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                   Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Priority Corridor
                                 Deployment Committee Meeting

                                    Meeting Minutes for:
                             Tuesday, March 11, 1997, 1:00 p.m.
                       IDOT Emergency Traffic Patrol Conference Room
                             351 S. Normal Avenue, Chicago, IL


Action:         Minutes from January 9, 1997 Deployment Committee Meeting approved.

Handout:        Minutes from January 9, 1997 Deployment Committee Meeting.

Minutes from the January 9, 1997 Deployment Committee Meeting were unanimously approved.


Handout:        Information Clearinghouse packet, March 11, 1997.

Jon Ringler and John Felton of HNTB gave a presentation summarizing the Information
Clearinghouse. Highlights of the presentation are provided below:

•       Functions of the Clearinghouse include E-mail and the transferring of electronic files in
        excess of 1 MB.
•       The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Site is a server accessed by the Information
•       The clearinghouse has 6 levels of security for different members of the GCM Coalition.
        An individual is assigned a level that corresponds with the committee/work group they
•       Several screens of the clearinghouse were demonstrated through a live connection via
        phone line.
•       HNTB recently faxed instructions to all members included on the initial clearinghouse
        list on how to access the system.
•       The Information Clearinghouse is only accessible by certain individuals. Currently there
        are 28 users and 20 agencies included on the clearinghouse list.
•       The clearinghouse can handle WordPerfect, Word, Amnipro, Lotus, and Excel.

T:\3763\MEETINGS\DEPLOY\ODD FILES\03117DC.MIN   1                                         April 15,
•       Future functions could possibly include video conferences and remote printing.
•       Final network implementation should be completed by August 4, 1997 but the
        clearinghouse will evolve over time.
•       Options considered for the clearinghouse included “Wide Area Networks (WAN)” and
        the Internet. The WAN option was eliminated since it would require a common network
•       The HNTB Internet server will be the clearinghouse host site through August of 1997.
        The final clearinghouse server site may be at Argonne National Laboratory's facility due
        to their involvement with ITS Midwest.


Creig Day of NET provided a presentation/demonstration of the GCM Public Information Center
(PIC) Internet web page. Highlights are summarized below.

•       The web page includes a hotlink to Adobe Acrobat Software in the Reports and
        Documents section for file transfer and also includes a disclaimer.
•       Only approved documents will be placed on the PIC web page with the exception of
        upcoming agendas.
•       The meeting minutes will be placed on the web page once they are approved. Minutes
        from the last two or three meetings will be accessible.
•       The PIC web page will serve as a library of static information. There will be no
        restricted areas. Everything will be public information.
•       The PIC web page is hotlinked to the GCM home page.
•       John Ellis of Chicago DOT suggested that there should be a hotlink from the GCM
        homepage to the City of Chicago homepage.


Handouts:       1.      FY 97 Detailed Funding Splits for GCM Program Year 2, February 5,
                2.      GCM Federal Funds Utilization/Needs Year 1 & 2, February 5, 1997.

A summary of the detailed funding splits for the utilization of $7.68 million in FY 97 federal
funding was presented to the Deployment Committee. The funding distribution includes a mix
of corridor-wide and state specific type projects. The funding distribution is summarized below:

•       1.2.1 Initial GCM Data Pipe                            $100,000
•       1.3.1 Info. Clearinghouse Initial Admin. Network $90,000
•       1.3.3 Info. Clearinghouse Design/Dev./Test             $55,000
•       2.1.4 Electronic Schedules - Milwaukee Deployment      $240,000
•       2.4.3 Bus Mgt. Systems                                 $800,000

T:\3763\MEETINGS\DEPLOY\ODD FILES\03117DC.MIN   2                                        April 15,
•       3.1     Coordinated Program Development                    $60,000
•       3.2.1   Hoosier Helpers - Additional Staff/Equip.          $128,000
•       3.4.1   Wisconsin Incident Mgt. - Program Design           $160,000
•       3.4.2   Wisconsin Incident Mgt. - CAD/AVL Service          $240,000
•       4.0     Technical Planning and Support                     $600,000
•       5.1.3   Integ. Operations - Operating Agreements           $50,000
•       5.1.4   Integ. Operations - Implementation Plan            $100,000
•       5.2.1   Indiana TMS - Phase 2                              $1,765,333
•       5.3.3   Illinois TMS - Upgrade Fwy. TMS                    $1,893,334
•       5.4.1   Wisconsin TMS - MONITOR                            $1,093,333
•       6.1     CVO Work Group                                     $65,000
•       7.2.3   Traffic Signal Integration - Wisconsin Test        $160,000
•       10.3    Private/Public Partnership Outreach                $80,000

The Deployment Committee also reviewed an updated "GCM Federal Funds Utilization/Needs -
Year 1 & 2" table which summarizes the utilization of federal funding for FY 93, 94, 96 and 97.
This table replaces the previous table dated June 10, 1996.


