Long Valley WolfPack Wrestling Practice Attendance Policy by sparkunder17


									                             Long Valley WolfPack Wrestling
                               Practice Attendance Policy
This policy applies only to wrestlers with starting positions on the following competitive teams:

        -   Tri-County (Coach John Zgombic )
        -   NorthWest (Coach Mike LeMay)
        -   North Jersey (Coach Steven Deehan)

Missing a practice because of an illness or religious obligation will be considered excused and
wrestlers will not be held out of competition for those absences.

Holiday (e.g. Thanksgiving, Christmas) practices are also exempt from this policy, although all
wrestlers (especially starters) are strongly encouraged to attend all practices.

A missed regularly-scheduled practice due to another sport or activity is not an excused practice.
Missed matches and practices will be dealt with on an individual basis by the team coach, assistant
coach and administrator. The team coach has the authority to remove (bench) the wrestler from the
following match or consecutive matches and/or permanently remove a wrestler from his starting line
up position.

Generally, missing a regularly-scheduled practice to participate in a workout at a wrestling club will be
considered an unexcused absence. However, competitive team coaches may make exceptions (in
advance) for club wrestling in extraordinary circumstances (e.g. a wrestler does not have a workout
partner in his weight class or experience level consistently, and asks to periodically attend a workout
at a local wrestling club.)

Wrestlers held out of the line-up for a missed match or an unexcused absence will still be encouraged
to wrestle in JV or exhibition match opportunities if available.

Year-End Tournaments
If a starting wrestler on any of the 3 competitive teams knows in advance that he will be unavailable
to wrestle in that league’s year-end tournament, and there is another wrestler at his weight, the other
wrestler will be declared the starter for the entire season. If a wrestler who has wrestled in the starter
position for the season decides to not wrestle in the year end tournament, the organization may
determine/limit the wrestler's team placement the following year. Note that year-end varsity
tournaments for all three leagues have been scheduled as follows:

        -   North Jersey      (available before the season starts)
        -   NorthWest        (available before the season starts)
        -   Tri-County       (available before the season starts)

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