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McAfee Rewards Visa Debit Card


									McAfee Rewards Visa Debit Card How to Redeem: Log on to McAfee Rewards and go to the Rewards Catalog, Gift Cards. Existing card holders select “Reload Visa Debit Card.” New card members scroll down and select “$50 Visa Debit Card.” Select the “I Want This!” button and verify your shipping address. New card members: In the Rewards Catalog, select $50 Visa Debit Card. It is recommended that you only order ONE (1) Visa debit card if you plan on re-loading it. Once you have received the initial Visa card, log on to McAfee Rewards and re-load it with the dollar amount of your choice. Reloading your Visa: In the Rewards Catalog, select the Reload Visa Debit Card – “I Want This!” button. Next, verify your shipping address. In the quantity field, fill in the dollar amount you would like loaded onto the card. (To determine this value, take the amount of points you plan to dedicate and divide that number by 21.6. This is the dollar amount you input into the quantity field.) Be careful not to exceed your total available points or the order will not be processed. The Time Line: Award orders are processed on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Please allow approximately 15 business days from the 1st or the 15th for receipt of your award. Award orders placed on the day award orders are run will be processed with the next awards batch. For example, if you place your award order on the 1st it will be processed with the 15th award batch. o Please allow the same amount of processing time for BOTH re-loading exisiting cards and issuing new cards. Contact Promotion Headquarters at or 972-661-6425 with questions about your order. 21.6 points = $1.00


Point Conversion:

Value: These debit cards are valid everywhere Visa is accepted. They can also be used at ATM machines for cash withdrawals. Lost/Stolen Cards: If you lose your Visa card, you will need to log into McAfee Rewards and order a NEW $50 Visa card. Once you receive this new card, you will be able to re-load it. Be sure to call Visa (1-800-522-7458) and have the original card cancelled. Contacting Visa: You can always call Visa at 1-800-522-7458 to track your card or to check your balance.

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