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Credit Transfer Form - DOC


									Credit Transfer Form Please fill up the following table as indicated in your transcript that you received from the host university. Should there be any discrepancy, please follow up with the university and then send the final transcript to OAS. Exchange Programme: INSTEP/ GSS / GIP / SUSEP (Please circle the relevant programme) Name: Matriculation Number: Division: School: School of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU Host University: Period of Exchange: Host University Course Code Host University Course Title NTU Course Code1 NTU Course Title Types2 Number of AUs approved by HSS Pass/Fail

1. If it is UE not meeting Minor or Major, matching is not required. Please indicate ‘nil’ under NTU Course Code and Title for this kind of UE. 2. Is the course meant for meeting Major-core, Major-PE, GER-PE (AHSS, Business or Science), UE-Minor, UE-Second Major or just pure UE?

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