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Celebrity High in the Digital Age
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A Thanksgiving History
Why its so important and how to get ahead

Why do so many Americans eat turkey?

Career Quest



Dear Students,

Dear Students, Firstly, I’m excited to announce the launching of our new Celebrity High social entertainment network, celebrityhigh.net. The site has even more interactive and social networking features than MySpace and face book, and it’s geared for high school students like yourself with links to the hottest music, videos, educational sources and more. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Secondly, by the time you read this, or shortly thereafter, we will have a new president-elect. If the pun dents and polls are correct it will be Barack Obama, whom we interviewed in Celebrity High during the last school year. If, Obama is not elected, then we will have a female as vice president. Whether we elect the first president of color or the first female vice president, this is a historic election. Our country is currently facing some difficult times, but we’re strong and we’ll get through it. This being November and Thanksgiving, it is a great time to be thankful for all the blessings, great or small, that we have in life. As for

me, I want to first thank and praise God almighty, and then thank all of those people who continue to be in my corner (you all know who you are). I also want to thank God for putting my grandfather in my life, May he rest in peace. I’m slowly learning that there are reasons for everything. Have a joyous turkey day. Respectfully, Coline Witt PS - My Celebrity High ID is: Coline on www.celebrityhigh.net. I look forward to my friend request!!!!!

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Holiday Article

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Griffith Park Light Festival -- Griffith Park

(Crystal Springs Road), Los Angeles Every year during the holiday season Crystal Springs Road in Griffith Park sparkles at night during this festival. It features a full mile of spectacularly lighted displays which can be enjoyed from your car or during a casual walk. The Light Festival includes a drive through a tunnel of lights, lighted representations of downtown Los Angeles, the new Staples Center, the Hollywood Sign, the L.A. Zoo, and much more. Information: (213) 485-8743

Three Stooges Big Screen Event -- Glendale

(Alex Theatre, 216 Brand Blvd, Glendale) The Alex Film Society presents the Three Stooges on the big screen. This event is fun for the whole family. Alex Film Society Information: (818) 754-8250

Henry Fonda Theatre Club Nokia Club Nokia Club Nokia Honda Center Gibson Amphitheatre Hollywood Palladium Gibson Amphitheatre

Jedi Mind Tricks - Nov 7 Lupe Fiasco - Nov 12, Wed Taking Back Sunday - Nov 13 Usher - Nov 19, wed Coldplay, Sleepercar - Nov 25, Tues Temptations & The Four Tops - Nov 28, Fri Jonas Brothers - Nov 30, Sun Smashing Pumpkins - Dec 2, Tue

?? $31.50 $28.50 $86.50-$126.50 $49.50-$97.50 $45-$75 $79.50 $79.50-$179

Hollywood Christmas Parade -- Hollywood

This famous event has lots of celebrities, prominent bands, impressive equestrian units, floats, and classic cars. Information: (213) 469-2337 Harvest Food Festival -- Los Angeles (5730 Crenshaw Blvd) This festival at the Harambee Farmers’ Market showcases African and African-American food, cooking, food preservation, and entertainment. Visitors can also enjoy fresh produce shopping, African clothing, and handcrafted jewelry. Information: (323)-292-5550
http://events.stepitup2007.org/events/show/2262 http://www.10best.com/Los_Angeles,CA/Events/bestEvents.html?eventMonth=200810 http://golosangeles.about.com/od/losangelescalendar/ig/Annual-LA-Planning-Calendar /Encino-Folk-Music-Festival.htm http://www.laalmanac.com/calendar/ca12.htm

Get a life! Get a Career!
West Valley Occupational Center
By Edgar Rodriguez-Ramirez

West Valley Occupational Center has many good reasons why it’s regarded as the area’s top Career and Technical Education Center, and the high caliber of its students is one of them. The three young students profiledbelow are exemplary on account of their commitment and desire to contribute, combined with a caring attitude. For more than 40 years, WVOC has been following through on its reputation for offering a quality educational environment, responsive to the needs of its diverse student population, and preparing them for gainful employment or continuing education.

