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2002 National Cherry Blossom Festival Poster Contest by sparkunder19


									            2004 National Cherry Blossom Festival Poster Contest
  Theme: “Cherry Blossoms as a Symbol of Friendship between the Peoples of the
                          United States and Japan”

Eligibility: All artists are invited to submit slides incorporating cherry blossoms in the
design. No entry fee.

Prizes:         Artist with the winning design will receive:
                •      $1000
                •      2-night stay in a local D.C. hotel and dinner for the weekend of
                       April 2& 3 - transportation is the responsibility of the artist
                •      Two tickets to Festival Special Events – plus an introduction at
                       the events
                •      Two VIP Grandstand Tickets for the Parade on April 3 – and
                       an introduction
                •        Acknowledgment on the Festival’s Official Website – artwork
                         will be featured as well as a bio of the artist which had 1 million
                         page views for the 2003 festival
                ●        Public Display On Public Transportation System—artwork
                         displayed on subways and buses in Washington metropolitan area
                         leaving 10 million impressions during the four weeks of display
                •        Acknowledgment in 100,000 copies of the Festival Brochure,
                         20,000 copies of the Festival Official Program, press releases
                         and other printed promotional materials of the Festival

Entry procedure:        Submit your slides with your name, address, phone number, e-mail
address and artist statement no later than September 8, 2003 to:

                               Millennium Arts Center
            National Cherry Blossom Festival ® Committee 2004 Art Contest
                                 65 “I” Eye Street SW
                                Washington, DC 20024

                       Please remember to label your slides (name)

The Fine Print:
                1.  The artwork must incorporate cherry blossoms and be vertical in design.
                2.  The artwork must be able to be commercially printed on a variety of objects such as
                    posters, t-shirts, mugs, brochures and tote bags.
                3. If computer generated, the artwork must be submitted as a digital file on either CD-
                    ROM or ZIP disk. Digital files must be either a vector-based EPS file, or as a
                    21”X22”, 300 dpi CMYK TIFF file. If vector based, the file must be compatible
                    with either Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand; no spot colors may be used,
                    all colors must be CMYK. All digital artwork must be accompanied by a full-size
                    SWOP-accurate proof; inkjet or Iris prints are not acceptable. All digital artwork will
                    be judged based on the proof provided.
                4. The design should be able to accommodate text, such as “National Cherry Blossom
                    Festival” or “National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade®.”
                5. By entering the contest, the artist certifies that their artwork is original and does not
                    infringe upon any third-party rights.
                6. The winner agrees to work with the committee during the printing process.
                7. Contestants must agree to provide the rights to the artwork solely to the National
                    Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc. members and their agencies, the rights to usage of the
                    winning artwork and the usage of the winner’s name and likeness in National Cherry
                    Blossom Festival advertising, publicity and merchandise.
                8. Previously published artwork, artwork pending publication or artwork that has won
                    other contests is ineligible.
                9. The winner agrees to sign an affidavit of eligibility and originality, a grant of rights
                    and release of liability and to provide all comments required for publication. (Minors
                    under 18 must have parent/guardian provide required consents.)
                10. Employees, members and families of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc. are
                    not eligible. Entries are void where prohibited by law.
                11. A corporate sponsor logo(s) may appear with the design when printed.
                12. Any taxes on prizes are the winner’s responsibility.
13. The entry judged “Best in Show” will be notified by September 15, 2003. All
    decisions by the judges are final.

       Deadline for entries: Monday, September 8, 2003

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