The Byzantine Empire Islamic Empire by sparkunder16


									Byzantine Empire, early Russia and the Islamic Empire
Unit Overview
I. What is an Empire?
Characteristics of Empires Advantages Disadvantages Is America an Empire? II. Roman Empire 1. Problems affecting the stability of the empire 2. Split of the Roman Empire into two administrations 3. Constantine and the spread of Christianity Reading: Handouts III. Byzantine Empire 500AD-1453AD 1. The Reign of Justinian 2. Strengths of the Empire Reading: pages 187-190 3. The Christian Church 4. Byzantine Culture 5. The Preservation of Roman Law 5. Invasion of the Turks 6. Crusades 7. Decline of the Empire Reading: pages 191-196 IV. Rise of Russia 1. The Birth of Kievan Russia 2. Religion 3. The Rise of the Mongols 4. Ivan the Terrible 5. The Growth of the Church Reading: pages 196-201 Exam #1 – Covers Byzantines and Russia V. Islam 1. Muhammad 2. Five Pillars of Islam 3. Spread of Islam 4. Division in the Muslim Community Reading: pages 205-210 5. Islamic Culture Reading: pages 211-215 6. Islam Spreads to India 7. Muslims and Hindus Reading: pages 215-221 Exam #2 – Covers Islamic Empire

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