Developments by ewmewfud


1. In this design I have decided to design (Concept 2) I have added the logo down the left leg of the pants. Because the writing is written vertically it gives the leg an elongating and flattering look. It will also add more style to the tracksuit. I have used the colors pink and white for the tracksuit because I think those colors would suit the cherry designs. The material I use will be velvet or cotton. 2. The next change I have made is adding the logo at the back top of the jacket. I think this co-ordinates well with having the logo at the front of the jacket. It also will create more attention to the back of the tracksuit as well as the front. I have made the logo an exact replica to the one at the front of the jacket. I have chosen the colors pink and red. Pink for the logos and red for the tracksuit. I will still however use cotton or velvet. 3. My final change is having the logo on the butt. I like this idea because it will now make the butt appear so big because of the logo on it. It will also give the tracksuit a good look with the cherries pattern on the band of the pants. I have decided on using white, red and gold for my tracksuit because they are colors I think will suit me. I will have the whole tracksuit white with a red logo and gold outlining around the logo.

I have taken Concept 2, my favorite one and made changes in it. I have shown and written in detail each change I mad and how it will give a better affect to the tracksuit. I also said what are the colors and material I will definitely be using. I can now design my final design with a clear idea of what my tracksuit is going to look like.

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