2009 Environmental Poster Contest

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					                 Poster Contest Entry Form
                               Attach to back of poster

  Please       appropriate category      (Special Needs) (Special Needs)
  ___K-1 ___ 2-3 ___ 4-6 __ 7-9 ___10-12 __ **4-6         **10-12
                                                                                                                                      Poster Contest
STUDENT – Please Print
First Name             __        _Middle               Last                  _______
City                                                   State                 Zip
Phone (                )                       E-mail ________________________________
School Name _____________________________ Grade ______ Age
            The poster is an original completed by the student.
            The student received assistance from another person or materials/ideas
           from another source. If so, please explain on another piece of paper.
SCHOOL – Please Print
Teacher _________________________________________
Public School __________ Private School __________ Home School __________
Address                                                            Phone ( )
City                                                   State                 Zip
E-mail address
Parent or guardian name (printed)
Signature of parent or guardian allowing NACD to utilize the poster for educational or promotional

Name       Marinette County Land & Water Conservation Division
Contact Aleta DiRienzo                                            Title Database Specialist/Prog. Asst.
Address 1926 Hall Avenue                                          Phone ( 715 )         732-7780           Wisconsin Land & Water Conservation Association
                                                                                                          Marinette County Land & Water Conservation Division
City       Marinette                                   State      WI         Zip        54143-1717
                                                                                                             National Association of Conservation Districts
E-mail Address         adirienzo@marinettecounty.com
          When sending state winning entries to national contest please include:                                     Posters are due: October 9, 2009
          State poster contest sponsor,contact name, address, phone and e-mail.                           Questions contact: Land & Water Conservation Division
                                                                                                              Marinette County Land Information Department
                                                                                                           Address: 1926 Hall Avenue – Marinette WI 54143-1717
                                                                                                                          Phone: (715) 732-7780
                                                                                                                 E-mail: adirienzo@marinettecounty.com
                                                                           Who Can Participate ?
  Rules                                                                    The Poster contest is open to all students in grades K-12,
                                                                           attending public school, private school or being home

                                                                           Why Participate ?
                                                                           Designing a poster and researching the theme, can give
    •    Any media may be used to create a flat or two-dimensional         you a voice in your community on important conservation
         effect (paint, crayon, colored pencil, charcoal, stickers,        issues. Good posters tell important stories to present and
         paper or other materials on regular posters (no computer          future generations. Posters capture people’s attention
         only special category) Poster size must be between 8.5" x         with a powerful graphic and inspire with a message to
         11" and 22" x 28".                                                your community.
    •    A completed entry form must be attached to the back of the
         poster to make it eligible for judging.
    •    Subject matter must reflect your locality or Wisconsin. (No
                                                                           Information Resources
         oceans, mountains or African wildlife please.)                    You will want to learn all you can about the importance of soil in
    •    Posters should be packaged so they remain flat when sent          your daily life. You can find resources at your school or public
         for judging.                                                      library, science books, local newspapers, nature centers and
    •    The Poster must be created by an individual. No team              from the NACD website www.nacdnet.org Stewardship &
         posters will be accepted. .                                       Education section.
    •    The 2009 Stewardship title "DIG IT! The Secrets of Soil"
         must be on your poster. (Don’t use any other title) This rule     With assistance from your teacher or parents the Internet can
         Must be followed if you are trying for the national contest.      also provide information on soil.
    •    Although younger students will most likely receive help in
         planning from parents or teachers, students are encouraged        Ask your teacher about other possible resources in your
         to do as much of the work as possible by him/herself.             community. Also be sure to contact your local conservation
         Entries completed by students in their handwriting and            district who can direct you to local projects or other resources.
         coloring will score better than those designed, drawn and
         colored by adult assistance.
                                                                           There is much to learn about soil. Almost all of the minerals and
                                                                           nutrients we need for life, to nurture us, to help us grow, to give
Poster Evaluations                                                         us energy and keep us healthy come from fields, gardens, trees
                                                                           and pastures. Every plant, vegetable, or fruit that we eat gets
The posters are evaluated on the following criteria:                       its nutrients from the soil in which it grows. Your home is built
    • Conservation message (50 percent)                                    on soil and what type of soil is important. To learn more about
    • Visual effectiveness (30 percent)                                    soil visit the link for NACD and:
    • Originality (10 percent) and                                                     http://forces.si.edu/soils/
    • Universal appeal (10 percent).                                                   http://www.soils.org
    •    Local Contest winners – 1st place through Honorable               National Visual Art Standards
         Mention will receive a cash prize and a ribbon. All other
         participants will receive a certificate. 1st place winners will   Designing a poster meets many of the national visual art
         go on to the area contest – then on to the state contest.         standards. You can find the list of the standards by
    •    State winners will be eligible for National Association of        visiting www.nacdnet.org Stewardship & Education
         Conservation Districts (NACD) National Poster Contest and         section.