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					SEO Content friendly Articles for Costume jewellery website. ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL AND EXPERIENCED AT WRITING FOR WEB CONTENT, CREATIVELY . Articles should be creative and a pleasure to read, not obviously written for SEO; this is the art! Good at new idea generation, novel content, fun, pleasant, sweet and clever! You must understand the subtly of producing seo clever articles without being obvious! ( and of course you must as a pre requisite , understand the important of producing articles for spiders t crawl and like!) 1)$50 for 8 articles ( 2 articles per week) , on going regularly min 500 words AND 2)Manage the posting and pictures etc associated with the articles AND 3) RE WRITE the above articles for posting else where, 2 variations of each article, 300- 500 words, to avoid duplicate content $20.00 Total $70.00 /month, for: :8 articles x 500+ words; :16 mini articles variations of the 8 articles.( re writes means keeping subject matter same , but articles should genuinely be different!) :Post 8 articles on Jnaoe blog, twice a week with pictures researched by you from outside as well within our site. :Add links to references used and internal links to products on our site. ( $70.00, for same above from month 2 onwards, ONGOING!)


FUNDAMENTAL as a pre-requisite in bidding for this offer is your TOTAL understanding for what friendly SEO content writing is all about! This work is for an INDIVIDUAL, not a SEO specialist company offering various services in this field. I’m looking for a professional SEO friendly content writer of articles, willing to do research and work with us on ongoing basis. The first thing you will discover is that ‘jewelry ‘ spelt in this format is better searched then spelt: ‘’jewellery’’ !

We will also provide you will a list of key words/ phrases we want you to use in the articles; but these should be used creatively with at all making them obvious: think of its as writing creative, original and witty articles which are enjoyable to read, but which have a SEO edge to them; most article writers are so clinical as they are

obsessed with writing just SEO articles , they totally forget what creative and pleasure it is to write and read! If you enjoy writing our articles, then they will be also pleasurable to read! Its follows! You will by now appreciate that whilst we we want creative content writing, what I need is some one who is an expert at writing SEO friendly articles RELEVANT to my site and really understand how spiders work when crawling sites. Our costume jewellery web site is for men and women, selling fashionable and value for money jewellery. A lot of real crystal swarovski items; funky necklaces made of ornaments, stainless steel bracelets for men, and very innovative leather wristbands or wrist cuffs for men. We even sell horoscope pendants. A small collection of 925 sterling is also offered. WE have a modern approach to selling jewellery and we want our site to be not just about sales, but also like a fashion magazine, with interaction from the public… e.g. one our main aims ( to be strengthened by the efforts of bogging and using social network sites) to access an audience who will not only purchase form our site, but become fashion models wearing the article they have purchased, which we can publicize on our site…with credits to them with some kind of small reward even. WE want articles written which are clever, of course for the purpose of helping our rankings on the web and seo, to be picked up by spiders , and be nominated for being fresh and novel. They mustn’t be so blatant or obvious to reek with key words … this will have a negative impact with spiders,( we may get de ranked, rather then actually pushed up!) nor will they make interesting meaningful reading! BUT you can make them as controversial as you like especially reflecting current media interest in celebs, politics, art and culture which is all being currently talked about in the media….. base articles on current happening so they are FRESH! We want to be innovative in our style of writing these blogg articles…. Related directly with current affairs around the world, celebrity gossip, fashion and the arts. For instance: current affairs example: unveiling of the Tutankamen face for the first time: relate this to a piece of one of our janeojewels jewelry which could adorn a princess, may be with a Egyptian look, etc.. articles picked from our vast collection. Nothing of course has to be that obvious or meaningful… the idea is fun, innovative writing, and of course interesting to READING and well WORTHWHILE for spiders to feel its an important enough article to crawl and rank positively! The article to be linked to the product pages, linked to perhaps outside also, to the Tutankamen exhibition site for example, so the spiders genuinely feel we are NOT just using the article for just one purpose… that its an article of genuine interest for the public to read, be it satirical or fictional with a twang, but has a core message, a core base and there is a current interest in it with even a genuine outbound link!

IF you have a passion for witting clever articles, which have researched phrases appropriate to our end product being sold on our site; linked with current affairs and arts, cinema, celebrity etc…which would ALSO make interesting READING, we would like to give a go with you. BUT please know your stuff, and be genuine about this. Our site is based in the United Kingdom so we would want more association with Uk and European current affairs, but this is nor the norm all the time. In the fisrt instance show us your examples related to our products. Paresh raja Janeojewels director

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