Andres Rodriguez / Pharmacy Technician Program
It was Andres’ instructor, Dina Diment, who first brought this young man to our attention. The gist of Dina’s note to The Clipboard campus publication was, “Do I have a story for you!”Dina felt that her student Andres, just 18 years of age, was a great example of a dedicated student and was deserving of some recognition. Despite his having to hobble-about on crutches because of a recent sports injury, Andres had continued to attend the class regularly. Andres credits his mother for having the “brilliant idea” that he enroll at West Valley. He had recently graduated from Taft High, he explained, and was uncertain about his future until he learned of the “interesting” career choices here. Believing that WVOC “was a great place to start,” Andres enrolled and obviously has enjoyed coming to class even though he was in discomfort following his injury. Andres describes his WVOC experience in glowing terms: “The people I’ve met here are amazing...I’ve made some great friends, and the knowledge the class offers is really useful. As an 18-year-old fresh out of high school, I can say that’s a real accomplishment!” Andres’ immediate goals are to continue with his general education and to be employed as a pharmacy technician. He’s also setting his sights on becoming a pharmacist. Considering the determination this young man has displayed, it’s a good bet that he’ll succeed.

demonstrates that—regardless of his age—he has a very mature mind-set when the subject comes to facing the challenges one encounters in life. “Every day can be a struggle to stay positive and productive, “he says pensively, “but I find that the good things in life will come to you if you focus on being positive. I know, the day will come when I can say I beat the odds.” Zack has certainly found new direction and gained further encouragement from his studies at WVOC. “I’ve never been more productive in my life. I would like to inspire other youth to be more active and physically get out there!” To that he adds, “If I can contribute something worthwhile to the world, I’ll be happy.”

If I had to choose what school I could attend for the rest of my life, it would be here!”
Check WVOC by calling (818) 346-3540, visiting the campus at 6200 Winnetka Avenue, Woodland Hills, or at WVOC website www.wvoc.net.

Tiffany Koch / AEWC Program
What grabbed our attention in Tiffany’s case was the “heartwarming “essay she wrote as a student with WVOC’s Alternative Education Work Center. Tiffany’s instructor, Bob Myers, had given the class a writing assignment. The topic: “Compare the differences between WVOC’s AEWC environment and that of a typical high school.” Of all the papers he read, it was Tiffany’s effort that impressed Bob the most. As she later explained to The Clipboard, expressing herself has always been easy for her; plus, the topic itself was one to which she could relate well. Tiffany recalls, “The only reason I stayed at my regular high school was to be on the cheerleading squad. I loved the competition so much; I suppose cheerleading was pretty much my life then.” Tiffany realized she needed far more to get motivated about her education, and she found it within our AEWC program. “I automatically loved it right away; the teachers treat me like an adult and I can work at my own pace. The time in class goes quickly, and my classmates are nice and friendly. It’s a good community to be a part of...I love it!” Tiffany’s writing is a heartfelt, straightforward expression of her feelings in comparing where she had been to where she is today. She closed her essay with, “I’m so comfortable with my teachers and the classes, I feel like I’ve been enrolled forever.

Zack Gluska / Landscaping Program
WVOC’s Young Adult Advisor Rod Pearce needed a favor. Could The Clipboard take a picture of young Zack for his program’s newsletter? Rod wanted to highlight Zack, particularly for his having perfect attendance as a student at WVOC. Zack is 17, and while close to graduating from Pacific Ridge school in Van Nuys, he needed guidance as to what direction to take afterward. Zack now feels “blessed” for having had the wise counsel of his Principal, Dee Brown, who recommended he take West Valley’s Landscaper course. Zack is just as indebted to his Landscaping Instructor Bruce Crespo, who he describes as “awesome.” Zack


CH Upcoming Events
Los Angles Mission The crossroads of Hope

http://www.10best.com/Los_Angeles,CA/Events/bestEvents.html?eventMonth=200810http:// http://golosangeles.about.com/od/losangelescalendar/ig/Annual-LA-Planning-Calendar/ Encino-Folk-Music-Festival.htm http://www.laalmanac.com/calendar/ca12.htm

Meal Services Help serve our 3 daily meals to our guests, Monday through Saturday Receptionist (1) Days & Hours: Flexible days, 6-hour daytime shifts Duties: Answer telephones, take messages Administrative Helper (1)(2-3) Days & Hours: Flex hours may be arranged Duties: Telephones, filing, record keeping, sign-ins, general correspondence Soup Kitchen

Come see how your involvement makes a difference! Call Today! (213) 629-1227 ext. 301 You may contact Dick House at 408-232-5606 or dhouse@ cityteam.org (preferred method) to arrange for all Rescue Mission volunteer efforts.

