Objection to Seven Trees development copy_1_ by ewmewfud


									6th November 2003

Councillor Jenny Wicks Steeple Ashton Limegrove West Clandon Surrey GU4 7UT

Dear Wicks

Ref: Planning applications 03/P02143 and 03/P02144 As a resident of East Horsley I must object to the two above proposals for the continued urbanisation of Green Belt. I have lived in the village only for 6 years but even in that time I have noticed considerable change and all for the worst. There has been several re-developments in recent years where single buildings have been demolished and replaced by greater numbers of properties, this is in an area where already local amenities cannot cope and traffic is nothing short of dangerous as the main street is used as a rat run to the A3. I must STRONGLY object to the redevelopment of Seven Trees, neither plan is suitable for the village and would encourage you to listen to the concerns of the village before the financial concerns of commercial development. Yours sincerely

Stephen Skinner CC Jenny Wicks

Bishopsgate Lodge Ockham Road South East Horsley Surrey KT24 6DT

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