-470, alongwith accessories handling units, refrigerant piping and other associated accessories of Office Building will be maintained in healthy condition, so that the office building temp. will be maintained in the range of 24.1 C ( 1.1  C) and relative humidity at 50% ( 5%) during the office hours. Above parameters are also valid for following air conditioning units. i. ii. c) One no. window air conditioner installed in DG set container. Air conditioning system installed in two nos. of Active DC filter cubicles.


The ventilation system comprising of 8 Nos. AHUs and alongwith associated equipments and accessories are to be kept under good / healthy running condition as per the parameters given below. I) Ventilation System for Valve Hall I & II } 1. Temp. 10 C to 60 C } 2. Relative humidity 40% to 60% and positive pressure 50 Pascal’s.

d) e)

In Exhaust fan system ( 33 nos. exhaust fans ) is to be kept in good running condition, always. 6 nos. of Split Air Conditioners in DC Filter Kiosk and 1 no. window AC in D.G. Kiosk.

All the equipments pertaining to Air Conditioning / Ventilation / Exhaust Fans shall be serviced weekly / biweekly / monthly / quarterly including preventive maintenance etc. Air Conditioning System 1. 2. Checking general condition of all equipments compressors, condensing units, Air handling units, cooling towers, pumps etc. Checking the oil level in compressors and topping up of oil, if required. The oil of the compressor has to be replaced after 3000 work in hours of compressor, checking of refrigerant leaks and attending to it. Cleaning of refrigerant strainers as and when required. Replacement of defective / worn-out parts of compressor and its associated accessories during regular maintenance. 3. Cleaning of filter elements as and when required and replacement of filter element after 3000 working hour. However in case of any unsatisfactory performance of filters it is obligatory to replace the filter even before 3000 hrs. Condensers i) ii) 5. Cleaning of condensers tubes and evaporator coils as and when required. Inspection of anti corrosion plugs after every 2500 hours and corrective action is tobe taken if needed.


Air Handling Units Cleaning of pre / fine filter as and when required by the system including replacement old filter by new air filters if required. The air flow through AHUS and finally at the duct and in Valve hall shall be done after regular cleaning of the air filers under the guidance of engineer-in-charge.


Centrifugal Fans i) ii) iii) All fixing bolts and nuts should be checked to ensure tightness and vibration free operation. all the roller bearings should be lubricated with recommended grease as per the schedule. If belt driven, and have more than one belt, all the belts are to be replaced at the same time irrespective of faulty belts.


Cooling Towers i) ii) iii) Lubrication of bearing housing as per schedule given by engineer - in - Charge. Checking of belt tensions as per schedule given by Engineer - in - Charge. Checking of bleed oil for continuos oil discharge.

iv) 8.

Drain and clean cold water basin, suction screen, nozzles and hot water distribution basin as per the schedule given by the engineer -in charge.

Pumps Replacement of gaskets in case of leakages. Lubrication of bearing / replacement of bearings.


Motors a) b) Cleaning of cooling fans and grills of the fans. Insulation resistance measurement. the Engineer-in-

c) Greasing motors are to be done as per the schedule given by charge. 10. Pan Humidifiers

Draining of pan humidifiers completely and clean internal surfaces from scales and dirt as per schedule given by the Engineer In charge. 11. Exhaust Fans a) b) 12. Lubrication of bearings. Replacement of faulty bearings, rewinding of motors. In case of any break down / preventive maintenance carried out, the Sr.No. of the fan, location, part replaced alongwith its identification should be recorded.

Electrical consumable such as fuses, bulbs, indicating lamps, push buttons window announciator bulbs etc. should be kept in sufficient stock to ensure the healthiness of the system. Maintenance of water softening plant. --- changing of Resin / Activisations of resin



Maintenance of air conditioners in DC Filter & D.G. Set Kiosk. Material will be supplied by M.S.E.T.C.L.


