Course 7 Personal Effectiveness by cometjunkie57


									Course 7 : Personal Effectiveness (2 Days)

      Overall Aim

      To provide the skills to manage your own performance; to further improve the impression you make
      at work and the effectiveness of your business relationships


      Delegates will:
      • Apply a model for prioritising tasks and effective scheduling
      • Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills to influence others
      • Practice dealing with difficult scenarios using a range of people skills
      • Practice using a model for creative problem solving
      • Discuss and apply techniques to extend conceptual flexibility and creative thinking

      Course Outline

      This course features 3 key elements of effectiveness, namelytime management, interpersonal skills
      and creative problem solving

      It covers:
      • Introduction to personal effectiveness and impression management
      • Time management, prioritising and scheduling
      • Interpersonal skills for influencing
      • "Conceptual flexibility" ? a problem solving model and techniques
      • Skills practice
      • Action planning for continuing development

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