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					Introduction to Exopolitics (Expol 101)

The Manipulator Perspective

Introduction The manipulator perspective addresses a category of ETs that have been manipulating humanity since the beginning of man’s presence on earth.1 These ET groups include the Draco Reptilians from Alpha Draconis and the Indigenous (Earth-bound) Reptilians.2 Most of the UFO research on sightings and abductions centers around the Greys, but about 10% of alleged alien encounters are with Reptilians. 3 According to James Bartley, reports of Reptilian beings sexually assaulting human men & women are not given much credence by abduction experts. Instead, the emphasis has been placed on the Grey Hybridization program. He suggests that this could be a cover-up for the more extreme possibility that the Draco and Indigenous Reptilians, have, over a longer period of time, become the unofficial rulers of the surface of the planet Earth.4 I will describe the types of encounters that humans are having with Reptilians and how they manipulate individuals. Next, I will talk about the exopolitical implications of the manipulation. Finally, I’ll provide some suggestions for what we, both as individuals and as groups, can do to fight this manipulation.

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Reptilian Sightings In searching the Web for sightings stories, I was surprised by the amount of sightings that people have experienced with Reptilians. By sightings, I mean the physical appearance of Reptilians in the Reptilian’s habitat. Most of these sightings are of the Indigenous Reptilians that live in underground caves and tunnels throughout most of the US,5 although some Draco Reptilians have also been seen. The following series of stories (and more) can be found at: .6 and 7 One November 8, 1958, in Riverside, CA. there was a Bigfoot sighting that later was attributed to a Reptilian sighting. The creature was described as having fluorescent eyes and a protuberant mouth and a body covered with scales, looking like leaves. It emerged from under the Santa Ana River underbrush. Several sightings occurred in August of 1972 at Thetis Lake near Cottonwood, British Columbia. The creature was described as shaped like an ordinary (human) body but had a monster face, and was all scaly with a point sticking out of its head and great big ears. It was silver. A similar creature appeared in Saginaw, Michigan in 1937. It left claw and three-toed prints. One interesting set of sightings in the same general area, occurred 100 years apart . In an October 24, 1878 issue of the Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal, there was a story entitled “Wild Man of the Woods”. The creature was, supposedly, captured and placed on exhibit in Louisville. It was described as six feet, five inches tall, and having eyes twice the normal size. His body was covered with scales. Then in October 1975, again near Louisville, Clarence Cable reported a “giant lizard” roaming the forests near his junkyard. The creature was described as about 15 feet long, had a foot-long forked tongue, and big eyes that bulge like a frog’s. It was a dull-white with black-and-white stripes across its body with quarter-sized speckles over it.

Reptilian Encounters and Abductions I am defining this category of experiences with Reptilians as those where there is actual physical and/or psychic contact with a Reptilian. Again, I was surprised by the amount of individual encounters there have been. David Icke’s website is a treasure of encounters: 8 A major phenomenon that seems to be happening in these encounters/abductions is the actual raping of the abductee. One story that I found at Icke’s website: 9

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told of Michelle Guerin’s recollections, under hypnosis, of being a part of the Montauk Project back in 1969 and of her rape by a 6-7 ft tall creature whose description follows. “His ears are large and pointed at the top. His eyes are bright yellow-gold and seem to glow. He has pointy teeth and a large wrinkle on his forehead and he has a tail. He likes to see how terrified I am…it gives him a lot of pleasure.“ This scene reminds me of the rape scene in the movie, Rosemary’s Baby, where Rosemary was being raped by “a demon” that looks very much like the Reptilian described by Michelle in this account. I’ll never forget Rosemary’s words during that scene, something to effect of “This is no dream. It’s really happening to me”.10 Another interesting rape case was that of Carla Davis: Under hypnosis she was able to recall that she was hiking in the Superstition Mountains near her home in Phoenix, when she found the entrance to a small cave and decided to explore it. When she got close to the entrance of the cave a claw-like hand reached in and grabbed her and knocked her to the ground. When she opened her eyes she saw men with lizard like faces. She was covered in a gelatinous substance and was hearing barking and chirping noises near her ears. These Reptilians were greenish and were a strange blend of human and serpent. They had wide slit eyes which almost glowed with yellow glistening, straight sided, vertical pupils. The noses were broad and flat. Some had side mouth and some had small mouths. Two aliens wore either a grey scarf of a wide ribbon draped over their shoulders. Under the soft looking ribbons they wore a white jumpsuit with insignia that showed a curved dragon with a seven-point star in the middle of it. The other reptile-men wore black uniforms with the same insignia. There was a tall white-skinned lizard man (Draco – with blue eyes)) that wore an orange jump suit with three insignia on the left side; a black inverted triangle, the round dragon with star, and a oval with moving stars on it. Her recollection was that the Draco raped her. She doesn’t know why they did it. Not all the encounters happen at the location of the Reptiles. Many encounters happen right in the person’s home. These encounters are usually of a violent and/or sexual nature. For example, in one case a man, Sal, had fallen asleep on his couch and began dreaming that he was pinned against a rock and thrashing at him was a very tall winged lizard with claws that looked like a veloci raptor. Sal was waving a sword trying to defend himself. Suddenly, the Reptile gored him in his rib cage. When he awoke, he could feel a pressure in his rib cage.

