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					GPS The GPS was started sometime before spring 2006 as a means to help students with visual disabilities find accessible routes around campus. However, the project was dropped around fall 2006 because of the inaccuracy of GPS technology at the time. The project was just picked up again last fall and we hope to continue our progress this semester. The GPS is now in the testing phase after researching most of last semester. We purchased a GPS device, Garmin eTrex Legend HCx, at the end of last semester and we plan on testing its ability to guide a person around Purdue University’s campus. Our main goal is to create tours of Purdue University’s campus in order to orient the students to where each building is on campus in relation to one another. It is designed for hikers and runners so we will have to determine where there may be shortcomings in its design when used by students with visual disabilities. Most importantly we will need to determine an alternative input/output ability for students with visual impairments so they will still be able to use our device. The goals for this semester are: Retrieve and plot every intersection and entrance to MapSource. Create the 3 main tours of campus. o Test tours to make sure there are no obstacles Test the eTrex’s ability to give accurate directions around campus. o Find any flaws in the eTrex’s ability to give directions. o Create a database of all tests done and results received through the eTrex’s directions. Create tours of the residence halls. Determine the best alternative user input for students with visual impairments.


GPS team: Chris Chen, Andrea Ebert, Joe Yu

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