1. 2. 3. Period of Contract :- The period of contract will be of twelve months from the date of handing over of site. Penalty :- In case of delay in execution of the work affecting the plant a penalty @ ½ % per day delay (upto max. of 10% reckoned on the total order value) shall be imposed. All equipment will be checked jointly and handed over in running condition to the contractor before commencement of contract by the Engineer -in charge i.e. Executive Engineer / Dy. Exe. Engineer, Tech. Services Indoor Dn., Unit-I , Padghe. All the subsequent operational activities shall be monitored in consultation with the Engineer-in charge. All the spares required for maintenance of compressor and associated equipment and oil will be provided by MSETCL excluding Mafreon / Refron gas - 22. Repair, overhaul and preservation of all replaced components / equipment as well as spare assemblies or sub assemblies is in the scope of contractor. Scope of work also includes unit replacement of assemblies and sub assemblies as per system requirements, drawal of spares or any other material from place of storage for work and return of damaged parts and scrap to store is to be done by contractor. However, procurement of spares like standard fan V-belts, bearings, pressure gauges, compressor oil, petty spares for emergency works amounting to Rs. 2000/- per occasion can be done by the contractor with prior approval of the engineer-in-charge. The valid bills of such spare should be in the name of this office and can be claimed by the contractor in the running bill for the respective month for reimbursement purpose. This bill should be shown separately for proper accounting purpose. This arrangement is to reduce the down time of the plant in view of the system requirement. The contractor at the time of commencement of the contract shall obtain the approval from the engineer for make and type of the above spares being required during the contract period. These spares shall be purchased by the contractor from the authorized dealer only. Apart from the above, petty electrical works required to maintain the systems running such as soldering of the lead connection in motors / compressor, if detected burnt, crimping of connections so as prevent the equipment from further major damaged, falls in the scope of work of the contractor including the pieces of cables/wires, ferrules, lugs etc. Proper cleaning and up keep of all equipment and house keeping of system location is in contractors scope. 5. Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining the Mafreon / Refron Gas-22 pressure in the compressor all the time. Contractor should maintain the stock of 10 kg of M-22 Gas Cylinders at any given point of time, so as to cater the regular and emergency requirement. All the T&P (inclusive of electrical measuring and recording instruments) Special Fixtures, Pullers, required for above maintenance work including chemicals, pumps and all consumables items like grease, cotton and cloths etc. shall have to be arranged by the contractor. A complete tool box comprising of all the types of screw drivers, flat spanners set, pliers, outers, insulation tapes of various colours i.e. Red / Yellow / Blue / Black, ring and adjustable spanners etc. shall always be available at the site with the O&M staff. Nitrogen gas required for checking the leakages shall be arranged by the contractor at his cost. Contractor will have to depute his representative, who will be available at site to attend all breakdown calls. Such representative shall be responsible to arrange the man-power of requisite qualification. All break-downs will be attended on emergency basis, even during odd hours too. No additional cost on any account will be paid by MSETCL. The A.C. Plant and ventilation System are a prime requirement for the Plant Control Room and Valve Halls, which affects directly the functioning of control and protection system causing tripping of unit and HVDC System Operation. A such, the work taken up should be completed well within the minimum



7. 8.

period. In general, there are two systems. In case of any break-down on one of the systems, the 2nd system can take over. But the total non working period of overall system should not exceed 3 hours, i.e. the Air Conditioning System should not be out for more than 3 ( three) hours and Ventilation System in both. Valve Halls does not allow any outage of both the system simultaneously. As such, to attend the break down calls within stipulated period and in order to have the supervision over A.C. Plant and Ventilation System round the clock contractor has to depute atleast 8 operators in 3 shifts ( 2 in each shift and 2 in general and reliever). Similarly, contractor have to depute atleast one trained engineer ; technician and a helper every day in general shift for attending the daily / monthly maintenance. One operator in general shift for maintenance and operation of Air Condition system at Office Building. 9. In case the contractor fails to attend any preventive and break-down maintenance work in prescribed time, the MSETCL reserves right to get these works done departmentally or through another contractor at your cost or otherwise Company will levy penalty as per clause 2 of Terms and Conditions. After satisfactory completion of maintenance work contractor will have to submit the report of works carried out and spares utilised duly certified by the Engineer in charge. A record must be maintained for spares drawn and utilised. Safety of contractors men and material will be his responsibility. MSETCL will issue the Security Gate Passes to your staff engaged for maintenance work. All security rules and regulations are to be followed strictly. System parameters instruments setting should not be changed without the knowledge of the Engineer in Charge. Expert services shall be arranged by the contractor periodically to check the performance of plant and equipment.



