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									Arizona State University at the Tempe campus Department of Political Science

Course Credit 2010 Legislative Internship
This form is to be completed by the student and signed by the appropriate professor(s) or administrator. It must be completed before you sign up for internship credit for the spring 2010 semester. Your name will NOT be confirmed to your agency/legislature/governmental office until this form is on file. It is DUE no later than December 11, 2008. Student Name ____________________________ Student ID# __________________ Student Email Address ___________________________________________________ Credit Sought _______ Undergraduate (up to 12 credit hours) _______ Graduate (up to 9 credit hours) If you are receiving internship credit from more than one department, you will need to complete separate forms for each department. Course Credit for Internship Department ________________________________________________
Course A


Course B


(Same department, more than one course line #)

# of Credit Hours ___________ Schedule Line # _____________

# of Credit Hours ___________ Schedule Line # _____________

Advisor Name (Please print) ___________________________ Intern Name (Please print) ___________________________

Signature __________________________ Signature __________________________ Date____________________ Date ___________________

PLEASE NOTE:  This form should be completed in consultation with your academic advisor. You may want to wait until after you have been notified of your selection as an intern before you request the final signature of the professor or administrator.  Return the completed form to the Political Science Department, Coor Hall, Room 6801 by Dec. 11, 2008.


Contact the Scholarship Office and Financial Aid (480) 965-4845, if you have any scholarships, grants, loans, etc. that may be affected by this course agreement. Political Science does not administer any financial aid; it is your responsibility.

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