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					Sam, Our SEO Superstars and Internet Marketing Maniacs have produced this quick proposal for you… After a quick review of, we have discovered that they have an Alexa website popularity ranking of: 886,715. Indicators are showing moderately low levels of website traffic from Internet surfers. The website is basically void of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), with the exception of their basic “title tag”. This hurts their traffic and limits their potential to capture new online visitors from Google, MSM and Yahoo. We would suggest implementing basic website SEO and a few web-based marketing campaigns. I have listed a few options below. Michael (702) 413-1770

-------------------------------------------------------SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most powerful Internet marketing technique. SEO requires daily attention consisting of testing / monitoring keyword for effectiveness, researching keyword relevancy / popularity, calibrating keyword placements and positioning keywords within website coding. There is more to SEO than just creating a set of META keywords; it’s an unpublished process of coding techniques that are practiced by SEO Masters and SEO specialists. We define the parameters of your Internet marketing campaign, then; we groom your website’s list of keywords so they most effectively at send traffic screaming to your site. If done properly, SEO can completely eliminate your website’s need for expensive Pay-per-Click Sponsorship Advertising. SEO delivers your traffic directly from the source; Yahoo, Google and MSN search engines. Our team of SEO superstars manage your website’s Internet marketing campaign. Our SEO campaigns run for a minimum of 6 months. SEO results are not immediate, and it usually takes 2 to 3 months of dedicated work before any positive results are detected. Nevertheless, SEO results are long-lasting, and usually result in a flow of major Internet website traffic for years to follow. SEO is a less risky way of generating guaranteed long-term high-traffic results without the long-term ongoing expenses of traditional advertising and marketing campaigns. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management requires a commitment of: $5,000 a month for 6 consecutive months.

NetAudioAds – (Internet Audio Ads Campaign)
For years we’ve watched television advertisements and listened to commercials on the radio. New technology is changing the way you hear the Internet. At we recently announced our new innovative Internet Audio Advertising Program. Now advertisers can promote, market, and sell products and services over-the-Internet utilizing web-audio for advertising. Just like radio and television, our new Internet audio advertising service broadcasts your commercial to millions of Internet users every month. Visit:

*** See an example of a working NetAudioAds advertisement on Our Standard Internet Audio Advertising Rate is: $14 per 1,000 audio impressions.

Pay-per-click Advertising Campaign
Pay-per-click advertising has grown in popularity over the years. Sponsorship Advertising enables you to be listed on respective websites and showcased on the preferred high-profile upper areas of search engine listings. You can assign your company’s hypertext text-links and a brief description at the top of Yahoo, Google and MSN’s search directories. Sponsorship Pay-per-Click advertising is powerful and it really works. You can expect to pay between $0.20 and $8 per click, depending on the popularity of your activated keywords. We manage your pay-per-click campaigns to ensure your keywords are maximized for the greatest efficiency and search results. Sponsorship Pay-per-Click Advertising is not a recommended substitution for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our basic Monthly Management fee is $1,500 a month per website. We usually require minimum costs keyword buy-in of $2,000 a month.

Link Exchange Management
You need links. Not just any links, but high-quality, relevant ones. Why? Because, Search Engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN regularly evaluate your links to help decide how relevant your site is for your most important keywords. But not just any old link will do... the more relevant and higher in ranking value, the better. We manage your incoming and outgoing links, constantly searching for the highest ranking and relative link values. This requires special management for proper distribution of your outgoing links. Even more important, we manage your incoming links. Why? Because, the fastest way to obtain a higher ranking is to have other websites pointing and directing relevant traffic to your site via incoming links. Our monthly management services fee is: $775 a month

Faster Blaster – Email Campaigns
Contact us for details… This has been left intentionally blank

Spiders Snakes and Bots – (hi-end innovative marketing techniques)
Contact us for details… This has been left intentionally blank
(end Internet marketing section)

------------------------------------------------------------------ – (Record-by-Phone website audio enhancement feature)
Voice2Page is a new Internet audio service that enables website owners with the ability to record audio on their sites with any telephone. Voice2Page is as simple as recording a voice message on a cell phone, except people hear your voice on your website. For more details visit:

Below is an interactive demonstration: ***View - Record-by-Phone audio profile demonstration: To change the voice message on Mike’s Reunion page… Voice Recording Line: (631) 240-0001 – Use access pin-code: 9 9 2 6 1 8 This feature can be available by request only.

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