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General Description
PRO-TV PRO-TV is a professional TV antenna for use on large yachts, fishing vessels and commercial ships. The antenna can be used anywhere in the world. The antenna is supplied with a mount for installation on a mast with a diameter of max 40 mm. The PRO-TV is manufactured of weather proof material which can resist the seawater.

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UFO/UFO Digital AC Marine UFO is the smallest omnidirectional antenna on the market. Its streamlined design means minimum wind resistance and the low weight of only 250 g does not affect the sailing qualities of the boat. The capsular shape protects ropes and sails from getting caught, and at the same time the UFO is so unobtrusive that it fits every type of boats. The elegant compact casing contains state-ofthe-art technology in terms of reception of analog and digital TV and radio signals during ever-changing conditions. UFO receives TV pictures and radio signals of high quality up to 40 nautical miles from the shore. Optimized for DVB-T, reception of FM / DAB / BIII / UHF signals. AC Marine UFO fits standard 1”-14 mounting hardware.

UFO/UFO Digital

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range - [MHz] Omnidirectional Gain, with Amplifier - [dB] Max Output Voltage at 66 dB IMA - [dBmV] Noise Figure - [dB] Impedance - [Ω] Power Supply Unit Type - optional

40-860 360° 22 <2 75 N265F

87.5-862 360° 28 108 < 2.5 75 N265F

UFO Digital
470-862 360° 16 100 < 2.5 75 Incl.

Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions - [mm] Weight - [kg/lbs.] Mounting Supplied Material mounting Hardware Connector Type/Plug Coaxial Cable Recommended

630 x 630 x 260 2.5/4.6 Mast Mount Type F

260 x 335 x 45* 0.5/1.11
Mast Bracket Centre Mount Plastic Base

UFO digital
260 x 335 x 45 0.5/1.11 See accessories PVC Type F

PVC Type F

Good Quality 75 Ω Good Quality 75 Ω	Good Quality 75 Ω

Low noise amplifier for PRO-TV, N263F

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