The Manipulation James Bartley has an interesting theory about the Reptilian’s manipulation of the Human Astral Dreamscape for the express purpose of weaving imagery and symbolism into the abductees’ dreams to promote particular behaviors and

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beliefs such as the Reptilian Credo of Enlightenment through Physical and Spiritual Degradation The Reptilians can astral project themselves into the dreams of their victim and disguise themselves as someone familiar to the victim for the purpose of raping the victim or perpetrating some other violent act upon them, or for promoting certain beliefs and behaviors. They instill fear, violence and sociopathic tendencies in their abductees. They want to dominate and control individuals and groups. If this manipulation is repeated often, it can result in the behavior being enacted in their real life or it can lead to Reptilian “possession” of the abductee. Most abductees do not know this aspect of behavior modification is being routinely practiced on them. They slough them off as “bad dreams” or “strange erotic dreams”. An example of this is Adolph Hitler, who was of the Reptilian Rothchilds bloodline, was most probably a hybrid and possessed by a Reptilian demonic consciousness. He was very interested in the occult. When he gave a speech, his face contorted and his delivery was crazy and he transmitted this demonic consciousness to his audience. Sometimes he woke up in the middle of the night screaming and having convulsions. He would appear to be paralyzed and gasp to the point of suffocation. When he was fully conscious he would point to an empty space in the corner of his room and scream: “He is here. There! In the corner.” 14 The ability to astrally project oneself into the astral dreamscape of others for malevolent purposes has been practiced by Warlocks, Adepts and Sorceresses. Many Reptilian abductees have come to realize that there is a connection between experimenting with the occult or transcendental techniques and the sudden beginning of the types of attacks described above. These types of activities seem to “trigger” an onslaught of the phenomenon, and can only be corrected by serious efforts such as a return to religion 15 or an exorcism. The people most likely to be manipulated in this way are the Reptilian hybrids those people in the general population who have a higher amount of Reptilian DNA. According to David Icke, the Reptilians have ruled the Earth in different guises and from different dimensions. At the beginning of man’s history Reptilians mated wit humans to produce a slave race. They then created bloodlines (most probably from the “Draco Reptilians) to rule humanity on their behalf. These bloodlines then became the ruling royalty. They interbred and continue to do so today, to keep a high level of Reptilian DNA in their genes. Icke uses the European Aristocracy and the Easter Establishment as examples of this. Forty-two of our presidents came from one of these major bloodlines. Full-blooded Reptilians, some in physical form and some from the lower fourth dimension will work with these hybrids to ensure continuing control of the planet through a brotherhood or secret society network.16

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The grand strategy of the Reptilians has been to divide and conquer the human race by exploiting vulnerabilities and weaknesses within us. We have been subjected to a long-term process of genetic and soul matrix manipulation.17 They “feed” upon our outward society economically, but also emotionally (via emotional vampirism), psychically (via implants), and bioplasmically (via blood fests).18 They have been compared to vampires in that they live very long lives, they feed on blood and human and animal flesh, and they have a sexual connection between themselves and their victim. According to Icke, blood is needed as a vital life force and to hold human form. They especially are addicted to adrenalchrome, a hormone released in the human body during times of extreme terror.19 Icke believes that human sacrifice, blood drinking, and other rituals such as sexual abuse rituals, continue to this day to “feed” the Reptilians. He believes that most of the missing children are actually used in these ritual sacrifices or in ritual child abuse so the Reptilians and the Military can use them for mind control projects.20 So as we can see from these statements, there seems to be a connection between performing rituals, the use of occult practice such as conjuring up entities, human sacrifice and abuse, and psychic manipulation through dreams all for the purpose of feeding the Reptilians. Many of these practices are performed by “secret societies” and in this way; the control of individuals is then used to control the greater society. It only takes a few well-placed individuals in a government, corporation, or other organization for the Reptilians to have control over it. Secret societies do exist today in the form of the Trilateral Commission; the Council on Foreign Relations; the Bilderbergers;. They have control over many of the largest corporations and banks in the world. These societies also hold sway over national elections and policy.21 Given these facts it seems that the goal of these secret societies is to take over the world and create a one-world government under the control of the few who are involved in these secret societies that ultimately leads to Reptilian control. Underneath most major cities in the US, there exists subterranean counterpart “cities” controlled by the Hybrid/Alien elite. Often surface/subsurface terminals exist beneath Masonic Lodges, Police Stations, Airports, and Federal Buildings. During the first bombing of the World Trade Center, it was briefly revealed that there was a six level sub-basement controlled by the US Secret Service that suffered heavy damage. There is a theory that the six sub basements may not have ended there and that it actually serves as a major terminal between the underground society of the Masonic elite and the surface society that it controls.22 This makes me suspect that there might be another reason for the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers other than what has already been published. Perhaps it was a hit by some controlling force to send a message to the elite that operate under the twin towers?

