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									           THE CITY OF


 $84,578 TO $106,556 ANNUALLY*
THE CITY                                          LETTER FROM THE
                                                                  FIRE                        CHIEF
The City of Berkeley, located               On behalf of the m
                                                                 en and women of th
on the east shore of San                   Dept, I welcome yo                           e Berkeley Fire
Francisco Bay, offers its                                        u to our 2008 recrui
                                                                                         tment process.
105,300 residents one of                   The Berkeley Fire
California’s most interesting
                                                                 Dept is a progressiv
                                          department that ta                           e urban fire
and diverse living areas. It is a                              kes pride in providin
                                          exceptional customer                         g a culture of
city that is known for its ability                               service. Our depart
to attract strong individuals with       in fire suppression st                         ment is aggressive
                                                                rategies, rescue oper
energy, tolerance, and flexibility      medical response. W                            ations, and cutting
                                                                 e operate in a system                     edge emergency
as well as for its ability to           densely populated ,                               with high call volum
encompass change without                                     culturally diverse co                             e and serve a
sacrificing either its essential       Our team is made
                                                            up of 125 dedicated
character or the quality of life.      providing the high                           sworn men and wom
                                                           est level of service to                        en who are devoted
The public marina, bay views,                                                      our community. T                            to
                                      encourages motivat                                                he Berkeley Fire D
international shops and                                    ed individuals who                                                ept
                                      values courteous pu                          are seeking a career
restaurants, and the University                            blic service to apply.                       in an organization
of California a Berkeley are but
                                      We encourage and
a few of its attractions. Its                              welcome your part
                                                                                 icipation in our 2008
beautiful setting, pleasant          Sincerely,                                                           recruitment process.
climate, and recreational and
cultural activities offer a wide
                                     Debra R. Pryor
variety         of     leisure       Fire Chief

THE FIRE DEPT                        are currently
                                     three advanced life support am-                     medical ser-
The Berkeley Fire Department         bulances covering the City and                      vices to 105,300 Berkeley Resi-
was established in 1904 and is       parts of Tilden Park. The De-                       dents.
said to have been the first mo-      partment’s services of suppres-
torized fire department in the       sion, EMS, prevention, and                          Lateral candidates are encour-
western United States. The de-       public education are in increas-                    aged to apply. Lateral candi-
partment currently has 125           ing demand. The department                          dates must have permanent
sworn positions and a budget of      responded to over 11,000                            status in a current department
$23 million.                         emergencies last year.                              and at least two (2) years of ex-
                                                                                         perience as a Firefighter / Para-
Seven engines and two trucks
cover the very densely popu-
                                     THE POSITION                                        medic. The City is presently in
                                                                                         negotiations to allow lateral
lated eleven square miles that                                                           candidates to earn salary and
encompass the City of Berke-         Berkeley Firefighter / Paramed-
                                     ics are trained professionals                       vacation according to their pre-
ley. The Berkeley Fire Depart-                                                           sent vacation accrual schedule.
ment also operates its own           providing fire suppression, fire
transport ambulances. There          prevention and emergency
BENEFITS                                       REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS & MATERIALS
*Salary:                               • Age: Must be at least 18 years of age.
$84,578 to $106,556 annually which
includes the 12.5% Paramedic dif-      • Education: High school diploma or GED certificate.
ferential to base pay (+3.5% COLA
effective 6/28/2008).                  • License: Must possess a valid California driver’s license at time of ap-
Uniform Allowance:
$800 annually.                         • Vision: Minimal uncorrected vision of      /100 in each eye - both cor-
                                        rected to /30 normal color vision.
Paramedic Accreditation:
$1,200 bonus.                          • Height / weight: Weight proportional to height.
Deferred Compensation:
Employees may contribute up to the     You must submit a copy of all required application materials. Fail-
maximum allowable by law.              ure to comply will result in rejection of your application:

Health & Dental:                       • Completed City of Berkeley Application form (original with signature)
The City provides full health and
dental coverage for employees and      • High school diploma or GED certificate
eligible dependents, including do-
mestic partners. The City does not     • California EMT-Paramedic License* OR proof of enrollment.
participate in the CalPERS Medical
Program (PEMHCA) but does offer        • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certificate (ACLS)*
it’s own retiree medical benefit.      • Pediatric Advanced Life Support Card (PALS)* OR
Life Insurance:                         Pediatric Education for Pre-Hospital Professionals (PEPP)*
City-paid life insurance coverage -
$50,000.                               • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) (a.k.a. BTLS) OR
                                        International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)
Two weeks of vacation earned an-       • CPAT card obtained within the last 12 months of May 16, 2008
nually. Three weeks starting 6th yr.
                                       *NOTE: Applicants who are registered for enrollment or are currently en-
                                       rolled in a paramedic program by the final filing date of this recruitment
Fifteen paid holidays annually.
                                       will be accepted to complete for the Firefighter / Paramedic examination.
Sick Leave:                            In lieu of certificates, proof of registration for enrollment or current
Employees earn twelve days of sick     enrollment must be submitted with the application. The California
leave annually.                        EMT-Paramedic License must be obtained and maintained prior to ap-
Bilingual Pay:
2% or 5% compensation.                 Employment background, academic degrees, licenses, certificates, and
Y.M.C.A:                               other credentials are subject to confirmation as part of the appointment
City-paid discount on membership.      process. Candidates considered for appointment will be required to un-
                                       dergo an extensive background investigation and successfully complete a
Transit Subsidy:                       thorough medical examination and pre-employment drug screening (may
Generous public transit subsidy.       also include a pre-employment psychological exam). Continued employ-
CalPERS:                               ment as a Firefighter / Paramedic is contingent on successful completion
California Public Employees’ Retire-   of the Alameda County accreditation process. Firefighter / Paramedics
ment System (3% at 50) based on        appointed will be required to live not more than 40 air miles from
single highest year of employment.     Berkeley City limits.
                 TESTING PROCESS                                          HOW TO APPLY
Applicants will be scheduled for a written exam to be held at the
University of California at Berkeley campus. Candidates who pass          OPEN: Feb 19, 2008 (Tues)
the written exam will be placed on an “eligibility list.” A selected     CLOSE: Mar 31, 2008 (Mon)
number of these eligibles will be invited to departmental selection
interviews. Prior to the selection process, qualified candidates will
participate in a Chief’s oral board and paramedic skills exam.           To obtain further information or
                                                                         to submit an application, con-
Tentative exam dates are as follows:                                     tact:
    •   Candidate Orientation Workshop+                                      The City of Berkeley
        ► Apr 19, 2008                                                     Human Resources Dept.
    •   Written Exam                                                         Civic Center Building
        ► Apr 19, 2008 (Sat)                                                  2180 Milvia Street
        (make up on April 22, 2008)                                          Berkeley, CA 94704
                                                                            Phone: (510) 981-6888
    •   Departmental Selection Interviews                                   TTY#: (510) 981-6903
        ► Week of May 12th                                       

    •   Chief Interviews / Paramedic Skills Assessment
        ► Week of May 19th
+                                                                        Applications all other required
 All candidates are invited to attend an Orientation Workshop on
                                                                         materials / certificates, li-
Saturday, April 19. The Workshop will be held at the University of
                                                                         censes... must be received in
California Berkeley and will be offered at two different times during
                                                                         the Human Resources Depart-
the day. Candidates may attend the session that is not scheduled
                                                                         ment by the closing date (5pm).
at the same time of their written exam. Your attendance is not re-
                                                                         Postmarks will not be consid-
quired for employment consideration.
                                                                         ered. No faxed applications will
The orientation will include an overview of the Berkeley Fire De-        be accepted.
partment and the City of Berkeley. The orientation will also include
a review of the testing process and information on what the depart-
ment is looking for in a candidate.

The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute a contract, ex-
pressed or implied, and any provisions contained in this bulletin
may be modified or revoked without notice. Tests may consist of
any combination of written, oral or other exercises or assessment
procedures that test content. Components may include, but are not
necessarily limited to, typing, math, reading, writing and analytical
skills; problem solving ability; computer and software proficiency, or
any other job-related knowledge, skill, ability or qualification. The
City may, without notice, change or eliminate any particular assess-
ment component or combination of components as needs dictate.
All City employees are required to provide services as Disaster
Service Workers in the event of an emergency / disaster.                            FV / RD
             F REF GHTER PARAMED C

Name _________________________            Social Security # ______________

• Indicate why you want to work for the Berkeley Fire Department.

• Describe your experience working in a socially and ethnically diverse
  community such as the City of Berkeley.

• Describe what previous community service experience you’ve participated in.

• What professional goals do you hope to accomplish during the next 5 years
  and how will you go about achieving them?

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