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									Transfer Credit Assessment Application
This form is for transfer credit assessment only. Students seeking prior learning assessment (PLA) or a combination of transfer and PLA credits should use the PLA form.
Assessment of transcripts from other post-secondary institutions will be carried out only if these conditions are met: 1.	 This	form	is	completely	filled	in	and	is	accompanied	by	the	$50.00	transfer	credit	assessment	application	fee.	The	fee	 is not refundable. 2. The student requesting transfer credit assessment has made application for admission to Cape Breton University and has paid the application fee. 3. The student requesting transfer credit assessment has arranged for Cape Breton University to receive official transcripts. Transcripts	issued	to	students	are	not	considered	official. 4. Where required, the student will provide or arrange to have provided course descriptions for courses being assessed.

Cashier’s use only

Name Address


Postal Code Phone CBU Program of Registration or Application (Required) Institutions Attended
Please ensure that an official transcript is sent to Cape Breton University by each institution for which transfer credit is to be assessed. 1. 2. 3. 4.


Cheque	or	Money	Order	payable	to	Cape Breton University OR	Charge	to	VISA	 or MasterCard  Name	on	card	 Expiry	Date	 		 Signature	of	Card	holder	 	 Number	

Inquiries and further information contact: Manager of Admissions Phone:	(902)	563-1117	 	 	 	 Fax:	(902)	563-1371	 	 	 	 E-mail:




Cape Breton University P.O.	Box	5300,	1250	Grand	Lake	Road Sydney,	NS			B1P	6L2

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