Action:         The Deployment Committee approved the projects and budget levels for FY 98
                and 99. The Executive Committee will be asked to approve the projects and
                budgets at an upcoming conference call meeting.

Handouts:       1.      GCM Corridor Program Plan Update Draft Project Descriptions and
                        Budget - FY 98, 99 and Beyond, dated March 11, 1997.
                2.      Draft CVO Project Descriptions and Budget.
                3.      GCM Projects Implementation Timeframe tables.
                4.      CPP Update Schedule.

Daryl Taavola of BRW summarized the GCM projects and budget levels proposed for Program
Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 as part of the GCM Corridor Program Plan Update. The total
GCM Corridor Program budgets are proposed at $16,870,000 for FY 98 and $16,360,000 for FY
99. These budget levels are in similar size to Year 1 and Year 2 of the program. Marc Cutler of
Cambridge Systematics then summarized the proposed GCM Commercial Vehicle Operations
(CVO) (Program Area 6) projects and budget levels for FY 98 and 99 as approved by the CVO
Work Group on February 25, 1997. The CVO budgets for FY 98 and 99 are proposed at
$2,575,000 per year. CVO data, traffic rates and freight activity information gathered as part of
the process was also summarized.

The Deployment Committee unanimously approved the projects and budget levels proposed for
FY 98, 99 and beyond. a summary of the schedule to receive Executive Committee approval and
to complete the final update document was also discussed.

T:\3763\MEETINGS\DEPLOY\ODD FILES\03117DC.MIN   3                                         April 15,

Handout:        1.      GCM Work Order Status as of 2/25/97.
                2.      TTM Work Group Project Status Report as of 2/25/97.
                3.      ACI Work Group Project Status Report as of 2/28/97.

Several reports were distributed to the committee including a work order status report and
TTM/ACI Work Group project status reports. The State DOTs highlighted the activities for
several GCM projects currently underway:

•       The Wisconsin Communications and Data System Infrastructure (CDSI) contract in is
        close to negotiation completion.
•       A Multi-Modal Traveler Information System VMS/HAR workshop is scheduled for next
        week in Illinois.
•       The Location Referencing System (LRS) Subcommittee has developed a two page
        summary of how to proceed with the LRS test over the next 6 months.
•       The IDOT Traffic Systems Center Upgrade analysis and basic design will be completed
        by the end of April. This will serve as a base to move forward with detailed design and
•       Indiana has selected a consultant for the Indiana Regional Traveler Information Strategic


Time and location for future meetings is as follows:

          Coord. Work Group                     April 16, 1997, 9:00 a.m. - Conference Call
          TTM Work Group                        April 17, 1997, 10:30 a.m. - IDOT ETP
          Deploy. Comm.                         April 17, 1997, 1:00 p.m. - IDOT ETP
          Executive Committee                   April 21, 1997, 11:00 a.m. - Telephone Conf.
          ITS Midwest Annual Meeting            April 24 and 25, 1997 - Schaumburg, IL
          Coord. Work Group                     May 19, 1997, 9:30 a.m. - IDOT ETP
          ACI Work Group                        May 19, 1997, 1:00 p.m. - IDOT ETP
          ITS America Annual Meeting            June 2 - 5, 1997 - Washington, D.C.
          Coord. Work Group                     June 17 or 18, 1997 - Conference Call
          TTM Work Group                        June 19, 1997, 8:00 a.m. - IDOT ETP
          Deploy. Comm.                         June 19, 1997, 10:00 a.m. - IDOT ETP
          CVO Work Group                        June 19, 1997, 1:00 p.m. - IDOT ETP


The committee members provided an update of other activities underway:


T:\3763\MEETINGS\DEPLOY\ODD FILES\03117DC.MIN      4                                             April 15,
•       FHWA has a capacity building (ITS) course coming up in May.

