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November 2009

Ph: +612-9351-7249 Fax: +612-9351-6877 Email: Employment • • • • • United States Studies Centre, Sydney Australia, 2008o Chief Executive Officer University of Sydney, 2008o Professor of Political Science Pacific Council on International Policy, 2005o Adjunct Senior Fellow, 2008o President, 2005-2008 University of Southern California, 2005o Professor of International Relations, Business Administration, Communication and Law UCLA 2001-2005: o Dean, UCLA International Institute & Vice Provost, International Studies o Director, Ronald W. Burkle Center for International Relations, 2002-2005 o Professor of Political Science Yale University 1997-2001 o Damon Wells Professor of International Studies, 2001 (declined) o Founding Director, Leitner Program in International Political Economy, 1999-2001 o Director, Program in Ethics, Politics and Economics, 1999-2001 o Founding Co-Director, European Studies Council, 1998-2000 o Professor of Political Science, 1997-2001 University of Pennsylvania, 1995-1997 o Associate Professor of Multinational Management, The Wharton School Stanford University, 1988-1997 o Assistant to Full Professor of Political Science Oxford University, 1986-1988 o Fellow in Politics, University College


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Education • • • Ph.D., Duke University, 1990 M.A., Duke University, 1984 B.A. (Hons), the Australian National University, 1980


Visiting Appointments, Fellowships and Task Forces • • • • • • • • • Member, Task Force on Making the Rise of Indian Innovation Win-Win with the United States, Pacific Council on International Policy and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, 2007-2008 Fellow, U.S. Global Policy and the Future of International Institutions, The American Assembly’s Next Generation Project, 2006-2008 Member, Taskforce on Community Building in Asia and the Role of the United States, Asia Foundation, 2006-2008 Member, Task Force on Engaging China and India: An Economic Agenda for Japan and the United States, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Japan Economic Foundation & Pacific Council on International Policy, 2005-2006 Visiting Fellow, Juan March Institute, Madrid, 1998 Visiting Fellow, Research School of the Social Sciences, Australian National University, 1994-1996 Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, 1993-1994 Visiting Fellow, Public Policy Program, The Australian National University, 1992 Visiting Fellow, Wissenschaftszentrum, Berlin, 1990-1993

Honours • • • • • • • • • Member, Council on Foreign Relations, 2008Member, Pacific Council on International Policy, 2001Fellow, Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Study, European University Institute, 2000-2001 (declined) Fellow, Russell Sage Foundation, 1999-2000 (declined) The Gregory Luebbert Prize for the best book in comparative politics 1999, runner-up for Partisan Politics in the Global Economy The Gregory Luebbert Award for the best professional article in comparative politics 1996, runner-up for “Internationalization, Institutions and Political Change” National Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, 1993-1994 Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, 1991-1992 Fulbright Scholar, 1981-1986

Addresses • • • • • Corporate Affairs Thought Leadership Forum, G-20, Climate Change, and Afghanistan, Sydney, October 2009 IBM Financial Leadership Forum, GFC exit strategies, Sydney, September 2009 Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Australia’s Chimerica challenge, Canberra, September 2009 Australian Leadership Retreat, The global fallout from Obama’s problems at home, Hayman Island, August 2009 Fulbright Commission Annual Symposium, The future of US trade policy, Canberra, August 2009