12. 13.

Contractor shall depute 8 operators in three shifts (2 in each shift and 2 in general and reliever and maintenance) for round the clock operation of A.C. and Ventilation system of service building and one operator in office building in general shift. No over time is applicable for Sundays and other Govt. Holidays for the work is under the scope of contractor. PAYMENT Payment will be made through R.A. bill every month. LIABILITIES AND RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CONTRACTOR 1. 2. 3. The contractor and his staff should maintain discipline in the premises of MSETCL. The contractor shall be responsible for the payment of compensation in the event of accident to his staff under Workman’s Compensation Act. The contractor shall be responsible for compliance of all the statutory obligations under Factory Act, Contract Labour Act, Minimum Wages Act, Payment of Employees Contribution under PPF; ESS etc. The contractor shall possess a valid certificate of registration, as required under the Maharashtra Sales Tax on the Transfer of Property in Goods involved in the execution of Works contract. (Reenacted) Act 1989, as updated. The certificate shall be produced by the contractor to the Engineer in charge, whenever called for . Contractor shall be fully responsible for payment of this Tax and the same shall not be reimbursable.



In case the specified parameters of Air conditioning System, Ventilation system and exhaust fan system are not met all the time by contractor or the routine daily / monthly / annual maintenance are not done timely or properly, it will be treated as unsatisfactory performance on contract’s part. This would affect the payment to be made to the contractor and the work order would be likely to be terminated forthwith. Security Deposit :- The contractor will have to pay 5% amount of the order value towards security deposit either in cash or in the form of Bank Guarantee within 7 days from the date of receipt of order. The security deposit will be refunded only after satisfactory completion of work. Company will not pay any interest on this amount. Contractor will have to enter an agreement with the Company with in one month from the Commencement of work. The agreement may please be executed on adequate stamp paper. the cost of which will be born by you. All the standard terms and conditions of the Company for works and contracts will also be applicable to this contract.




INCOME TAX & WORK CONTRACT TAX Income tax 2.3% AND Work Contract Tax 2% will be deducted from contractor’s bills, as per the existing rules. JURISDICTION All disputed / differences arising out of or in connection with the contract, if concluded, shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Thane Court only.


Sr. No. 1. Particulars Qty. Rate Amount

Operation and Maintenance Conditioning and Ventilation detailed below : i.

of Air System


Rate per month Rs.

Amount per year (12 months) Rs.

Operation and Maintenance of Air conditioning Plant of 60 TR x 2 Nos. Kirloskar make model 770 alongwith accessories like Cooling Towers, Condensers, Water Pumps, Air Handling Units, Water Piping, Refrigerant Piping and other associated accessories of Service Building as per Scope of Work..

ii. Operation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Plant of 24 TR x 2 Nos. of Kirloskar make Compressor, model 470, alongwith accessories like Cooling Towers, Condensers, Water Pumps, Air Handling Units, Condenser Water Piping and other associated accessories of the Office Building area as per Scope of Work. iii. Operation and Maintenance of 8 nos. Ventilation System including 33 Nos. Exhaust Fans as per Scope of Work. iv. Operation and Maintenance of a) 1 no. of AC at D.G. Set container b) 6 nos. of Split AC at Active DC filter kiosk in Pole 1 and Pole 2. NOTE :- The entire job should be treated as one job and the rates should be quoted in lump-sum of the entire job.


Tender Specification No. Name of work : - SE/HVDC/RS(O&M)/PDG/Tech-01/2006-07 :- All Risk Protection, Operation, Annual/ Quarterly / Monthly / Bi-Weekly / Weekly / Daily Maintenance of Air Conditioning System, Ventilation System at HVDC Terminal Station, PADGHE. :- Rs. 4,26,350=00 per year ( For Twelve Months )

Estimate Cost

I / We have read all the terms and conditions of contract enumerated in the Company's Tender Booklet, have visited the site of work and have seen the conditions, materials availability, labour situation and location for relevant work. I / We am /are ready to execute the above mentioned work at the rate ........................... per month ................................. in words ................................. ......................................................... entered in Schedule “B”

Address of the Tenderer

Dated Signature of the Tenderer

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