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Custom Development


									Custom Development
Streamline your business processes
Dynamic Quest understands that each business is unique and operates differently. We design custom software solutions to help your organization streamline business processes. To help you with the transition of your new product, our development services also include training end-users and documentation. Our team is qualified to support multiple platforms, programming languages and databases to:
• Develop custom applications and utilities • Modify existing applications • Upgrade packaged solutions • Integrate multiple software solutions

> Functionality

Do you have more than one system supporting the functions of your organization?
Our team can design and implement a custom software solution for your entire business model.

Key Features
> Multiple programming languages
support and expertise

> Stringent quality and testing > All work performed within the U.S. > Training for new product implementation
“A successful software solution is complete, timely, and well-documented.”

For more information call: 336.370.0555 | Check us out:

Custom Development
Quality Assurance
We believe that quality assurance is an essential part of every project; therefore we maintain a team dedicated to testing our development products. We review at every stage of the project lifecycle to ensure the final product:

Certified software provider
Dynamic Quest is a software provider of CRM, SharePoint, Content management, and many other custom application solutions. Our engineers are experienced in product evaluation, purchasing, installation, troubleshooting, and application implementation.

• Meets specifications • Works in the client environment • Is bug free before going live

Support and Maintenance
Dynamic Quest will continue to support your ongoing software needs. Our maintenance plans are designed for a client needing to continuously add modules and make modifications. We also provide 24/7 Helpdesk support for your product.

Programming Languages:
• Perl • Ruby •C • C++ • .Net • SOAP • XML • RPC • Java • PHP • Visual Basic (VB) • Others

Web Languages:
• HTML • VBScript • Javascript • AJAX • Ruby • JSP • CSS • Servlets • PHP •ASP

Successful Projects
Our software development team consists of certified, knowledgeable professionals who have successfully completed projects in the areas of:

• MySQL • Ruby on Rails • SQL Server • Apache • Visual Studio • Adobe Web tools • Struts • BPCS • Sugar CRM • Visual Web Developer • Many Others • Nginx • Oracle Database • Zend IDE • Joomla CMS • Websphere • IIS • MSSQL • Access • Mono • MQSeries

• Optometry Offices • Retail Management / POS • Charity Projects • Manufacturing • Inventory • e-Procurement • Auctioning • Accounting • Asset Management • Document Management • Custom Content Management • Miscellaneous Legacy Support

For more information call: 336.370.0555 | Check us out:

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