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Eve Lorgen, in her work with abductees, fellow researchers and survivors of mind control has defined a number of “red flag” personalities that are prototypes for Controllers – people who like to dominate and control a person or group and who could be under orders from a secret society, aliens, or government intelligence agency .23 These prototypes include: the new age channeler or cult leader; the religiosity control freak; the Christian Patriot/Militia Activist Patsy; the UFO investigator or alien abductions expert; the doctoral level expert with scientific, military or intelligence experience; and the OMAG (Obnoxious Military or Government Scoundrel). What I have touched on here regarding the manipulation of humanity by Reptilians is only a small portion of the information available on the subject. There have been various books written on this subject and I encourage the reader to read them.

Exopolitical Implications of the Manipulation of Individuals and Groups by Reptilians and What We Can Do About It The information presented in this paper, if true, is quite disturbing. Let’s look at the worst-case scenario. It means that the Reptilians have already infiltrated every (major) society in the world through their Reptilian hybrids who are in positions of authority and power. These hybrids do the bidding of their Reptilian controllers through manipulation on either a physical or psychic level. Sometimes these hybrids are possessed by their controllers and give up their will to them. The secret societies were formed to perform the types of rituals that will open the hybrids up to manipulation or possession. This is a very frightening prospect for freedom-loving individuals. With the control being as extensive as it is, I think it is too late to try to make any significant change by trying to work with our politicians. The infiltration is too great. The ruling families select politicians at the higher levels and the outcomes of elections are based on whom these families want in office – not who the people want. The governments are slowly centralizing, such as the new European Union, towards a one-world government.24 Assuming we are living this worst-case scenario, we really have only one option – these Reptilians need to be disclosed to the world population. Their underground lairs need to be exposed. Since our Military is involved with these Reptilians, we cannot rely on them for help (at least not that we know of). I think our only solution is to try to establish contact with those helper ETs who wish to help us. Dr. Michael Salla is starting a group just for that purpose – to learn how to contact these helper ETs and to ask for their help.25 I think the Reptilians also have their own schedule for when they would allow disclosure. Since they are such controlling creatures, I don’t think they would allow disclosure until they feel comfortable that they have the world population
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under control. That hasn’t happened yet. One way of ensuring that the populations are under their control is to microchip every person. Micro-chipping allows each person’s geographical location and financials to be tracked. More devious, it can be used to control the emotion and actions of individuals. It can make them docile or aggressive, sexually aroused or sexually suppressed, and close down their minds to where they are like zombies. It could be suggested that this is already happening! 26 In order to fight against an eventual micro-chipped population, I recommend that we stop it before it becomes mandatory for pets. Right now, there is an option for pet-owners to have their pets implanted so they are easy to find. The powers that be use the excuse that pets and farm animals will be easier to find after a disaster occurs, such a major flood, earthquake, fire or hurricane/tornado.27 This sounds like a reasonable approach. However, once implanting becomes mandatory for pets, it makes it a lot easier to then require it for humans. Advertisements already exist that provide the so-called benefits of micro-chipping children and the elderly, and if the motive was exclusively to find lost children and Alzheimer patients, then it would be a good thing. But we know that technology exists to do more with these implants. The temptation to experiment with it is too great. Another thing we can do is to try to let go of as much fear in our lives as we can, especially fear that is directed towards ETs. Since the Reptilians feed on our fear, we should try to control it even when it involves situations we have no power to control. We should not participate in rituals that may have a dubious outcome. Secret societies often use “odd” rituals in their higher-level initiations. These are meant to open up the individual to manipulation and possession by the darker powers (Reptilian). Satanic rituals, in particular, are meant to open up individuals to these darker forces. The use of Ouija Boards can also “let in” certain dark forces who can latch on to the individuals playing the game and make their lives miserable through physical and psychic attacks. Finally, I want to end this paper on a pleasant note. I found an amusing Internet article that tells the story of the day in the life of two young women who can see Reptiles wherever they go!28 They go to the post office and see some post office workers who are Reptile (do you think we can use this method to determine which post office workers will go “postal”?), but determine that their supervisor is human. The rest of the article covers their escapades going to the grocery store and other places where they apply a breathing technique to view the Reptiles as they really are. The technique involves taking 3 deep breaths and filling your whole heart area with love. Upon the last deep breath, you exhale and imagine the energy going to the man/woman you suspect is a Reptilian.

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If the man/woman is a Reptoid he/she will start to act very nervous, strange and clumsy, dropping things, almost like they are having a spasm. This means they are having a hard time keeping their human form. The author states that it is very important not to have any fear, but to laugh instead. She says that they cannot hurt us unless we allow them to. Whether this “technique” really works or not will be left up to the applier. In any case, it reinforces the idea that we need to keep a positive attitude through all of this, mixed with laughter, and to have a heart filled with love.:


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