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									 Precision Equipment and Other Products

Quickly Advancing Development of New Products
That Anticipate Customer Needs
Recently Announced Major Products

                                                                                  Extra large
                                                                                  precision XY table
                                                                                   For details, see p.33

                         Monodrive two-way feeder
                         for chip capacitors
                          For details, see p.33

                                                    Planetary roller screw-type
                                                    electric brake actuator

                                                              chain tensioner

32   NTN Annual Report 2008
                                                      Precision Equipment and Other Products

Review of Operations

Sales of precision equipment and other products rose ¥1.4 billion, or 4.8%, to ¥30.5                      Precision Equipment and
billion. Sales of clutch unit products and parts feeders offset a slump in defect repair                    Other Products Sales
                                                                                                                      Billions of yen
equipment for plasma display panels (PDPs) and liquid crystal displays (LCDs).                                                          30.5
   NTN also offers a wide lineup of clutch products for everything from office equipment                     26.8
to automobiles. Because of the Company s recent focus on developing clutch systems
for automobiles, sales of clutches have grown steadily. For mechatronic products and
other precision equipment supplied to the semiconductor, LCD, electronic devices
and other industries, NTN set up separate divisions to adapt flexibly to the rapid
technological innovation and fluctuating production levels of these major customers.
Going forward, as a step to aggressively promote sales activities for the growing LCD
and PDP sectors, we will pursue the timely launch of new products such as the extra-
large precision XY table, designed for manufacture and inspection of tenth-generation
                                                                                                             06            07            08
liquid crystal glass substrates.
                                                                                                                  Years ended March 31

                   e   w        P    r   o    d   u    c    t   s

     Extra-Large Precision XY Table
     NTN has commenced sales of an extra-large precision XY table for precise positioning on the
     tenth generation of liquid crystal glass substrate, the largest size available at present.
         The sizes of glass substrates are getting larger and larger in order to improve productivity.
     The tenth generation (2,850mm x 3,050mm) is just now being adopted, and there is a need to
     provide larger production and inspection equipment to accommodate the new sizes. However,
     there are restrictions on transportation of fully-assembled long stroke positioning equipment due
     to vehicle width regulation laws (Road Trucking Vehicle Law). In the past, this posed obstacles
     to smooth installation and positioning accuracy because units had to be re-assembled when
     delivered to production plants.
         This new extra-large precision XY table has a longer stroke than the previous product and
     employs new methods for the separation and joint structure. It also has superior reproducibility
     and makes high-precision positioning possible even after reassembly.                                      Extra-Large Precision XY Table
         Unlike its predecessors, the new product is not only another XY driving mechanism
     in NTN’s product lineup, but can be applied to production and inspection of other
     manufacturers’ equipment as well.

     Monodrive Two-Way Feeder for Chip Capacitors
     NTN s monodrive two-way feeders for chip capacitors move a two-way monodrive feeder (MD2
     feeder) at a high frequency in order to transport electronic component chips. More compact
     than previous models, the new product contributes significantly to freedom of design for
     equipment peripheries, expanding the benefits of an MD2 feeder, including space saving, to the
     field of electronic component chip transportation.
         The new product makes it possible to generate reverse vibration simultaneously in both
     the align/supply chute and the return chute using a single linear feeder unit and controller. This
     allows it to circulate electronic component chips within each chute and supply the aligned
     electronic component chips to the following device.
         This technology achieves a space savings of approximately two-thirds compared to
     conventional supply equipment, which combined a bowl feeder and linear feeder. In addition,
     through adjustment of the alignment and supply chutes, we achieved an improvement in work
     alignment efficiency, and output capacity increased by a factor of 1.2. Moreover, the structure is            Monodrive two-way feeder for
                                                                                                                       chip capacitors
     simple and the alignment and supply chutes are easy to replace and maintain, making it ideal for
     low-volume production of multiple product types.

                                                                                                                    NTN Annual Report 2008       33

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