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									Basic Internet Marketing Communication & SEO
25 th -26 th June 2009 | Royal Plaza on Scotts

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Experiential workshops focus on learning for the individual as a result of direct participation and then reflection upon what was experienced. Individual learning is achieved from the lecturer, from peers and through personal self discovery.

In business today, almost every individual or company has a website to represent their product and/or service. Great emphasis is put on developing a website that is pleasing to the eye to get the reader’s attention. While that is a good thing, very little attention is focused on how to build a website to get the readers to the site in the first place. Most individuals or small companies assume that once their website is up on the internet that traffic will automatically and naturally come to them. This is major misconception. For an E-commerce business or a digital information site, traffic is equivalent to sales. No traffic, no business. It’s really that simple. Many people believe that search engine optimization is automatically done by the person or company that built the website or by the company hosting their sites. Some believe that they cannot afford to hire a company to handle SEO for them so they just don’t bother doing anything at all and just pray for the best. These beliefs can be detrimental to a business if no one in the company understands the basics of SEO. That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news!

Basic Internet Marketing Communication & SEO
25th-26th June 2009
9:00am – 5:00pm

Royal Plaza on Scotts
Singapore Fees S$625 Before 4th June S$695 Before 25th June Fees include All Course Materials Lunch Buffet Tea Breaks

There are many things that you can do the front and back end of your website with little expense to the company that will significantly enhance your site, and raise your sites’ positioning on natural search engine listings and convert your traffic into sales or leads. • • • You don’t have to be a computer geek or technically savvy to understand & apply basic SEO You don’t need to hire an expert to handle your SEO, as you are the expert of your business You don’t need to have extra staff to develop an internet marketing program that drives business to your site These techniques and tools can be applied in a short period of time.


Basic Internet Marketing Communication & SEO
Workshop Overview: This two day workshop is for individuals or companies who wish to apply basic techniques to optimize their website or for start-ups looking to build their website for success from the ground up. The workshop will focus on what can be done immediately to build a web friendly site for search engines and design elements that will also optimize the site. We will cover design elements that can be applied to the site to increase both traffic to the site, keep the reader on the site for much longer and cover factors that help to improve conversions. The entire workshop is hands-on learning. The process will be demonstrated live and then participants will have the opportunity to immediately research and apply the technique to their own site if they choose to do so right away. Subject Aims: This workshop aims to explain the various factors (both front end and back end) that can affect a business’ website and its ranking amongst search engines. Participants will gain the following knowledge: • • • • • • Be able to understand how search engines work and retrieve information Learn how to easily optimize your web pages with Meta tags, title tags & key word phrases Drive traffic to you site with backlinks, RSS Feeds and more Learn from your competitors with Google Page Rank and Alexa Which programs to register your URL with Search Engine & Directories Learn how to automate their business with Email Marketing Programs & Autoresponders

Who Should Attend? Businesses, SME’s or Entrepreneurs with an interest in learning email marketing strategies and who maintain an online presence, looking to increase the traffic to their website

About the Trainer Pamela Wigglesworth is an accomplished corporate trainer and lecturer offering experiential courses in Branding & Brand Management, Effective Communication in the Workplace, Maximize Retail Sales with Better Customer Service and Basic Retail Visual Merchandising; consults for fashion companies and corporations, has developed training courses for the Textile & Fashion Federation (TAFT Singapore) Training Centre, the Malaysian Textile and Apparel Centre and has lectured at Raffles Institute of Design and The Asian Centre for Professional Excellence. The success of her fashion related courses has broadened into more general branding and marketing training for a regional telecommunications company and retail development training for Club Med. Pamela’s international network and experiences have enriched her understanding of the global apparel industry and helped her become an excellent cross cultural communicator and problem solver, able to view issues from both an international and Asian perspective. She was a founding board member of the Primetime Business & Professional Women’s Association, is an Executive Committee Member of TAFT and is the Singapore Alumni Coordinator for the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. She has been active in the Asian fashion industry since 1989 working at major international buying offices in Hong Kong. She subsequently developed a boutique sourcing company introducing smaller US apparel companies to the increasingly adaptable regional garment factories. Relocating to Singapore in 1995 she went on to establish a retail boutique and an internet and wholesale kid’s golf apparel brand.

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25 th – 26 th June 2009 | Royal Plaza on Scotts | Singapore
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