We are committed to providing quality opportunities to effectively serve at the Los Angeles Mission. Orientations are scheduled regularly, and individuals or groups are welcome! CityTeam’s Rescue Mission is well known as a place to get a hot meal, a shower, a safe night’s sleep and a change of clothes. The mission faithfully serves the community by providing temporary housing and care while sharing the gospel in word and action.

Rescue Mission 1174 Old Bayshore Highway San Jose, California 95122 408.288.2153

Hospitality Kitchen 821 E 6th St Los Angeles, CA 90021 (213) 614-9615

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 7:45am - 12:45pm

The Los Angeles Catholic Worker community is part of the lay Catholic Worker movement founded over seventy years ago by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin to “feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, care for the sick, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner” and offer a gospel-based critique of the dominant culture within the Catholic tradition but outside the institutionalized structures of the church. Founded in 1988, the mission of Beyond Shelter is to develop systemic approaches to combat poverty and homelessness among families with children and enhance family economic security and well-being. Beyond Shelter accomplishes its goals through responsive service delivery, peoplecentered community development, and the creation of knowledge for social change.

Beyond Shelters 1200 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 600, Los Angeles, CA 90017, USA telephone: (213) 252-0772, fax: (213) 480-0846

Beyond Shelter’s Adopt-A-Family Program connects sponsors with homeless families in Los Angeles County to “adopt” for the Holidays. Sponsors are provided with a family profile and wish list, buy presents for the family, and deliver them wrapped to Beyond Shelter no later than Sunday, December 14, 2008. The family’s Case Manager then delivers the presents to the families in the week before Christmas.

Rebecca Tull Special Projects Coordinator (213) 252-0772 rtull@beyondshelter.org

Fail to Fail Each Time
By Isabeth Mendoza
Every athlete has found some type of haven in the world of sports. It has driven us to exceed our meager. Fondness for the sport, to complete adoration for it. We come to crave sweat pouring down our faces, and wish for soreness overwhelming our bodies the next day. All for the satisfaction of knowing we are in the midst of accomplishing something bigger than us. We know we are not like everyone else. We sacrifice our time of leisure for mental and physical beatings. We are athletes; who carry our gym bags around school all day, who wear our team sweaters daily, who consume only certain foods, who are the soul of school pride, who grant the school unprecedented recognition, and control the emotions of the crowd. Dirt, hardwood, grass, and asphalt, catch our falls, our tears, disappointments, and excitements. And all we ask in return for our hard work is victory. No awards, no medals, no trophies, no publicity-that is an icing on the cake. We ask for bragging rights, for memories, for a feeling greater than great- we ask for what we can only give ourselves. Sports have turned ordinary people into legends, icons and role models; with hopes that one day we may also join the already great. Sports have saved lives of the demoralized, the ones forgotten about, and has given them reason. It has obliterated all the outside pressure and issues of the world. It has given them on only you and the enemy. No other can interfere, no other person can cause worry, no other worry can cause doubt, and no doubt can cause defeat. Sports have granted complete control. It has emphasized independence, trust and confidence. My feet against your feet. My passion against your passion. My heart against your heart. There are only but two outcomes-success and failure. Both develop maturity. No one can value triumph without being familiar with discontent. We refuse to conform, we refuse to be inert, we refuse to forfeit our pride, we refuse to lose, we accept bruises, we accept blood, we accept determination, we accept surrender of oneself, we accept victory. Sports give us the chance to love something unconditionally, to demolish barriers, to prove that the impossible is indeed possible. It gives us the mechanism that we need to survive in a world of clichés, unrealistic ideologies, unwholesome living, and narrow mindedness. It allows us to be more than a statistic, a minority, an ignorant being. It provides an alternative to becoming a product of our own environment. It grants us the chance to be ourselves. Not only “a person trained or gifted in contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength,” but also a person who is capable of taking on not just the opponent, but the world.


North Valley Campus
North Valley Occupational Center

(818) 365-9645

Short-Term Vocational and Technical Training Most Classes Qualify for High School Credit

or call 818-365-9645

Prepare to transfer to a university
...to UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, CSUN & more! ...106 programs to choose from ...choose from 62 certificates

Get your 2-year degree

Gain new job skills & training Day, evening & online classes Only $20 per unit!

