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									USING INDIVIDUAL RESETTLEMENT TRAINIG COST (IRTC) WITH ENHANCED LEARNING CREDIT TO FUND LEARNING DURING RESETTLEMENT With immediate effect it is permissible for Service Leavers to use their Individual Resettlement Training Cost (IRTC) grant in concert with Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) to pay for the same higher level qualification courses starting on or after 1 September 2008. Full details are available in 2008DIN07-104 released 1 Jul 08. Key points to note:     The policy and procedures for submitting an ELC and IRTC claim have not changed. No new allowance has been created. An ELC claim will continue to be submitted as normal with the individual making their 20% minimum personal contribution. An IRTC claim will continue to be submitted under current resettlement rules (refer to the SPVA Business Guide) These processes remain completely separate in accordance with ELC and resettlement regulations.

Key features of the policy change:   In resettlement only it is permissible to use IRTC to ‘buy-out’ the minimum 20% learning credit personal contribution, either in full or part, where the learning activity meets the criteria of the ELC scheme. The 20% minimum personal contribution using ELC towards the cost of higher level learning (Level 3 and above only) is paid up front by the claimant on receipt of the Claims Authorisation Note (CAN) direct to the provider. Any element of IRTC used to fund the learning in full or part can be claimed in advance (up to 80%) or in full or part on course completion. Using IRTC in full or part together with ELC must comply to ELC policy i.e. the learning must lead to a nationally recognised higher level qualification with an approved ELC scheme provider. If in the event of having used IRTC with ELC there is any unused IRTC element, it may be used to pay towards another training activity during resettlement. It is not possible to accrue or carry forward any unused element of ELC in the same way. ELC and the Standard Learning Credit (SLC) are not entitlements. It is not possible to use IRTC together with ELC and SLC to pay towards the same learning i.e. you cannot use all three together. ELC and SLC are used to fund different learning purposes.

   

Full details for Service Leavers using IRTC with SLC can be found in 2008DIN07-103 released 1 Jul 08 It remains the individual claimant’s responsibility, with the advice and guidance as appropriate from an Education and Resettlement advisor, to determine the best route to optimise the funding available in resettlement to pay for learning leading to qualification.

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