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Hirohisa Fujii
Hirohisa Fujii

Minister of Finance of Japan
Incumbent Assumed office  September 16, 2009 Preceded by Born Died Nationality Kaoru Yosano 24 June 1932 Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan Japanese

Political party Democratic Party of Japan Alma mater University of Tokyo

Hirohisa Fujii (藤井 裕久, born June 24, 1932) is a Japanese politician who is a member of the House of Representatives in the Diet (national legislature) and Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). A native of Tokyo, graduate of the University of Tokyo and former official of the Ministry of Finance, he was elected to the House of Councilors for the first time in 1977 as a member of the Liberal Democratic Party. In 1993 he joined the formation of the Japan Renewal Party, which later became part of DPJ.[1] In 2009 he became the Minister of Finance after the election of Yukio Hatoyama as Prime Minister.[2]

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• Official website [3] in Japanese.

Hirohisa Fujii


Political offices Preceded by Yoshirō Hyashi Preceded by Kaoru Yosano Minister of Justice of Japan 1993-1994 Minister of Finance of Japan 2009 - present Succeeded by Masayoshi Takemura Succeeded by Incumbent

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