Your Future Begins Here!

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Neyo Man of the year
CH: The name of your album is the year of the Gentleman, What was the meaning behind the name? Ne-Yo: I wanted to let people know that real gentlemen still exist, I felt like that has been missing in R&B and hip-hop lately. CH: Is this album the same as your last album or is it different and if so, how? Ne-Yo: No – I’ve grown as an artist; this album is definitely different from my past albums. I was able to experiment with new sounds. CH: What collaborations do you have on this album? Ne-Yo: None Ch: Is there an artist that you have not worked with that you would want to work with? Ne-Yo: Prince Ch: In the last interview with CH you revealed that the single “So Sick” was about one of your past relationships, you stated the last time you spoke was when you two broke up. You said that in the song you mentioned specific things so she would know it was about you two. Did she ever contact you since the last CH interview in 2006? Ne-Yo: No, I don’t believe so…. Ch: Also, in the last interview your hopes were to have a multi platinum album. How does it feel 3 years later and you have superseded your dreams? Ne-Yo: It’s a blessing! Ch: What are your next career goals? And can they even be higher? Ne-Yo: Continue to make great music, keep writing and do more acting. Ch: What is a current day in the life of today’s hottest R&B artist/ songwriter? Ne-Yo: Not much sleep, I’m always on the go, moving to the next place. But it’s exciting too! Ch: You did the remix to Lil Wayne’s “Milli” track E N T E R T A I N M E N T 21

“I wanted to let people know that real gentlemen still exist, I felt like that has been missing in R&B and hip-hop lately.”

and completely demolished it!! You were absolutely amazing on the remix! Is there or will there ever be a rap record? Ne-Yo: Nah…that was just for fun. Ch: Do you ghost write for any of today’s rappers? And if so could you give up some names? Ne-Yo: No comment… Ch: In the last interview Ch asked you about your inspiration the “three kings” Stevie Wonder, Prince and Sammie Davis Jr. Have you met any of them and what was it like? Ne-Yo: Prince and Stevie have come to different events I’ve done in the past. I was star struck at first, like – they really hear for me???? Ch: In the past 3 years you have released three top selling albums, you are releasing albums every year and your quality remains very high. Most artist fall off a little bit what is your secret to your success/ consistency? Ne-Yo: I Stay true to myself and keeping my intentions in check Ch: In the presidential election who are you voting for? Ne-Yo: OBAMA IN 08’ Ch: Can you update your fans on some of your latest business ventures, i.e. Cartoons? Ne-Yo: I’m currently working on a new film project, titled Venice Beach. I produce, star and do the score in the movie, which is being scripted by Duane Adler. It’s

about an 18-year old young lady living in Manhattan who’s suppressing her own talent for singing until her older sister, who had a promising future dies. The young girl then meets a fellow musician from Venice Beach, that’s me! Ch: Is there any pressure from being a superstar that you wish you didn’t have to deal with? Ne-Yo: Now days I have to always be conscious of how I look or how I’m dressed before going outside. Ch: Are you single and what are some of your big pet peeves? Ne-Yo: Yes, I am single, Pet peeve would be…. I’m not attracted to women who lack confidence. Ch: What is something you can tell/share CH readers that no one knows about you? Ne-Yo: I love to draw Ch: Can you update us on the stats on you and the Michael Jackson project? Ne-Yo: I am currently writing songs for Mr. Jackson Ch: You and your manager make an undeniable team, you mentioned him in 2006. Would you like to make a special shout out to him? Ne-Yo: What up Tango! Ch: Would you like to make a special shout out to Celebrity High readers? Ne-Yo: Thanks for all the love & support CH! Get that education!

Education and Career Center West Valley Campus (ECC-WVC), formerly West Valley Occupational Center, is committed to providing a quality career and technical education environment responsive to the needs of our diverse student population in preparing them for gainful employment and continuing education. Today the ECC-WVC provides learning opportunities and employment training to adults and in and out of school youth. We offer classes in the areas of Business, Industry & Technology, Automotive, Computer & Information Technology, Academics, Consumer & Family Services, Art & Media, Health Science & Medicine, Real Estate, Contracting & Architecture, Home Consumer Services and many other areas. We have over 132 internship opportunities available to students, and we have a high level of job placement. West Valley Occupational Center is a Regional Occupational Center with ROP programs that accommodate high school students wishing to obtain technical and career educational training while attending regular high school. Students attend regularly scheduled classes in the morning at their home high school and attend career and technical classes at the West Valley Campus in the afternoon. All courses are competency based. Students will be awarded completion certificates after successfully completing all competencies. Certificate course work is recognized by industry and local community colleges. Some classes also offer college credit.

