Bill PAyMent services

service offerinG                                                                  More convenience for customers
Commonwealth Bank, via BPOINT, provides payment solutions in a simple and         The Commonwealth Bank has the largest combined merchant and branch
cost effective way. BPOINT offers access to a wide range of payment channels      network providing customers with more payment points than any other
and options to suit the needs of Local Government and can allow for the           provider. Accessing the Bank’s merchant network also allows customers to pay
streamlining of payment channels with just one provider.                          bills during their normal shopping routine and outside of normal trading hours.

contrAct no. PsA 0708
                                                                                  One single invoice
Company:       Commonwealth Bank of Australia
                                                                                  The Commonwealth Bank is working towards invoicing all receivables
Address:       Level 3, 150 St Georges Terrace,
                                                                                  products on a single bill from the Bank, making it easier to reconcile fees. Local
               Perth WA 6000
                                                                                  Government can access all remittances and vouchers online, making it quicker
Contact:       Rosemary Gaglioti                                                  and easier to respond and resolve any customer enquiries.

Telephone:     (08) 9482 6534

Email:                                       A cost effective alternative
Website:                                                  BPOINT In Person, via the Bank’s merchant network, is a cost effective
Commonwealth Bank’s BPOINT bill payment services enable the customers             alternative to other operators in the market today.
of Members to pay their bills, rates, infringements and other sundry debts via
the internet and over the telephone at very competitive rates, up to 50% below
market rates.
                                                                                  Single fulfilment model
                                                                                  The Commonwealth Bank has introduced a single fulfilment model for all
                                                                                  channels within the BPOINT offering. This will reduce paperwork and the time
contract Benefits                                                                 to implement new services.
BPOINT Phone provides Local Government with a secure real time automated
phone payment service, which customers can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week to pay or top-up accounts.                                                   Customer security
BPOINT Internet provides Local Government with a secure real time internet bill   The Commonwealth Bank is a trusted name within the Australian community
payment page, which customers can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to         providing secure payment processing.
pay or top-up accounts.

                                                                                  Marketing tools
BPOINT offers simplicity, savings and choice                                      The Bank can also assist in promoting new options by providing statement
BPOINT provides simple solutions that address many of the challenges Local        insert templates.
Governments face today. It offers an alternative to multiple supplier offerings
while still giving customers choice. It also helps Local Governments improve
the efficiency and effectiveness of their collection process.

Consolidate with one provider
BPOINT provides access to a wide range of payment options. Customers can
choose the option that best suits them.

Local Government can consolidate invoice design and back-end functions,
reducing overheads in reporting and exception processing, and the overall cost
of collection activities.

Same day funds
All BPOINT channels provide same day crediting of funds to your
Commonwealth Bank account, improving cash management performance. The
Bank also delivers overnight a payment file that can be immediately uploaded
into your receivables system.

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