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                       Microsoft Publisher 2002
                            Course Outline
                                                Section 4 - Creating and
Section 1 - Overview of                         Using Templates
Publisher                                           Create a Letterhead Template
  Start Publisher                                   Change the Logo Frame
  Microsoft Publisher Catalog                       Add a Watermark
  Screen Elements                                   Use a Template
  Quick Publications Wizard                         Edit a Template
  Setup Options
  Entering Personal Information                 Section 5 - Table Frames
  Help                                          and Styles
Section 2 - Working with                            Create a Calendar
                                                    Table Frames
Frames                                              Type in a Calendar Table
  Create a Flyer                                    Split a cell
  Save the Publication                              Insert a Graphic into a Cell
  Zoom in and Out of Frames                         Create a Style
  Text Frames                                       Apply a style
  Picture Frames                                    Edit a style
  Features Text Frame                               Import a Style from Word
      Fonts                                     Section 6 – Tri-Fold Brochure
  Apply Color to Text and Frames                    Create a Brochure
  Deleting Objects                                  Delete Unwanted Elements
  Undo and Redo                                     Use the Workspace
  Move and Size Frames                              Align Frames
  Word Art Frames                                   Insert Text from Word
  Print the Flyer                                   Drop Cap
                                                    Change Margins in a Text Frame
Section 3 - Working with                            Disconnect Text Frames
Shapes                                              Ruler Guides
  Create a Blank Publication                        Border Art
  Draw Common shapes                            Section 7 - Postcards
  Draw Custom shapes                                Create Postcards
  Add Color to Shapes                               Insert a Picture Frame
  Design Gallery Objects                            Crop the Picture
  Align and Layer shapes                            Insert an Attention Getter
  Copy a Shape                                      Change the Shape of the
  Group Shapes                                         Attention Getter
  Rotate/Flip Shapes

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