A Few Simple Steps Can Have you Playing the Acoustic Guitar

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					Simple Steps Can Have You Playing The Acoustic Guitar by Bill H. Sheers Acoustic guitar lessons are a must for those of us that have that little urge to play instead of just listen. It does take some work, but not as much as you might think. So, which is it? You want to just play an open mic night at the local bar? Do you just want to be able to play a few tunes for friends on the back deck? Or are you going to start the next legendary band? Either way, you can get good acoustic guitar lessons online, both for free and in a paid version. Acoustic Guitar vs Electric Guitar-- Vibration between the strings, soundboard, and body are going to create the sound you hear from an acoustic guitar. The electric guitar is more just stings and electronic amplification to produce your sound. What are some different types of acoustic guitars? -- Like any popular industry, there are many different type/brands, but there are always a few that seem to stand out. Here are a few of those: Classic Acoustic -- You've got your standard 6 string here. 3 bass strings and 3 treble stings make up the Classic. If you looked up generic guitar in the dictionary, it would be a picture of tone of these. This is all you need to start jamming some tunes. A Spanish Flamenco Guitar -- A very cool sound, but maybe a little advanced when yo are first starting out, Give it a try it you dare, but you may want to learn a few chords on the Classical guitar first. Steel-String -- A favorite of Bluegrass, Folk, and early Country western players. It creates a crisper and louder sound. The Big 12-String -- If you like 1970's music then you have not doubt heard the 12-string in action. It creates more of a chorus effect than a regular guitar. Gibson Arch-top Guitar -- If you know guitars, then you've heard of Gibson. They are one of the all-time great guitar designers. Blues and Jazz players alike made this their go to guitar. Bass -- Typically has 4 strings just unlike the Classical Guitar's 6, but it has a much deeper sound. G, D,A, and E are the chords usually set to the bass. The Banjo -- A fun like guitar with cool sound and the look and feel of a guitar, but the sound of a banjo. Popular in the 1920's, it is often referred to as Guitjo. I think the more people to play, the better. It's such a nice sound and it really is relatively easy to learn some basic chords. With a couple of quick lessons, I think you will be amazed at what you will be able to do.

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Description: Follow some simple steps and stick to a plan and you can learn to play the guitar