West Valley Occupational Center 6200 Winnetka Ave. Woodland Hills, CA 91367-3899 Phone: (818) 346-3540 TDD: (818) 340-0226 (For Hearing Impaired Callers) Fax: 818-346-3858 Web Site: http://www.wvoc.net/

E S T. 1 8 8 4

School of Architecture School of Media, Culture, & Design Animation Communication Fashion Design Graphic Design Interior Architecture Psychology School of Business Accounting Management Marketing Organizational Leadership Institute of Transdisciplinary Studies Interdisciplinary Studies Politics and History

Bachelor of Architecture Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Science Master of Architecture in Real Estate Development Master of Business Administration Master of Organizational Leadership

call us at log on


818.767 .0888

Why should I vote?
I know I’ve heard a lot about, ‘if I vote, it won’t matter’ but it’s thoughts like that, that cause the disaster I’m a proud American, you can catch me at the polls, it’s a new day coming, different pres, new goals And it’s up to us, we’re left with that choice, one more vote... one more voice every little bit counts you can win by one, be it republic, or democrat something’s got to be done. We are Americans lets represent us! And the only way to do that is if we stand up! This is our year, lets bring us back study all you need to know to keep you on the right track and your decision is one one that makes a difference blowing it off, is just plain ignorance so before you deny truth look at our world look at Katrina, and our youth look at the poor, look at the health look at the problems, and who you think can help NO MORE BUSH! We’ve come to that agreement and if you get who you want, wow, what an achievement. So, before you say no, and you let it all go, your opportunity to make a change and lose all control, lose the ability to be upset, if your party didn’t win, because remember, you didn’t vote, to begin

By James Glace

The idea of giving thanks or gratitude probably goes back to the world’s earliest civilizations and is certainly a cornerstone to Judaic/ Christian thinking and philosophy. It has also been a cornerstone of American thinking and is the basis behind our American holiday of Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the third Thursday in November.
As for the history of Thanksgiving, it is commonly thought that is started the second year that English Puritans called Pilgrims came to the “New World.” They first landed in 1620 and about half died in the first harsh winter. This is when the Native Americans stepped in and taught the Pilgrims how to harvest and eat corn and other food that was natural to the new land as well as to hunt wild goose and deer and how to fish. With this new knowledge, the Pilgrims were able to stockpile food, and with their Native American friends, celebrated informally the first American Thanksgiving in 1621.

Although, it is thought that the Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving in the New World, it wasn’t until 1789, when our first president, George Washington, issued a proclamation in New York City declaring that Thursday, November 26 becomes a day of Thanks. “Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor,” wrote Washington. “Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be,” he added. Although Washington issued the first proclamation concerning Thanksgiving, it did not become a national holiday until 1863, when Abraham Lincoln signed into law that the third Thursday of every November be celebrated as a national holiday for Thanksgiving.

As for Turkey being the main thing we eat on Thanksgiving, this too dates back for many years as turkeys are native to North America. In fact they were so plentiful that some of the early patriots, including Ben Franklin believed that a turkey – not the bald eagle – should be our national bird. The use of the turkey in the USA for Thanksgiving precedes Lincoln’s nationalization of the holiday in 1863. Alexander Hamilton, the country’s first Secretary of the Treasury, proclaimed that “no citizen of the United States should refrain from turkey on Thanksgiving Day”, but turkey was uncommon as Thanksgiving fare until after 1800. By 1857 turkey had become part

of the traditional dinner in New England. It has been estimated that 269 million turkeys were raised in the country in 2003, about one-sixth of which were destined for a Thanksgiving dinner plate. The average cost of an entire Thanksgiving feast was approximately $41 in 2007. It has been estimated that 16-20 percent of annual turkey consumption in the US is attributed to Thanksgiving and as much as 30 percent of consumption occurs during the combined Thanksgiving to New Year holiday season. To all Celebrity High readers, have a happy Thanksgiving!


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