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Australian Institute of International Affairs, Obama: A Mid Year Assessment, Melbourne, July 2009 Australian Institute of Police Management, The US-Australia Relationship, Sydney, June 2009 Australia Davos Connection Futures Summit, US-China Relations After the Financial Crisis, Melbourne, May 2009 Australian Insitute for International Affairs, Obama’s First 100 Days, Sydney, April 2009 Australian-American Fulbright Commission, What Obama means for Australia, Canberra, October 2009 IBM Financial Services Leadership Forum, The impact of US policy on Australia, Sydney, September 2009 Association of Australia, Harvard Club of Australia, Annual Dinner, Australia in the 21st Century Asia Pacific, Sydney, September 2009 Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Australia’s US-China balancing act after the GFC, Canberra, September 2009 Australian Institute for International Affairs, The Obama Presidency: a six month assessment, Melbourne, July 2009 Australian Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies, The Geopolitics of the Global Financial Crisis, Canberra, March 2009 Committee for Economic Development of Australia, Obama and the Global Financial Crisis, Melbourne, February 2009 The Pacific Institute, The Obama Presidency, Melbourne, November 2008 Centre for Independent Studies, Board of Directors, the US Presidential Election, November 2008 Committee for Economic Development of Australia, The US and the Global Financial Crisis, Adelaide, November 2008 Intelligence Squared Debate, on US moral authority, Sydney, October 2008 Australian Institute for International Affairs, What the US election means for Australia, Melbourne and Sydney, September, 2008 Senate Occasional Lecture on the US presidential election, Parliament House, Canberra, September 2008 Hedley Bull Memorial Lecture on the US presidential election, University of Sydney Politics Society, August 2008 Annual Spring Lecture on Australia and the US presidential election, American Australian Association, New York, June 2008 Plenary Panel on US-China relations, Committee of 100 Annual Conference, Los Angeles, April 2008 Keynote Address on US-China relations, Chinese CEO Society, Los Angeles February 2008 Keynote Address, Lincoln Symposium: The U.S. and China in the 21st Century, Chicago December 2007 Keynote Address, World Trade Week of San Bernadino and Riverside Counties, May 2007 Keynote Address, Global Challenges to U.S. Business, Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government and Public Policy, Washington University in St. Louis, March 2007 Keynote Address, Northern Trust Forum on Globalization and the Politics of Economic Adjustment, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, November 2006


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Keynote Address, The American Assembly Next Generation Project: U.S. Global Policy and the Future of International Institutions, Dallas, November 2006 Keynote Address, International Bankers Association of California Annual Conference, Los Angeles, October 2006 Keynote Address, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting, Los Angeles, November 2005

Publications Commentary 1) Obama can now tackle his own agenda, The Australian, November 3, 2009 2) The challenge of Chimerica, Sydney Morning Herald, October 31, 2009 3) US climate debate goes nuclear and Australia needs to listen, Sydney Morning Herald, October 19, 2009 4) Where the dollar’s wild ride will stop, The Australian, October 12, 2009 5) Floating dollar kept economy buoyant, ABC Unleashed October 5, 2009 6) Afghanistan starting to look like Obama’s Vietnam, Sydney Morning Herald, September 30, 2009 7) China-US spat taking focus off G20, The Australian, September 21, 2009 8) Trench warfare delays Obama agenda, The Australian, September 14, 2009 9) Playing Centre suits Rudd, not Obama, Sydney Morning Herald, August 26, 2009 10) US still in losing place as Obama's popular pitch strikes out, Canberra Times, 20 July, 2009 11) Presidency must be measured in years, not days, Sydney Morning Herald, April 30, 2009 12) Stimulus is Reagan in reverse, The Weekend Australian, February 7, 2009 13) Barack Obama's new deal to undo Ronald Reagan's legacy, Melbourne Herald Sun, January 19, 2009 14) Dubya’s reputation might yet be saved, Sydney Morning Herald, January 17, 2009 15) Obama to see light on free trade, The Australian, December 1, 2008 16) Obama to steer a middle road on car firm bail-outs, Australian Financial Review, November 26, 2008 17) Genius of a nation: to change, Melbourne Herald Sun, November 6, 2008 18) Barack Obama’s reborn America, Melbourne Herald Sun, November 4, 2008 19) Don’t expect humbler US to take orders, Australian Financial Review, October 29, 2008 20) How the US poll affects Aussies, Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun, October 26, 2008 21) America’s new social democracy, Weekend Australian, October 18, 2008 22) The decline of the US empire, Melbourne Herald Sun, October 13, 2008 23) Do nothing is Obama’s best tactic, Sydney Morning Herald, October 10, 2008 24) McCain has a mountain to climb, Australian Financial Review, October 8, 2008 25) Is Obama the money man?, Melbourne Herald Sun, September 29, 2008 26) Wall Street melts down, Obama the big winner?, ABC News Online, September 26, 2008 27) Fear shrivels US, Melbourne Herald Sun, September 19, 2008