ITS Midwest:

•       A research meeting attended by all states was recently held. The concept of a
        cooperative research center as a resource to the corridor was discussed.
•       The ITS Midwest annual meeting will be held April 24 and 25, hosted by Motorola in
        Schaumberg, IL. Announcements have already been sent out.
•       ITS Midwest's involvement in the development of Private/Public Partnerships will
•       The next ITS Midwest newsletter will be published within the next week.
•       Dave Zavattero of CATS suggested displaying the GCM homepage at the ITS Midwest
        annual meeting.


•       Implementation of the control center is progressing. TTM and Transit Subgroup
        meetings were held at the new center recently. The prototype equipment should be
        installed on each bus type in April. Towers will be constructed this spring.


•       A press release was sent out on March 10, 1997 regarding real-time construction
        information now accessible on the GCM homepage.


•       The NE Illinois ITS Early Deployment Plan is underway. There will be a kick-off
        meeting for the Technical Task Force on Thursday, March 13.


•       InDOT released an RFP for Borman TMS Phase 2 last week. An RFP for shared use
        towers was also released.


•       It was decided that the GCM internet homepage should be displayed at the Mississippi
        Valley Conference in July. The conference will have a heavy ITS focus and will be held
        July 9, 10 & 11 in Chicago. Phil DeCabooter will coordinate this issue.

                               DEPLOYMENT COMMITTEE MEETING

T:\3763\MEETINGS\DEPLOY\ODD FILES\03117DC.MIN   5                                         April 15,
                                            March 11, 1997
                                         ATTENDANCE SHEET
Agency Members Present:
        NAME                     REPRESENTING                     PHONE           FAX
        Adrian Tentner           Argonne National Lab              603-252-8454          603-252-4500
        Marc Cutler              Cambridge Systematics             617-354-0167          617-354-1542
        David Zavattero          CATS                              312-793-3456          312-793-3481
        John Ellis               City of Chicago DOT               312-744-4608          312-744-8511
        Jeff Mantes              City of Milwaukee                 414-286-2452          414-286-3693
        David Phillips           CTA                               312-432-8005          312-432-8010
        Tom Nicarico             De Leuw, Cather                   312-930-5160          312-930-0018
        Syd Bowcott              De Leuw, Cather                   312-930-5100          312-930-0018
        Bill Brownell            FHWA - Reg. 5                     708-283-3549          708-283-3501
        Ed Stillings             FHWA                              708-283-3550          708-283-3501
        Barbara Koehler          FHWA                              608-829-7530
        Pete Olson               FHWA - Illinois Div.              217-492-4634          217-492-4621
        Don Johnson              FHWA - Indiana Div.               317-226-7480          317-226-7341
        Jon Ringler              HNTB                              312-930-9119
        John Felton              HNTB                              312-930-9119
        Joe Ligas                IDOT                              847-705-4800          847-705-4803
        Chuck Sikaras            IDOT                              847-705-4800          847-705-4803
        Joe McDermott            IDOT - Dist. 1/Traffic            847-705-4141          847-705-4089
        Ted Smith                IDOT - ETP                        312-624-0470          312-624-1906
        Tony Cioffi              IDOT - TSC                        708-524-2145          708-524-2145
        Dan Shamo                INDOT                             317-232-5523          317-232-0238
        Creig Day                NET                               847-394-8287          847-394-0389
        Mahmudal Bari            NET                               847-394-8287          847-394-0389
        John Paquet              Pace                              847-228-2401          847-439-8116
        Pete Nelson              UIC                               312-996-3259          312-413-1396
        Uonu Thakuriah           UIC                               312-355-0447
        David Urbanczyk RTA                                312-917-0796           312-917-0846
        Scott Love               TransCore                         770-447-6831
        Phil DeCabooter          WisDOT - ITS                      608-267-0452          608-267-0294
        Jay Obenberger           WisDOT                            414-227-2151          414-227-2164
        Steve Young              WisDOT - District 2               414-227-2160          414-227-2164
        Jeff Benson              BRW                               612-373-6444          612-370-1378
        Daryl Taavola            BRW                               612-373-6529          612-370-1378

T:\3763\MEETINGS\DEPLOY\ODD FILES\03117DC.MIN          6                                         April 15,

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