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The mystery of UFO


									~The mystery of UFO~
Team Members: Crystal, Shelly Lee, Kevin, Andy, and Stacy

1.The introduction to UFOs:
UFOs are unidentified flying objects, but no one really knows what they are. Many researchers (called "ufologists") have theories about what UFOs might be, but because no one can examine a UFO in a scientific laboratory, all of these ideas are really only educated guesses. Many researchers say the modern UFO era started on June 24, 1947, with the sighting by businessman and pilot Kenneth Arnold. While flying his small plane along the Cascade Mountains in Washington state, Arnold saw nine crescent-shaped objects flying along the contours of the mountains. Although he saw them for only a three and a half minutes, Arnold knew they were not regular airplanes. He radioed in his report, and when he landed at the airport, reporters were waiting to ask questions. He described the motions of the objects as "like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water." This is where the term "flying saucer" came from. A UFO is the reported sighting of an object or light seen in the sky or on land, whose appearance, trajectory, actions, motions, lights, and colors do not have a logical, conventional, or natural explanation, and which cannot be explained, not only by the original witness, but by scientists or technical experts who try to make a common sense identification after examining the evidence.

2.The reasons for UFO exists:
Maybe someday soon, we'll find a planet the same size as ours and the same distance from its star as we are from our sun. Can we assume that it will bear life? Unfortunately not. The problem is that we haven't a clue exactly how or why life started on our planet, so we can't deduce the likelihood of the same event taking place elsewhere. Extraterrestrials are not the only explanation which has been put forward to explain UFOs. A UFO researcher in the UK by the name of Richard Greenwell, working together with other specialists, has identified ten categories of theories which have been used to explain UFOs. Those categories are as follows:

(A)The secret military project theories:
UFOs are actually aircraft which are part of secret government weapons programs,

including stealth programs.

(B)The inhabitants of the Earth’s core theories:
Beings which live in the Earth’s core travel to the surface in vehicles which we call UFOs.

(C) The undersea civilization theories:
Creatures which inhabit the oceans are responsible for UFOs, which are aircraft that they pilot.

(D)The sky-dwelling creatures theories:
UFOs are actually strange beings which live in the skies. This theory is said to account for the nimble manouvers which UFOs have been observed to perform. Its detractors, however, point out that it fails to account for the occupants of UFOs which have been reported in sightings.

(E) The extraterrestrial theories:
Alien life forms are the builders and/or pilots of UFOs. This is the predominant theory among UFO believers, but it is also the subject of a great deal of contention and unanswered questions.

(F)The time travel theories:
Humans from Earth’s future visit us here in the present in UFOs.

(G)The parallel universe theories:
A universe entirely separate from our own exists. Inhabitants of this other universe travel to ours in UFOs.

(H) The spiritual projection theories:
There is a collective subconscious among human beings which is generally religious in nature. The images which inhabit this unconscious become the UFOs which are“sighted”by observers.

(I)The conspiracy theories:
Humans with supranormal powers are able to cause normal people to imagine that they have seen UFOs. These manufactured sightings help them to accomplish some kind of unknown plan of theirs.

(J)The psychological wound theories:
Many people experience pain when they are born, and this stays with them throughout their lives as a kind of psychological pain. When these people are hypnotized, they transform this mental anguish into imagined encounters with UFOs.

3.The reasons against UFO exist:
(A)Identified Flying Objects
The wide majority of UFO reports, perhaps 80%, are simple cases of mistaken

identity. Natural Identified Flying Objects (IFOs), some as common as planets like Venus and Jupiter, or as unusual as the electrical glow of Saint Elmo's Fire, may fool casual, and often even expert, observers.

A small portion of UFO reports are fraudulent. Either the person reporting the sighting has filed a false report, or someone has purposefully used some special effect to fool the witness into thinking he has seen something he hasn't.

(C)Man-made Identified Flying Objects
Even satellites in normal orbit (left - USAF) can be labeled as UFOs. Appearing as a fast moving, bright point of light in the early evening hours on clear evenings, a satellite can move from horizon to horizon in less than five minutes. Occasionally an older satellite may make a more spectacular, but final, performance dropping out of orbit and into the atmosphere, burning as it descends.

Balloons are often mistaken for UFOs. Weather balloons at high altitudes are visible over a wide area and may catch the light of a setting sun and appear as brilliant dots in the darkening sky. Hot air, sport balloons, as well as blimps may also be misidentified.

(E)Bizarre Electrical Phenomena
Glowing lights can appear on high tension wires. These "corona" are also the result of static electrical charges building up on the towers and the lines. They may account for many UFO sightings that appear in the vicinity of power plants. The most bizarre of all electrical effects is ball lightning. Regular lightning strikes when a thunderstorm cloud becomes negatively charged at the base and positively charged at the top.

4.What is the Roswell Incident?
New Mexico desert, July 1947. A rancher named Mac Brazel discovered strange metal strewn across a wide area of range land he tended. Because of the material's unusual characteristics, Brazel took pieces of the debris to the authorities in Roswell, New Mexico. Intrigued by the debris, Colonel Blanchard, commanding officer at Roswell Army Air Field, ordered two intelligence officers to investigate. These two men were Major Jesse Marcel and Captain Sheridan Cavitt. Upon their report, Colonel Blanchard quietly ordered that the ranch area be cordoned off. Soldiers removed the debris, sending it to Army headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

At first the Army command at Roswell issued a press release announcing it had recovered a "flying disk," as UFOs were then called. This press release was retracted, and further press coverage restricted. At a press conference in Fort Worth, the Army explained that the intelligence officer and others at Roswell had misidentified the debris, which was, in fact, the remains of a downed balloon with a metallic radar reflector attached, and not a UFO. Public interest faded, and the Roswell event became a part of UFO folklore, with most ufologists accepting the official government version of the story.

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