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									                   Powder Creek Shooting Park
               Sporting Clays League Shooting Rules

The Sporting Clays League is hosted and regulated by the Powder Creek Shooting Park
located at 8601 Monticello Road in Lenexa, Kansas. The purpose of the League is to
provide fair and competitive sporting clays shooting to all shooters of all abilities, novice
to veteran. There are no gender or age limitations and no membership requirements in
any shooting organization. Powder Creek management will determine the duration of
each League session.

The Sporting Clays League is based on individual rather than team competition. Scoring
is based on total targets broken by the individual.

The League

The league is administered by the management of the Powder Creek Shooting Park,
which includes scheduling dates and times of competition; tracking scores, individual
shooter standings and individual shooter statistics; and accounting for the cost of targets
and any other League expense.

For any instance(s) not covered in these rules, the rules of the National Sporting Clays
Association Official Rules. Powder Creek management will make a copy of these rules
available for reference.


The league will be divided into four Divisions, using Lewis Class rules.

Individual Fees:

Each individual is assessed a one-time fee to cover administrative, cash prize, trophy and
banquet dinner expenses. Powder Creek management determines the amount of that fee.
The individual is responsible for payment of this fee to Powder Creek prior to the start of
the League. The fee is $25.00 per individual.

Target Fees:

Shooters are required to pay target fees, in addition to individual fees. The price for 50
targets is $20.00 per week.

Competition and Scoring System:

Each competition cycle (one week’s shooting) will consist of 50 targets. All scores will
be recorded by the individual shooter on a standard 50 target score sheet.

                Powder Creek Shooting Park Sporting Clays League Rules
Individual Scores:

The individuals score for the competition cycle is the sum of total targets broken. Once
total targets broken have been calculated, a handicapping formula will be applied to each
shooters broken target score.

Handicapping System:

This handicap system attempts to level the field wit expert shooters and novice shooters
alike. The lower the score posted for each week, the larger the number of handicap
points will be added to the shooters score. And because the handicap is recalculated after
each week, the number of handicap points assigned to a shooter will be different each

Score Tracking:

Powder Creek management will be responsible for tracking and posting individual scores
on the bulletin and to the website after the completion of the competition cycle. All score
sheets will be verified and maintained by Powder Creek Shooting Park management to
ensure accuracy and compliance with League rules. All score sheets and handicap
calculation will available for review by any league member.

Make-ups and Shoot Ahead:

Make-ups for missed shooting cycle will not be allowed.


In the event of a tie (two or more individuals of equal score on the last night of League
shooting) a reverse run will be applied to the last shooting scores turned in. Reverse runs
will be applied to 2nd, 3rd and 4th places as well.

Trophies and Payouts:

Individual trophies will not be given; rather individuals will be drawn through the Lewis
Class process. It is anticipated that four classes will be included, depending on the total
participation. All league fees will be paid out to shooters in the form of prizes.


Sporting Clays League will be held from Thursday through the following Wednesday.
All shooters will be required to bring their own puller/scorer for their weekly competition
cycle. Target presentation will be the same for all league shooters, with targets being
changed weekly on Thursdays. The 50 targets will be shot on all twelve stations.

               Powder Creek Shooting Park Sporting Clays League Rules
Eye and Hearing Protection:

Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters, no exceptions.

Final Authority:

For matters not covered in these bylaws or NSCA rules, Powder Creek Shooting Park and
League management will have the final authority. League members are encouraged to
offer suggestions or ideas to Powder Creek management for changes and improvements
to these rules. The decision to pursue any changes will rest with Powder Creek
management. Powder Creek management may poll individuals for their opinions on an
issue prior to making a decision


               Powder Creek Shooting Park Sporting Clays League Rules

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