28) Australia could prove big loser in global market crunch, Brisbane Courier Mail, September 19, 2008 29) Either president may disappoint us, Sydney Morning Herald, September 12, 2008 30) Attack dog from Alaska puts new life into McCain's mojo, Melbourne Herald Sun, September 8, 2008 31) Age and youth a mixed bunch, Melbourne Herald Sun, September 1, 2008 32) Obama: reach out and touch middle America, Canberra Times, August 19, 2008 33) Less Iraq, more Afghanistan takes Obama down safer path, Melbourne Age, July 23, 2008 34) Rudd’s gamble ignores inconvenient truth, Australian Financial Review, July 15, 2008 35) McCain stands to gain from Guantanamo ruling, Canberra Times, June 30, 2008 36) The Supreme Court vs Bush, ABC Unleashed, June 20, 2008 37) Public celebrations hide private consternation over new nominee, Sydney Morning Herald, June 5, 2008 38) Candidates’ strategy already clear, Brisbane Courier Mail, June 5, 2008 39) McCain a likely President, ABC Unleashed, May 26, 2008 40) Let battle begin in earnest, Canberra Times, May 19, 2008 41) Heavy toll of the polls, Weekend Australian, May 10, 2008 42) A good win for Hillary is not so good for the Democrats, Canberra Times, April 29, 2008 43) Divided Democrats poised to fail, Brisbane Courier Mail, April 22, 2008 44) U.S. needs a new vision of China relations, San Francisco Chronicle, March 31, 2008 45) China trade a boon to US, South China Morning Post, March 19, 2008 46) Targeting the giants comes at a price, Australian Financial Review, March 12, 2008 47) Real world unites presidential three, Sydney Morning Herald, March 11, 2008 48) Hillary still a big chance, Melbourne Herald Sun February 28, 2008 49) Just how democratic are the Democrats?, Brisbane Courier Mail, February 25, 2008 50) Still a long way to go to the White House, The Australian, February 6, 2008 51) Sea change in U.S.-PRC economic ties, The China Post, November 16, 2007 52) Economic uncertainty in U.S. may thwart nuclear deal's promise, Times of India, September 26, 2007 53) Time for the United States to lead, not follow on China, The China Post, August 15, 2007 54) Immigration reform: reason vs. emotion, San Diego Union Tribune, June 29, 2007 55) U.S. should we working with, not against, China, San Jose Mercury News, May 31, 2007 56) Fixing free trade in Latin America, San Diego Union Tribune, November 14, 2005 57) Beguiling India beckons (with Richard Celeste), Seattle Times, October 28, 2005 58) Painting a bull’s-eye on China hurts U.S., Los Angeles Times, October 16, 2005 59) Europe faces huge political crisis, San Jose Mercury News, June 1, 2005. 60) The missing link of globalization, Le Monde, January 3, 2005. 61) The losers from globalization, El Financiero (Mexico), September 24, 2004 62) Funding and overseeing education security's shadow over international studies (with David Leonard), San Francisco Chronicle, December 9, 2003 63) Arrogance: America’s worst enemy?, South China Morning Post September 25, 2003


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Ph.D. Advisees • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Daniela Campello (2008, Princeton University) Julia Gray (2007, University of Pittsburgh) Nancy Brune (2006, University of Pennsylvania) Jana von Stein (2005, University of Michigan) Alexandra Guisinger (2004, University of Notre Dame) Willem Maas (2004, York University) Jason Sorens (2003, SUNY Buffalo) Nathan Jensen (2002, Washington University St. Louis) Stephen Brooks (2001, Dartmouth College) Heiner Schulz (2000, University of Pennsylvania) Jonathan Rodden (1999, Stanford University) Daniel Kelemen (1998, Rutgers University) Cliff Carrubba (1997, Emory University) Christopher Way (1997, Cornell University) Gabriella Montinola (1995, UC Davis) Brian Gaines (1995, University of Illinois) Lloyd Gruber (1994, London School of Economics)

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